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OfReg Supports Free WiFi

Jul 02, 2020OfReg

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) is proud to be part of Government’s effort in providing free Wifi across the Cayman Islands.

Several months ago, OfReg proposed this project to the Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson and NEOC Director Dani Coleman and was later approved by Minister Joey Hew. OfReg was able to reach out to Cisco and secured a donation of equipment, along with a donation of time and materials from Unified Technologies, the local Cisco representative. The project was also supported by FLOW who provided bandwidth on Grand Cayman and our sister islands. 

The final mode of the project needed coordination with the shipping, equipment deliveries, clearance through Customs, duty-free exemptions, and secured Curfew Time and the Portfolio of the Civil Service exemptions for selected CI Govt employees to provide access to specific locations. 

According to CEO Malike Cummings, “As a regulator, it was important for us to facilitate this government initiative along with the private sector, this is truly a great opportunity for the public to take advantage of these much needed services”. 

The Wi-Fi hotspot locations are primarily located at government operated civic centres and facilities across Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman at: 

  • District Administration Building 
  • George Town Public Library 
  • Government House 
  • James M. Bodden Sr. Civic Centre 
  • North Side Community 
  • Seafarer’s Association Meeting Hall 
  • South Sound Community Centre 
  • University College of Cayman Islands 
  • West Bay Public Library 
  • William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre 

Wi-Fi hotspots will be accessible to the public twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 946-4282 or by emailing our Manager of Consumer Affairs & Public Education at