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Although Information & Communications Technology Law makes no distiction between telephony and other types of ICT Networks and Services such as sound or television broadcasting, the Office recognises that, at the present time, a number of practical differences remain. For example, when applying for a licence, the information required of telephony providers includes detailed data on their plannned networks. This information is not appropriate to broadcasters, but the latter do have to provide additional details on programming format and their target audience. Accordingly, different application forms have been designed for telephony network and service providers, and these are available in this section of our site.

From a policy and regulatory perspective, however, all ICT Licensees are treated identically. The exception is that Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd, as the incumbent, is subject to the more stringent regulatory requirements that are defined in Annex 5 of its licence.

Details of all licence applications, licences issued, and interconnection agreements are available in the appropriate on-line registers.

As the ICT market develops, the Office conducts frequent public consultations on matters of policy, procedures and other matters of interest to licensees. All stakeholders are strongly encouraged to actively monitor, and participate in, these proceedings.

Finally, other publications of interest, including applicable Laws, Regulations, Office Decisions and Guidelines, Gazette Notices and Consumer Advice, are available for viewing and download in the Publications section of this site.