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OfReg’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) regulatory function is an independent statutory authority created by the enactment of the Information & Communications Technology Authority Act on 17th May 2002.

We are responsible for the regulation and licensing of telecommunications, broadcasting, and all forms of , including ship, aircraft, mobile and amateur radio. Additionally, OfReg conducts the administration and management of the .ky domain and also has several responsibilities under the Electronic Transactions Act 2000.

OfReg recognizes the importance of addressing issues affecting the greater public. Many public campaigns and activities in Cayman encourage child protection and safety. OfReg is proud to partner with other government departments toward child protection. Those interested in getting involved in any of these specific activities can find contact information through the attached link or can email for more information.

  • 10

    Large telecommunications/ Infrastructure

  • 9

    FM Broadcast licensees/TV Licensees

  • 2500+

    Ship radio licensees

  • 300+

    Aircraft licensees

  • 20+

    Other radio licensees




As a forward-looking market regulator, OfReg introduces new policies and policy changes periodically to keep abreast with the changing environment in the ICT market. The rationale and considerations in introducing new and revised policies are set out in OfReg's consultation papers.

What we do

It is OfReg’s responsibility to facilitate through policy, the development of innovative communications infrastructure and service offerings. While ensuring that services provided within the Cayman Islands meet the accessibility, performance, fairness and value standards that we set, and which meet the highest industry standards.

Our team oversees a competitive, efficient digital focused and fair market, and development in sustainable communications infrastructure that generates growth to meet the socio-economic needs of the Islands and protects consumers now and in the future aimed at positioning the Islands to be a leader in communications and digital innovation.

In the area of cybersecurity, we engage with the Cayman Islands Government, international bodies and local stakeholders on strategies to enhance national cybersecurity, to protect against and combat cybercrime.

Policies & Regulations

We implement regulations and standards that define consumers' rights and enforcement measures to bring new levels of consumer protection.

Although the Information & Communications Technology Act makes no distinction between sound or television broadcasting and other types of ICT Networks and Services, OfReg recognises that, at present, several practical differences remain. From a policy and regulatory perspective, however, all ICT Licensees are treated identically.

As the ICT market develops, the Office conducts frequent public consultations on policy, procedures and other matters of interest to licensees. All stakeholders are strongly encouraged to monitor and participate in these proceedings actively.


Information & Communications Technology Act (2019 Revision)

Truth in Advertising Guidelines

Administrative Fining Guidelines

Licence Fees Guidelines for Long-term Licences

Outage Reporting Rules (Superseded by ICT 2019 – 1 – Rule)

Rule OfReg Outage Reporting Rules

Interference and Equipment Standardization Regulations

Interconnection and Infrastructure Sharing Regulations

Infrastructure Sharing (Definition) Notice

Dispute Resolution Regulations

Confidentiality Regulations

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