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Publication of ICT Statistics

Launch Date: Jan 29, 2009

The Authority often receives inquires regarding the extent of usage of ICT services in the Cayman Islands. Those inquires come from, among others, research companies conducting market studies, potential entrants in the market, and international agencies conducting country comparisons. The Authority considers that the public disclosure of certain highly aggregated market statistics could be in the public interest. For example, public disclosure could:

  • help inform investment decisions that facilitate entry and innovation in the telecommunications market, and hence contribute to the growth and development of competition in the Cayman Islands;
  • provide insights into the industry that portray Cayman as an attractive place to do business and live; and
  • replace erroneous or older ICT statistics from non official sources that provide an inaccurate picture of the state of ICT in Cayman.

In this consultation the Authority seeks the views of the industry and the public on whether certain aggregate statistics should be published.


 No submissions received by comment due date of 23 Feb 2009.