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Operating Permit Application Forms Now Available!

May 26, 2017Fuel

OfReg Fuels, formerly the Petroluem Inspectorate, is now accepting applciations for Operating Permits for both Premises and Vechicles used to store or transport dangerous substances. 

Under the Dangerous Substances Handling & Storage Law, 2003 and subsequent amendement laws and regulations, application forms are due by June 15th 2017 for existing storage locations and transport vehicles. 

Dangerous Substances include all major petroluem products and fuel types such as gasoline, diesel & propane as well as certain pressurized cylinders.

Applications forms can be found below in our publications section

Operating permit application forms. If you are unsure if you require a permit for your residence, vehicle or business, please contact OfReg Fuels at or (345) 746-9614 for a free consultation.

All application forms are due by June 15th 2017.