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Compliance issues may arise on a number of levels and in a variety of areas. For instance, individuals and business entities are prohibited from engaging in ICT activities unless they are appropriately licensed. The sanctions for engaging in ICT activities without a Licence, found at section 81 of the Information & Communications Technology Law, can involve a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars and imprisonment for five years. Compliance issues can also arise following the issuance of a Licence if a licensee breaches any conditions of its Licence or contravenes the Information & Communications Technology Law or the regulations promulgated under the Law. In such instances the remedies vary from the imposition of a fine and/or imprisonment as well as suspension or revocation of the Licence.

Although annual Fixed Licences issued for such matters as amateur radio stations, aircraft and ship radio stations and land (mobile) two-way radios may not have specific conditions contained in their licences, Licensees are nonetheless required to comply with the Information & Communications Technology Law and applicable regulations such as the Interference and Equipment Standardization Regulations and the Amateur Radio Regulations.

The Office takes compliance issues very seriously and the role which it has to play in that regard with respect to broadcasting, telephony and fixed licensees. Accordingly, anyone unsure as to whether they may be involved in non-compliance should communicate with the Office for the appropriate discussion and ruling.