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    You have to renew your registration.  Just click here or go to the ‘Registering A Domain’ page on OfReg’s website and follow the instructions on how to manage and/or renew your domain name(s). Please note there is an annual fee of US$39.88 for all to renew and maintain your .ky domain.

    First, you need to determine if the .ky domain or domains you want are available.  You can do this by clicking here where you will be asked to type in the domain name you want to register. If it is available you will be taken to the homepage of our partner, Uniregistry, where you can then register the .ky domain you want.

    You should have received an email that was sent to the email address associated with your .ky domain.  Please respond to that email to officially confirm that you no longer want your .ky domain name.  If you have not received the email, please send an email to advising of your decision.  Please note that if we did not hear from you on or before 2 September 2015, your domain name was automatically released and made available for registration both locally and internationally.

    The Office needs to improve and secure the domain register, which was previously on an antiquated system that did not meet international legal requirements.  Significant work needed to be done, and increased manpower used in order to bring the registry up to standard.  The US$39.88 annual fee will be used to support this.  The new fee will also give the domain some structure allowing the Office to manage it better in partnership with Uniregistry, provide more accountability to registered owners and encourage them to use dormant KY domains.

    OfReg owns and regulates the .ky domain; Uniregistry will manage and promote it both locally and internationally initially for the first year.

    You are registering the .ky domain from Uniregistry, a locally-based global domain name registration service who has been hired by OfReg to manage the domain.  They get a small percentage of the fee, but the bulk is passed on to the Office.

    Uniregistry is a locally-based global domain name registration service which provides infrastructure services to corporations wishing to operate their own domains.  The company offers a wide range of services and tools for domain registration and management, and has more than 1 million domain names under management across all extensions (e.g. .sexy, .pics, .christmas, .link, .tattoo).  For more information, visit

    No.  Not in this first phase.  The Office needed the expertise and experience that Uniregistry offers in order to assess the global worth of .ky.  and lay the initial foundation for the marketing of .ky.  The fact that Uniregistry is located in the Cayman Islands was also a factor when choosing a partner.  We entered into a one-year contract with Uniregistry.  After this time, we believe we will be in a better position to create a request for proposals that will be sent out both locally and internationally for a long-term contract to manage the domain registry and continue to market .ky.  Uniregistry will have an equal opportunity to bid for the job.

    We believe there is a good market for the .ky domain outside Cayman.  It will be good for many sectors in Cayman including the financial and shipping sectors.  It is also something we think will help promote Cayman as a jurisdiction.

    The .ky fee was set after researching prices in other comparable countries, and is actually less than other similar jurisdictions.  For example, The Bahamas charges US$500 for its .bs domain names, the Isle of Man charges around US$100 for .im domains while the fee to register a Barbados domain name (.bb) is US$119.

    The annual fee of US$39.88 for all will not increase, and may actually decrease if the .ky domain attracts a significant amount of registrations.

    Yes, charities will also have to pay for their .ky domain.  The Cayman Islands Government will also have to pay for its domains.

    A domain allows you to brand your business.  It identifies your company to your customers.

    No. You can have an email using your domain without having a website.  Speak to a local IT company and they can help you set this up.

    There are a number of companies in the Cayman Islands as well as online that can set up an email address that is connected to your domain name.

    No, it will not.  The annual fee of US$39.88 for all will not increase, and may actually decrease if the .ky domain attracts a significant amount of registrations.

    In October 2003, the ICTA, now OfReg (or the 'Office') adopted the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy as published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") as the basis upon which it resolves disputes.


    If you believe you are entitled to a .ky domain name which has been registered by someone else, you can register a complaint with the Office providing the details of the complaint and any supporting evidence.  The Dispute Resolution process then begins.


    To submit a KY Domain Name Dispute please click here for further information.


    All dispute resolution decisions will be published on the OfReg website here.

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