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Aircraft Radio Station Licences

Sections 9(2)(c), 23(2) and 82 of the Information and Communications Technology Act require that the operator of a radio station in any aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands must at all times have a current licence from OfReg (or the 'Office').

No later than 30 days prior to the licence expiry date each year, you should forward to the Office a completed Aircraft Radio Station Application Form along with the licence fee of US$120 (or CI$98).

NEW (13 October 2023): Where payment is by credit card, applications can be made online here

Alternatively, an application form can be found here and payment may be made as follows:

  1. By cash, if hand delivered to OfReg's office;
  2. By mail addressed to Licensing, enclosing a cheque drawn on a Cayman Islands’ bank and payable to “OfReg”. (Money orders and personal or company cheques drawn on a non-Cayman Islands’ bank are NOT accepted); or
  3. By wire transfer.

The Office's address and other contact information may be found on our Contact page.

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