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KY Domain

.ky Domain

OfReg’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Regulatory function is responsible for the management and administration of the .KY Internet domain.

On 2 September 2015 the .KY domain launched globally allowing anyone in the world to register a dot KY domain on a first-come, first-served basis.

.ky is a digital asset that serves to create long term, sustaining value for the Cayman Islands digital space. It elevates its digital economy, aligns internal stakeholders, and engender national pride.

As Cayman, the .ky brand relies on the values of diversity, pioneering and innovative thinking, sophistication, discernment, and affluence.

Through .ky, “Everyone can be part of Cayman.”

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Frequently asked questions

    For those that had registered a .ky Domain prior to 2 March 2015 and fulfill the requirements of the .ky Domain Policies, please follow these instructions:

    • Create an account at using the admin email contact for your .KY domain.
    • Confirm your activation of the account via the simple email instruction sent to you by Uniregistry after step #1.

    Please Note: Your .ky domain names will be migrated and available in your account within 24 hours of confirming #2 above.

    Please see the Office’s .KY Domain: Rights of Use terms and conditions

    For those that fulfill the requirements of the .ky Domain Policies, please follow these easy steps:

    • Create an account at
    • Confirm your activation of the account via the simple email instruction sent to you by after step #1.
    • Once your account has been verified, log into your account and start registering .ky Domains!
    • Uniregistry Domain Name Management Information This document from Uniregistry provides additional information on managing a .ky Domain.
    • Please contact us directly at if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

    • Domain Name Registration/Renewal fee (per year): $39.88
    • Domain Name Transfer fee: $39.88
    • Domain Name Restoration fee: $50.00

    On 1st October 2003, the Information and Communications Technology Authority, now OfReg adopted the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (often referred to as the ‘UDRP’), as published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (‘ICANN’), as the basis upon which it resolves all disputes relating to the registration of .ky domain names.

    Before OfReg considers any .ky domain registration dispute, there should first have been good faith attempts made between the person bringing the dispute (the ‘Complainant’) and the person who registered the domain name in dispute (the ‘Registrant’) to resolve the matter; evidence of which will need to be provided to OfReg when any complaint is brought to it.

    On the basis that such ‘good faith’ attempts have been made, and that the subject of the dispute is still unresolved, the Complainant can bring the dispute to OfReg to decide, based on the UDRP, whether or not, among other things, the .ky domain name in dispute should be transferred to the Complainant.

    In bringing the dispute, the Complainant should submit a complaint to OfReg and in that complaint reference how the UDRP applies to the facts of the dispute. In particular, the Complaint should include submissions and evidence explaining why it considers that the dispute is an “Applicable Dispute” and the “Registration and Use [of the domain name in dispute is] in Bad Faith” under that policy.

    Please click here to download the KY Domain Complaint Form

    In this regard, for example, the Complainant may want to provide OfReg with copies of relevant trademarks, invoices, screen shots, communication (letters and emails) and other evidence that support its submissions.  If the Complainant submits that it has a ‘reputation’ in the .ky domain name, OfReg will need proof of this.

    Also, the Complainant should make it clear whether or not the dispute is being brought by it as an individual, company or on behalf of someone else. If the Complainant is bringing the dispute on behalf of someone else, it should provide supporting documents that it has the appropriate consent to do so.

    If you are the Registrant, when submitting a response to a complaint, you should reference how the UDRP applies to the facts of the dispute.  In particular, the Registrant should include submissions and evidence explaining why it has “Rights to and Legitimate Interest in the Domain Name.”

    As to the timetable for consideration of the complaint made by the Complainant, noting that OfReg needs to ensure that the dispute resolution process is fair to both sides:

    • on receipt of the complaint, OfReg will send the complaint to the Registrant and give twenty (20) days for a response; and,
    • if a response is submitted by the Registrant, that response will be sent to the Complainant who will be given ten (10) days in which to submit a reply.

    Once OfReg has received the submissions referenced above, a trained member of our team will speak neutrally and confidentially to both parties, to seek to facilitate an acceptable resolution of the dispute.

    Any negotiations conducted between the parties during this stage (including any information obtained from or in connection to such negotiations) will be treated as confidential by OfReg.

    If the case does not settle at mediation within ten (10) days, OfReg will offer the Complainant the chance to request that OfReg make a formal decision.

    All dispute resolution decisions will be published on OfReg's website.

    Please note that, although the complaint and any other submissions made in the dispute will not be published, references to the complaint and any other submissions may be made in the final published decision.

    There is a non-refundable complaint fee of CI$350 which is to be paid by the Complainant to OfReg when a formal decision by OfReg is requested by the Complainant, such a fee is to cover some of the costs of resolving disputes brought to OfReg.

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