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Management Team

CEO - Mr. Malike Cummings
CEO - Mr. Malike Cummings(CEO)

CEO - Mr. Malike Cummings

Malike Cummings is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Utility Regulation and Competition Office, having joined the organization in the late 2019. He possesses diverse yet complimentary engineering, utilities, academia and utilityregulatory knowledge, skills and experience spanning over 30 years. As CEO, he is responsible for the strategic and operational performance of the Utility Regulation and Competition Office and is committed to ensuring the implementation and achievement of OfReg’s current and future strategic direction set by the Board and the implementation of Cabinet’s policy objectives. Driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement, Malike’s mission is to continue OfReg’s institutional strengthening and development, to ensure the requisite structures and systems are developed and that a positive customer focus culture becomes entrenched, to enable the delivery of the regulatory mandate and organization mission.

Prior to joining OfReg, Malike was the Energy and Utilities Commissioner of the Turks and Caicos Islands, with responsibility for the regulatory oversight of the energy, water and fuels sectors. He was instrumental in the development of the draft energy policy, initiation of regulatory framework reforms, qualitative risk assessment and legislative upgrade for the fuels sector and the development of licensing regime for the electrical industry, to name a few. He served on the TCI Water and Sewerage Board and the Electricity Board.

Complementing his industrial background, Malike spent 10 years of his career in academia, being involved in the design and delivery of electrical engineering technology courses across different academic levels at the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College.

His experience of working on both sides of the spectrum has enriched his perspectives, catalysed by his early career development in Guyana, having worked in the Bauxite mining and processing industry for over 9 years, with the accretion of roles, duties and responsibilities progressing from Senior Technical Assistant, Engineer and Senior Management position. He was instrumental in improving the asset management and maintenance of electrical power generating plants, water treatment plant and the electrical infrastructure.

Malike holds a Master of Engineering Degree in Engineering Management (University of Wisconsin), a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering, (University of Guyana), Graduate Certificate in Project Management (University of Wisconsin), Diploma in Technology (University of Guyana) and Certificate in Financial Management (Cornell University). Malike has been exposed to numerous training and development courses related to utility regulation, renewable energy and tariff setting, amongst others. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Mr. Gregg Anderson
Mr. Gregg Anderson(Executive Director Energy & Utilities)

Mr. Duke Munroe
Mr. Duke Munroe(Executive Director Fuels)

Mr. Sonji Myles
Mr. Sonji Myles(Acting Executive Director for ICT)