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  • Nov 21, 2022

Press Release - OfReg Logic World Cup Broadcast Games

OfReg and Logic agree deal to share 22 free-to-air World Cup games on CIG TV.

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OfReg, supported by the Cayman Islands Government, has negotiated a deal with internet and cable TV provider, Logic, to provide 22 FIFA World Cup games free-to-air on CIG TV channels, including on C3 and FLOW.

Logic has the exclusive commercial rights to broadcast the World Cup in the Cayman Islands and their agreement to provide free access to these 22 games, including the final, on CIG TV gives the opportunity for football fans who are not Logic customers to watch the World Cup. 

Speaking on the importance of the deal for the people of the Cayman Islands, Deputy Premier, Hon. Chris Saunders, MP said: “I am very pleased to see that the World Cup, a global event watched by more than a billion people around the world, will have some games broadcast free of charge for everyone to watch.

“Although Logic has the exclusive commercial rights to broadcast the World Cup in the Cayman Islands, my colleagues and I in the PACT Government are extremely happy that Logic agreed to have the free games streamed via CIG TV and shared with other local television providers for their customers' viewing.

I would also like to thank the Management at OfReg for approaching Logic and facilitating these discussions that resulted in this historic win for every football fan here in the Cayman Islands.

While in Opposition, I championed the cause of ensuring that broadcast events of national importance should be available for the local public to view across all providers, free of any additional charge and brought a Private Member’s Motion back in 2018 that passed unanimously but was never implemented until now.

I hope that this unprecedented achievement ushers in a new level of cooperation amongst television providers in the best interest of our people and I once again would like to thank Logic for being the first to share content of national importance.

Logic CEO, Siobhan James-Alexander said: “We know that everyone becomes a football fan during World Cup. It is important to us that we are able to extend the experience to more than just our customers. Cayman is a true melting pot of countries, we are happy to share in the excitement that is generated over the period especially with all the different nationalities that form part of the Cayman community

Everyone in Cayman who has access to CIG TV, will be able to watch 22 of the biggest World Cup games, including the opening and final matches.

Speaking on behalf of OfReg, Exective Director – Information, Mr. Sonji Myles said: “OfReg is committed to working with our licensees to support them in their efforts to provide consumers with the best possible services.

“It is a particular pleasure to be able to facilitate the sharing of broadcast services for big events that the whole country has an avid interest in, such as the World Cup, so that football fans in Cayman have the opportunity to watch games freely on CIG TV. We thank Logic for their part in helping us to make this happen.

The free-to-air games can be watched on Logic’s over-the-air CIGTV broadcast channel and all 64 World Cup games are on Logic cable channels 500 and 501. FLOW channel 106 and C3 channel 3 will also show the 22 free-to-air games.

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