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CUC vs WestTel Ltd. T/A Logic 

Ruling of the Grand Court in the matter of CUC Ltd. submitting an application for an injunction against WestTel Ltd. T/A Logic to prevent it from making attachments to poles without permission. To see a copy of the ruling please click on the following document  Grand Court Decision - CUC Ltd. vs WestTel Ltd. T/A Logic.

Termination Of Cable & Wireless Exclusive Licence 

On 10 July 2003, an Agreement was signed by the Hon. Linford Pierson OBE, JP, Minister of Planning, Communications, Works & Information Technology on behalf of the Cayman Islands Government and Mr Timothy Adam, General Manager of Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd that results in the voluntary surrender of the Company's exclusive licence for the provision of domestic and international telecommunications services. At the same ceremony, the Chairman of the ICT Authority issued Cable & Wireless with their new, non-exclusive licence. Copies of the various documents are available below in Adobe Acrobat format.

  • Schedule 3. Official Notice of date of termination of the old Cable & Wireless Licence
  • Schedule 4. Tariff Regulation & Other Matters
  • Schedule 5. Policy Direction to the ICT Authority
  • Schedule 6. Licensing Timetable