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Water Licensing

Water Licensing

In processing licence applications and amendments, OfReg sets minimum service and performance standards to safeguard the longer-term interests of consumers and the management of assets.

Types of licences 

There is a legal requirement to obtain a water licence if you intend to provide:

  • Water supply services for potable and non-potable water
  • Sewerage service
  • Irrigation service (for irrigation for agriculture or pasture) or
  • Wastewater service

Activities that do not require a licence and fall outside of the scope of the law include:

  • Self-supply of water services
  • Sale of water by means of other water services works such as transporting water or sewage by cart, truck, or tanker and
  • Where a person is simply an intermediary through whom the service is provided by a third party (e.g., a shopping centre where water is delivered to individual tenants).
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