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Contact Us

3rd Floor, Monaco Towers II,
11 Dr. Roy's Drive, George Town
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Mailing Address:
PO Box 10189
Grand Cayman KY1-1002

    Use the Office's on-line Complaints Form at to send it electronically OR download Complaint Form C100 or collect from the Office, a printed version of the Complaint Form, complete it, and either:

    • Send or hand deliver the completed Form to the Complaints Officer, 3rd Floor, Monaco Towers II. 11 Dr. Roy's Drive, George Town Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. PO Box 10189 Grand Cayman KY1-1002 CAYMAN ISLANDS; or
    • Email the completed Form to; or
    • Fax the completed Form to (345) 946-8284.
    • Privacy and Disclosure Notice
      • Full details of your complaint will be passed to the Licensee.
      • The Office normally discloses the content of complaints by making it available for public inspection at OfReg’s office and/or posting it on the Office’s website.
      • If you do not wish it to be made public (although it will be passed to the Licensee), please say so in your narrative and give reasons for your request.
      • The Office cannot process anonymous complaints.

    For information on how to file a KY Domain Name Dispute please click here.

    • Your full name along with a phone number and email or postal address (include physical address if it would assist us in understanding your complaint).
    • Brief description of your complaint.
    • Identify the telecom, radio or television station involved by name, or whether it is about OfReg.
    • Provide the date, time and name of any program, individual, advertisement, technical, or customer services related issue that prompted you to write.
    • Please provide us with the response, if any, given by the company when you first raised your complaint with them.

    • The Office does not pursue anonymous complaints. You must provide your full name and an email or postal address where you can be contacted.
    • Licensees have the right to know the allegations against them and the identity of the complainant.

    • The practice of the Office is to place a summary of all complaints on a publicly-accessible file.
    • You may decline to have your correspondence placed on a publicly-accessible file. This should be indicated in your complaint, together with the reason for your request.

    • You should receive a response from the Office within 10 working days, even if it is just to let you know that your complaint has been received.
    • The Office will generally ask the company involved to address your concerns before OfReg reaches any conclusions. Companies are normally given twenty days to respond to the Office. The same would apply where you are complaining about OfReg.
    • The Office can give the company a shorter period of time in which to respond where the circumstances so require.
    • The Office will review your concerns and the company's response in light of its policies and regulations to determine if follow-up action is necessary.

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