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Radio Dealer Licences

Normally, anyone who imports a radio transceiver into the Cayman Islands is required to pay a fee of C.I.$10.00 per radio transceiver to OfReg (or the 'Office') prior to clearing it from Customs.

A retailer may apply for a Type U Radio Dealer Licence from the Office, (see Notice under s23(2) ICT Act (Networks and Services requiring a licence).) which exempts the holder of that Licence from having to obtain from the Office a CI$10 import Licence for each radio transceiver that they import for subsequent resale.

There is no requirement for a retailer to apply for this type of licence.

Licence Fee

The cost of such a Licence is currently CI$150 per annum. That sum is payable to the Office at the time of the initial application for that Licence, and thereafter on or before the annual expiry date of the Licence.

Each person who holds a Type U Radio Dealer Licence must provide to the Office each month (in an MS Excel spreadsheet format) details of the equipment sold and a list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of the person to whom they sold that radio transceiver to in the previous month.

Type U Licensees

List of current Radio Dealer Licensees:

  • None current

Payment Methods

Payment may be made as follows:

  1. By cash, if hand delivered to OfReg’s office;
  2. By mail addressed to Licensing, enclosing a cheque drawn on a Cayman Islands’ bank and payable to “OfReg”. (Money orders and personal or company cheques drawn on a non-Cayman Islands’ bank are NOT accepted); or
  3. By email or fax, attaching a credit card authorisation (Visa/MasterCard only). The appropriate form is attached to the licence application form.
  4. The Office's address and other contact information may be found on our contact page.

The Application Forms may also be requested by e-mail from, or by telephone from +1-345-946-4282.

Amended or Duplicate Licence Fee

Any change to the particulars referenced in the Licence or the Licence Application should be notified immediately to the Office. There is a US$20 (CI$16.40) Fee for issuing an amended or duplicate Licence.

Please see our contact page for the Office's address and other contact information.

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