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Wholesale and Carrier Services

Launch Date: Dec 19, 2003

The Authority is of the view that the Liberalisation Agreement and Cable & Wireless Licence make reference to only three classes of services: retail, interconnection and wholesale (for resale). There are clearly a number of services which fall outside the definitions of these three categories. Such services are primarily those provided to other licensees, not for resale but rather as a component of their own services. For want of a better name, the Authority proposes to refer to these services as "Carrier Services", and to define the term by exception, i.e. "Carrier Services" means services, other than retail services and interconnection and wholesale (for resale) services provided by one licensee to another.

The Authority believes that it has the jurisdiction and good grounds to require the incumbent to provide wholesale and carrier services to other licensees, and for such services to be subject to regulation.



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