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Aircraft Radio

Aircraft Radio Station Licences

Sections 9(2)(c), 23(2) and 82 of the Information and Communications Technology Law require that the operator of a radio station in any aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands must at all times have a current licence from OfReg (or the 'Office').

No later than 30 days prior to the licence expiry date each year, you should forward to the Office a completed Aircraft Radio Station Application Form which can be found here along with the licence fee of US$120 (or CI$98). Payment may be made as follows:

  1. By cash, if hand delivered to OfReg's office;
  2. By mail addressed to Licensing, enclosing a cheque drawn on a Cayman Islands’ bank and payable to “OfReg”. (Money orders and personal or company cheques drawn on a non-Cayman Islands’ bank are NOT accepted); or
  3. By email or fax, attaching a credit card authorisation (Visa/MasterCard only). The appropriate form is attached to the licence application form.
  4. The Office's address and other contact information may be found on our Contact page.

The Application Form is available here, or may requested by e-mail from, or by telephone from +1-345-946-4282.:

Any change to the particulars referenced in the Licence or the Licence Application should be notified immediately to the Office. There is a US$20 (CI$16.40) Fee for issuing an amended or duplicate Licence.