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FLLRIC (Phase II) - Costing Manual

Launch Date: Oct 27, 2005

In this public consultation document, the Authority seeks comment from all interested parties on a costing manual that will be used by Cable and Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd. ("C&W") to develop Forward-looking Long-run Incremental Costs ("FLLRIC") for its services. Among other things, the FLLRIC costing manual and associated model will be used to develop rates for interconnection services with other telecommunications service providers, to ensure that C&W's retail rates are not anti-competitive, and to quantify any access deficit.

This public consultation is a continuation of the FLLRIC development process. The first phase of that process was initiated by a public consultation on 24 May 2004 entitled Forward-looking Long-run Incremental Costing (CD (2004) 1) and concluded by an Authority decision on 22 July 2005 entitled ICT Decision 2005-4 - Decision for the Forward-looking Long-run Incremental Costing Consultation (CD(2004) 1).

The Public Record of FLLRIC Phase II is available here.