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Tariffs are public documents that describe services, pricing, and terms and conditions of service offering.

As a condition of its Licence, LIME must file tariffs for the following categories of retail services:

  • Category 1 (Price Cap),
  • Category 2 (Special),
  • Category 4 (Bundles of Categories 1 and 2), and
  • Category 5 (Bundles of Categories 2 and 3).

For the above categories, LIME is required to offer its services to all its subscribers at the prices and terms and conditions outlined in its public tariffs.

In July 2003, Category 2 consisted of Internet Connectivity, IDD (international direct dial) and Mobile Services. Based on the rules set out in Annex 5 to LIME's Licence, these services have since been reclassified to Category 3 from the date that any other Licensee began to commercially provide the specific ICT service.

For Category 3 (Other) services, sub-category A, LIME is required to publish all of its rates, terms and conditions in a manner that is easily accessible and clearly indicates to users what terms and conditions apply to each ICT service. LIME is permitted to offer customer specific pricing for sub-category A services that differ from the published rates, provided that it files those arrangements with the Office within a reasonable timeframe. The Office may, on a service by service basis, exempt LIME from this requirement.

Refer to below Annex 5 of FLOW licence for more information.

Annex 5

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