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Board of Directors

Mr Rudy B. Ebanks
Mr Rudy B. Ebanks (CHAIRMAN)

Mr Rudy B. Ebanks

Rudy Ebanks is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer. Throughout his 36-year career, he has completed numerous specialty courses locally and internationally, including those in specific manufacturer’s equipment/networks/services, sales, customer service, regulatory and interconnect, forecasting and business planning, and Leadership and Management course modules (several taken from master’s degree programmes).

Rudy has a total of 12 years’ experience as Vice President Regulatory, Government and Carrier Relations, and later, Chief Officer Regulatory and Carrier Relations of the leading telecommunication company in the Cayman Islands, together with a total of 36 years’ experience in (telecommunications) Engineering, Sales, Customer Service, Project and Programme Management, National and International Carrier Relations, Regulatory and Senior Management.

He worked closely with the Directors of Public Policy and of Regulatory in C&W PLC London prior to, during and after liberalisation, and as VP, and later Chief Officer, Rudy was responsible for leading the Cable & Wireless negotiating team of Economists, Engineers, Carrier Services, lawyers etc for the telecom liberalisation process in the Cayman Islands.

Mr Frank Balderamos
Mr Frank Balderamos (DEPUTY CHAIRMAN)

Ms Bonnie Anglin
Ms Bonnie Anglin (MEMBER)

Mr Alric Lindsay
Mr Alric Lindsay (MEMBER)

Ms Natasha Bodden
Ms Natasha Bodden (MEMBER)