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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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OfReg is the Cayman Islands’ independent multi-sector regulator.

We regulate the Water sector by promoting reliable supply, and the efficient operation of the Cayman Islands water and wastewater industry for the long-term benefit of consumers at competitive prices.

This involves issuing licences, monitoring licensees' compliance with licence conditions, and ensuring appropriate customer service mechanisms are in place.

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As a forward-looking market regulator, OfReg introduces new policies and policy changes periodically to keep abreast with the changing environment in the water market. The rationale and considerations in introducing new and revised policies are set out in OfReg's consultation papers.

What we do

OfReg is responsible for issuing Water Service Licences to entities supplying potable water, non-potable water, sewerage, and wastewater services that are not exempt from the requirement to hold a licence. We also monitor the operation of the licensing scheme and compliance by arranging for regular operational audits and asset management system reviews.

We also play an advisory role to Government on issues related to water and wastewater.

Our usual work focuses on addressing key questions that affect the long-term benefit of water and wastewater consumers. This work includes reviews of rates, tariffs, charges, utilities capital expenditure plans, and fees, determination of the allowable rate of earnings in establishing rates and acts on applications for the acquisition, sale, disposition, or other exchange of utility properties, including mergers and consolidations.

We work towards protecting the rights of water and wastewater consumers in the Cayman Islands, ensuring they receive a dependable services at the lowest possible cost. Our team is committed to developing and maintaining programmes promoting water production/supply efficiency and conservation, the reduction of wastewater creation and the reuse of wastewater treatment products while meeting the goals adopted in the country’s 2017-2037 National Energy Policy, in addition to the core activities that we undertake.

Additionally, OfReg tracks incidents, such as outages, that affect water supplies to ensure that quality and reliability are maintained. 

We monitor the performance of water licensees through the annual collection of performance data, which is also used to prepare reports on the performance of water, sewerage, and wastewater service providers.

We also oversee customer protection requirements encompassing billing, payment and debt collection, financial hardship, complaints, and information obligations.

In consultation with other agencies within the Cayman Islands Government, we promote the development of environmental and efficiency standards for the electricity industry licensees in the Cayman Islands. 

We are also responsible for the protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and the essential services it provides for everyday life. A CNI framework is being developed to enhance the resilience of our critical infrastructure to ensure the continued operation of critical water and wastewater infrastructure against all hazards.

Policies & Regulations

The requirement for a water license is established by the Water Sector Regulations Act (2019 Revision). Additionally, OfReg has produced guidelines, policies, reporting manuals and datasheets to assist licensees to comply with the conditions of their license.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment Act (2019 Revision)

Water Sector Regulation Act (2019 Revision)

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