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Notice Change to Ship Radio Station (Maritime Mobile) Licences

Oct 20, 2017ICT

Notice of Change to Ship Radio Station (Maritime Mobile) Licences

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (‘OfReg’ or ‘the Office’) is the independent multi-sector regulatory authority of the Cayman Islands established by the Utility Regulation and Competition Law 2016 on 16 January 2017. Among other things, OfReg is mandated by the Information and Communications Technology Law (2017 Revision) with issuing Ship Radio Station Licenses in accordance with the provisions of that Law and the radio regulations annexed to the International Telecommunications Convention now in force.

The Office is currently in the process of implementing a new Ship Radio Station Licensing Platform and Web-portal. It is anticipated that this project, once completed, will increase the speed and efficiency with which Ship Radio Station Licences are issued.

As a part of this development, OfReg will issue all approved Ship Radio Station Licences in digital format as PDF documents, these licenses will be delivered to Licensees via email from The digital document shall be considered to be the ‘original’ Licence. Licensees are urged to retain the email and may print a copy for retention on board vessels.

This change will take effect as of 20 October 2017.