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Indirect Access

Launch Date: Nov 11, 2003

This consultation document seeks public input on the subject of rect access. A well-structured regulatory framework for indirect access can further the development of effective competition for international ICT services in the Cayman Islands' liberalised ICT market. Indirect access allows international ICT service providers to sell outgoing international services in competition with the incumbent. Indirect access will effectively untie the provision of international services from the provision of access and local services and, as a result, facilitate competition for the former.

Authority Determination

Parties' Responses to Interrogatories

Follow-up to Decision 2004-5(Interim)

TeleCaymans Proposal re Proposed Phase One Implementation of IA

   Launch Date: 16 Aug 04
   Closing Date: Response to Interog 3 by 30 Aug 04
                          Responses to remaining interrogs by 18 Oct 04
   Closing Date EXTENDED TO 19 Nov 04

   Launch Date: 26 Aug 04
   Closing Date: 1 Oct 04 and quarterly thereafter
   Initial Closing Date EXTENDED TO 19 Nov 04

ICTA Interim Decision

Further Responses

Call for further comments

   Launch Date: 10 Mar 04
   Closing Date:  6 Apr 04