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Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium9PivotStyleLight16`Public Model RedactionsWAssumptions and Drivers$8Indexed Cay assets over 3yrs$H8Cay assets up to 3yrs old v3DSummary Expense Factors/DExpense Factors 1DExpense Factors 2 $EWIP IEColour coding and guide#ANEMethodology and AssumptionsYEnetwork components, oEDocuments and Settingsed.dukeDesktopCW backupfixed modelsCayman Islands2002 updateR&A Cayman 2002.xls INDEX PAGEcodesDatabaseModule3Depreciation AllocationsRevenueOutpayments_COSModule1Module2Module4YYYYYY ?iEMy DocumentsProjectsChargeableProjects&AssignmentsC&W 5 IslandsModelsDominicaModel Dominica.xls MAIN MENUDriversStaffSummaryCC14CC16CC50CC00Extra2CC13CC12CC11CC35CC92CC10CC34fettoExtra4Extra5CC41CC36CC39CC37CC38Extra6Extra7Extra8CC30CC33CC15CC29CC43CC60CC26CC31CC27CC25CC24CC21CC42CC20CC28CC32CC95CC90CC_92CC22Extra9Management & ISAdmin & PersonnelFinance Ops & Comm Eng & ProjReturn on Capital EmployedP&L by Service Old VersionCOSTALLOP&L by Service (3)P&L by ServiceRegulatory P&LBalance Sheet by ServiceModule2Module1Module3YYYYYYYYYY Y Y Y Y YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Y!Y"Y#Y$Y%Y&Y'Y(Y)Y*Y+Y,Y-Y.Y/Y0Y1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y:Y;RDEEd DukeCWfixed modelsCayman Islandsdq services part print.xlsSheet1Y eEWINDOWSTEMPnotesE1EF34CW Barbados fixed model v1.8 14-Oct-2005_JK - NC with Expense Factors.xlsDuct DimensionsTransmission DimensionsAccess DimensionsContentsList of ServicesDemand AssumptionsRouting Factors Input RF for TDTechnical AssumptionsCost AssumptionsDemand Calculations Access CostsDuct CalculationsData Capacity CalculationsData volume inputs Volume inputsAccess CalculationsTransmission CostsTransmission CalculationsMSAN CalculationsMSAN Dimensions MSAN Analysis Asset Lives NGN CostsCost Summary & Mapping ExFac TestExFac Test (2)Volume Input for TDScenario VolumesScenario Output FAC Output BU OutputDEWINDOWSTEMPnotesE1EF34CW Barbados Mobile v1.7 9-10-2005_JK.xlsContentsCost AssumptionsRouting Factors Input RF for TDDemand CalculationsDemand AssumptionsServicesRadio CalculationsTransmission LinksSwitching Calculations Network CostsTechnical AssumptionsErlang BScenario VolumesVolume input for TDScenario Output FAC Output BU OutputYZ= INCREMENT_ID ENTITY_ID ELEMENT_ID LRIC_VALUEZI!900-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL OUTGOING 400-GSM: BTSNRCZR!900-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL OUTGOING 400-GSM: BTS DEPRECIATIONP5Z>900-MOBILE ON NET CALL 400-GSM: BTSNRCZG900-MOBILE ON NET CALL 400-GSM: BTS DEPRECIATIONP5ZX900-Mobile Subscriber'400-GSM: HLR/VLR - subscriber sensitiveNRC38U 900-MOBILE TERMINATION 400-GSM: BTSNRC8ZG 900-MOBILE TERMINATION 400-GSM: BTS DEPRECIATION;+f Z> 900-MOBILE TERMINATION 400-GSM: BSCNRC7ZG900-MOBILE TERMINATION 400-GSM: BSC DEPRECIATION}b4Z8G-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: BTSNRC333sXZAG-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: BTS DEPRECIATION@t+Z8G-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: BSCNRCVAZAG-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: BSC DEPRECIATION }ZHG-Mobile traffic400-GSM: MSC -call sensitiveNRC{Q3ZZQG-Mobile traffic400-GSM: MSC -call sensitive DEPRECIATION6G-ZLG-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitiveNRC{Q\Y\ZUG-Mobile traffic 400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitive DEPRECIATIONgԗW0Z@G-Mobile traffic400-GSM National TxOPEXZBG-Mobile traffic400-GSM: GPRS platformNRCN@3QUZKG-Mobile traffic400-GSM: GPRS platform DEPRECIATIONv!(ZPG-Mobile traffic$400-GSM: HLR/VLR - traffic sensitiveNRCQq10Z:& G-ALL-PROD400-GSM National TxOPEXp}"Z<' G-ALL-PROD400-GSM: GPRS platformNRC&UZE( G-ALL-PROD400-GSM: GPRS platform DEPRECIATIONKA'0AQ\\AZ zPAZ ffdAZLocal switches?Z 4A@AΙAZ1 )\[fA@@Q8HA,MIAHz!܆AZ (\ʐAZz>KA'0A ףrkAZ zPAZ (\AZ*Transit switches@?Z ²A@AΙAZ1 h5cA@@(GdA,MIA> ׍xAZ (\ʐAZz>KA@A(\Ht~AZ zPAZ )\ZAZ0Remote line unit - 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IVR PlatformZ .`iAZ .`iAZ/Fixed SMS PlatformZ / #AZ / #AZ'0Non-Voice Transmission CircuitsZ 0Q?RQ?Z 0Z 0Z 0?Z1Local switch - INETZ 1'0AZ 1'0AZ2Transit switch - INETZ 23AZ 2HAZ 27AZ3INET - Earth StationZ 3\(\?Z3{Gz??Z$4INET - Cable Landing StationZ 4\(\?Z4{Gz??Z%5INET - Saudi Fibre Optic LinkZ 5\(\?Z5{Gz??Z 6Telegram - Earth StationZ 6)1AZ 6)1AZ(7 Telegram - Cable Landing StationZ 7u ,AZ 7u ,AZ#8Telegram - Saudi Optic LinkZ 8u AZ 8u AZ9Telex - Earth StationZ 9{G$"AZ 9{G$"AZ%:Telex - Cable Landing StationZ :ffffNAZ :ffffNAZ&;Telex - Saudi Fibre Optic LinkZ ;(\N@Z ;(\N@Z2<*Link to Maritime - microwave transmissionZ <@Z <@Z= ADSL to InetZ =rAZ =rAZ/>'Interconnect product management - FixedZ>\A@AZ >QPAZ>Q8HA,MIAZ >q= 'DxAZ >{=AZ.?&Interconnect product management - InetZ ?433]AZ ?3AZ ?j(AZ ?ff AZ C>AZ0D(International cable - Intl data servicesZ DGz?Z DGz?Z"EInternational cable - INETZ E\(\?ZE{Gz??Z#FInternational cable - otherZ FMIAZ FMIAZ'GInternational satellite - voiceZ G ףp= ?Z G433AZ G3333iAAZG ףp= ?\ 1AZG(\M'AGWsdAZ Gףp=GAZ G(\T+AZ'HInternational satellite - 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(191) FixedZ = ף@Z = ף@Z0(Customer Assistance Centre - (100) FixedZ zI@@Z Hzi@Z R;E@Z8 0Residential & Inet Helpdesk - (881111&196) FixedZ Qe AQAHzn@Z  G0@Z  QUZ@Z  %AZ: 2Business Contact Centre - Service Provisioning - (Z  )\=>@Z  ffffV@Z (\2V@(\+AZ: 2Business Contact Centre - Call Management - (BusinZ Q@QU@QJ@Z  {@Z  )\͋@Z: 2Business Contact Centre - Handling Complaints - (BZ (\֠@n@,@Z  HzGb@Z  )\Lx@Z  aC@Z: 2Channel & Retail Operations - Prepaid Cards Sales Z z'@ ףp@)\@Z  Hzځ AZ:2Channel & Retail Operations - Service provisioningZ QiDAZ Qœ@Z (\}AZ:2Channel & Retail Operations - SMS Telephone sets (ZRv@Rv@Z91Channel & Retail Operations - Collections (Fixed)Z1 \H@@)@A(\AZ (\BQ@Z )\Ÿ@Zףp= v@Hz.AZ:2Customer relations - Complaints (Residentials) FixZ ffff.%@(\AGᚼ@Z Q@Z Q2@Z AZ:2Customer relations - Credit control & Collection (Z1 q= ף@)\5@ffff'@GzA{GGAZ RN@Z Q@Z)\µ@yAZ:2Business System Development & Analysis - Bill paymZ1 {Gޭ@Q@GzJ@Gz:@Hz@Z _@Z @ZzGĩ@Qm AZ91VIP Affairs - Sale support and management (Fixed)Z1 G@)\}r@ffff~@QWh AQΌ@Z\(6@DAZ:2Small & Medium Enterprises - Sales support and manZ1 @@ffff|@fA\AZ = #}-AZ:2Government Accounts - Sales support and managementZ1 Hz.Ϥ@3333@ ףp@z@HzD@Z ףp=*Y@= ף@Z:2Strategic Transnational Accounts - Sales support aZ1 R-@Y:@HzN9@Q@(\@Z Gz @Z yO@Z:2Financial Accounts - Sales support and managementZ1 Q@Hz @R+@Hz@3333@Z fffffc@Z QXV@Z GzĨ@Z!Branding & Marcom (fixed)Z1 p= 7>@)\m@ffff@= ףv A-AZ Q@Z ףp=@Zڭ@z.'AZ:2Cutomer Marketing - Support & Communications (fixeZ Q@\@Gzd@Z(\‰@('@Z"Marketing Research (Fixed)Z1 Qp@Q@Hz@̌@(\B@Z9[@ ףp=@ZPricing (fixed)Z1 p= דo@Hz@ףp= X@̌]@\P@Z ZfffffY@Hz@Z:2Voice Services - Basic - Manage voice product (fixZ1  ףpu@@@Gz;@G4@O@Z zG޷@Z R뀺@Z fffff@Zq= ףe@ɁAZ:2Voice Services - VAS - Manage voice product (fixedZ ףp\@p= @Z = ף@Z )\M@ZBill processing (fixed)Z Gz1'Aѹ6Aq= GAZ QU@Z G@Z Q%@Z y5CAZ: 2Operations & Helpdesk - Bill printing & dispatch (Z(  (\~AGz8C@Hz.@Hzލ!AZ  RS@Z  )\B(-AZ-!%Bad debt and Dipute charges - (fixed)Z1 !(@Q`@\(AZ +ףp=@Z +̬;AZ1,)Customer Assistance Centre - (191) MobileZ ,Hz+@Z ,Hz+@Z9-1Residential & Inet Helpdesk - (881111&196) MobileZ(-Q }+AGAAq= AZ -z":AZ:.2Business Contact Centre - Service Provisioning - (Z .q= @Z .\8@Z .Hze@Z:/2Business Contact Centre - Call Management - (BusinZ(/ףp=@ ףp=@Q3@)\µ@Z /{Ge@Z:02Business Contact Centre - Handling Complaints - (BZ(0Gr@G_@Gz?@)\p@Z 0= ף`C@Z:12Channel & Retail Operations - Prepaid Cards Sales Z(1'AR0@GCA\`3@Z 13333 &AZ:22Channel & Retail Operations - Service provisioningZ 2Q:AZ 2{Gᣪ@Z 2)\B4:AZ:32Channel & Retail Operations - Telephone sets (MobiZ3o@o@Z:42Channel & Retail Operations - Collections (Mobile)Z143@̪JA3333[@@(\@Z4ףp= @̢@\yAZ:52Customer relations - Complaints (Residentials) MobZ(5)\mvAR;g@ףp=@(\2w@Z 5 ףpOAZ:62Customer relations - Credit control & Collection(MZ16G@ffff6qAףp=@QN\@?@Z6(\Bd@ףp= o@(\O!AZ:72Business System Development & Analysis - Bill paymZ17q= ׫@3333@(\@q= w,@(\"P@Z7Q@(\x@(LAZ58-VIP Affairs - support and management (mobile)Z18p= @+@zG&@q= @RJ@Z 8Gzb@Z 8z[@Z:92Small & Medium Enterprises - Sales support and manZ19p= z@ AR@-A= ף@Z 9{GV!AZ::2Government Accounts - 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(Maritime) OthersZ M+@Z M+@Z5N-Customer Assistance Centre - (881131) Others Z NHzN*@Z NHzN*@Z9O1Residential & Inet Helpdesk - 881188, 881177 & 90Z Op= @fffff@(\B@Z OQd@Z OQS AZ O{GAZ:P2Business Contact Centre - Service Provisioning - (Z P3333@Z Pq= AZP3333@R|AZ:Q2Business Contact Centre - Call Management - (BusinZ Q(\N@Gzk@33333Q@Z QQHAZQ)\͋AZ:R2Business Contact Centre - Handling Complaints - (BZ R\-@@(\J@Z RRT@ZRq@Ge@Z:S2Channel & Retail Operations - Prepaid Cards Sales Z S\(@Z S\(@Z:T2Channel & Retail Operations - Service provisioningZ T)\$@ZT{Gጉ@)\(?Z T@Z8U0Channel & Retail Operations - Splitters (Others)Z Uffff@Z Uffff@Z:V2Channel & Retail Operations - Collections (Others)Z( Vףp=JR@Q@Q[@(@Z VQH@ZV)\Ap= ׳@ZVGzT@Q(AZ:W2Customer relations - Complaints (Residentials) OthZ WQ]+ AZ WQ]+ AZ:X2Customer relations - Credit control & Collection (Z: XHz@= ף@<@(\@ffffo@(@Z XG@Z XQ8p@Z(X6@{G%@Hz7d@fffffvT@ZX= ףp\@QڟAZ:Y2Business System Development & Analysis - Bill paymZ: Y33333@G:˱@d@ףp=Ы@(l@= ףp@Z Y5@Z Y= ףp]p@Z(Yfffffp@S@(\ed@QT@ZY)\@RAZ5Z-VIP Affairs - support and management (others)Z: Z(\ҷ@(l@Q5@ ףp]@z=AfP AZ Z(H@ZZffff ARD%AZ:[2Small & Medium Enterprises - Sales support and manZ: [= ףp@Q@Q@LB@R[(@(\'@Z [(\AZ[I@RĖAZ:\2Government Accounts - Sales support and managementZ: \(\@Gѵ@QS@= ף @(\"@)\5@Z \= ף5@Z\AGzAZ:]2Strategic Transnational Accounts - Sales support aZ: ]Gz@Qt@p= W@ffff@z#@3333@Z ]3333g@Z]G%@QAZ:^2Financial Accounts - Sales support and managementZ: ^n@\h@(\@6@(\O$@GS@Z ^v@Z ^3333@Z^R @2AZ"_Branding & Marcom (others)Z: _R+@q= c@q= 3@Q@{Gq@9@Z _HzG@Z _\(@Z_{G!A@%@Z_GG@(\[*AZ:`2Cutomer Marketing - Support & Communications (otheZ `Q)@Z `q= @Z `(T@Z#aMarketing Research (others)Z ap= Y@Hzd@Z aGzB@Z a ףp@Z azG'@Za\( X@GzS@Z7b/Datacom Services - Manage data services (other)Z bHz@QAZ b(\ˆ@Z bGz@Z gHz>@ZhAccrued Revenue (Other)Z hZ hZiDeposits (Other)Z iZ iZ iZjDebtors (Other)Z: jZ jZ jZjZjZ"kAccrued Inpayments (Other)Z kZ kZ kZlJoint venturesZl333u@5A333u@5AZmInvestment activitiesZmP,AP,AZ(n CPE - Data & Telegraph EquipmentZnq= ׉Aq= ׉AZoCPE - MATS on RentalZ oZ oZpCPE - PABX EquipmentZp5A5AZqCPE - Pagers on RentalZ qZ qZ rCPE - Answering MachinesZrZsCPE - Feature PhonesZsE@E@ZtCPE - Private PayphonesZtAAZuCPE - Telex MachinesZuq= t@q= t@Zv BCC RentalZvZ;w3 Postpaid Mobile Services - Manage voice product ( Z:wq= 㑴@@Gµ@Q@(\@33333@Z wףp=Ƴ@Z;x3 Prepaid Mobile Services - Manage voice product (PZ xHz@Z(x3333J@= ף@@Z x3333s AZyףp=+A= ףB$Aףp@AISA{HJAHz1M Aq= W+U0A ףp@p= @)\@(\j@ףp=}@fffMEAQ8+UAz40NA\u:?AșHAG̙AQ@z@p=JcTAQ$ΙAZ-z%Local Loop- Switched Subscriber LinesZ zgff_AZ z)\}AZ zG`AZ!{Local Loop - Leased LinesZ {A(\@Z {q= ףn@Z {q= ףn@Z {d#AZ|Local Loop - PayphonesZ |Gz\" AZ |Gz\" AZ}Telex Access LinesZ }Z }Z'~MARS Microwave Access EquipmentZ ~(\BI@Z ~(\BI@Z+#Broadband access equipment - DSLAMsZ QO AZ QO AZPSTN line cardsZ \;AZ \;AZISDN BRA line cardsZ Gz4l@Z Gz4l@ZISDN PRA portsZ QYAZ QYAZ 433cAZ( A(\@Gz\" AZ q= ףn@Z -AZ q= ףn@Z Q/gAZ"Remote line unitsZ @\@\@Z1Rޓ@p= ף@(\ct@Gzhu@GzW@Z )\u+@ZzG w@ ףpM@@Z L-@Z {G+AZLocal switchesZ p=s*$AHzS6%A5@Z1ףp=j@RX@Gz$@L@@Z {GYo@Z= ףp*@HzgA(\@Z q= ף`@Z %?@AZ*Transit switchesZ Q AG(I AQ@Z1p= @= ףpB@3333Q@(\@{G2@Z 5@Z(\@HzOg@\t@Z QY@Z L.AZ0Remote line unit - 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microwave transmissionZ Q@Z Q@Z ADSL to Inet Z 333ݠ$AZ 333ݠ$AZ/'Interconnect product management - FixedZ fff$A ףp2AZ \hں@ZGzT8@G:;@Z ($2@Z ףp}=AZ.&Interconnect product management - InetZ 뱇@Z n@Z Gai(AZ (?L)AZ@Interconnect Specific - FixedG@G@G@Z ( AZG@G@G@Z^ Q~-6AA333PAwAG;A6nA)\A(\AAQA(A@= ףAZ^Hzm(ARNAףp=` A AGEA)\:Az@GZU@ ףp= @YpnAZ#International cable - voiceZ Z = ף@Z zո@ZtAZTAQR@Z t@Z Q#AZ#International cable - telexZ G:@Z G:@Z0(International cable - Intl data servicesZ 3335MAZ 3335MAZ"International cable - INETZ xi?AZ3333@)\@AZ#International cable - otherZ Z Z'International satellite - voiceZ Z Q~dAZ Qe@Zp= {AZQrA33334@Z Qt@Z {ǿ1AZ'International satellite - telexZ Q8@Z Q8@Z4,International satellite - Intl data servicesZ  AZ  ףp@Z  ףp@Z q= qAZ&International satellite - INETZ S20AZ('@0AZ'International satellite - otherZ Z Z'Saudi Fibre Optic Cable - voiceZ Z @u@Z ףp= h@Z(|g@Z@Gz@Z (\¸@Z \AZ'Saudi Fibre Optic Cable - telexZ Gzq@Z Gzq@Z4,Saudi Fibre Optic Cable - Intl data servicesZ ffffN AZ ffffN AZ&Saudi Fibre Optic Cable - INETZ 0AZ(\@\1AZ'Saudi Fibre Optic Cable - otherZ Z ZInternational switchesZ Z HzAZRK@zG[@ZAZ(QsXA(t@zGς@z7@Z (1AZ3+International switch - International switchZ Z RK@Zףp= @RB@Z Z((\@L@Gz5@\(@Z Qu@Z5-International switch - Saudi Fibre Optic LinkZ Z GzI@Z 333335@Z3333+A@Zףp=@p= 7u@Z  ףp=[@Z \d@Z,$International switch - Earth stationZ Z Rk @Z \(.@ZQ>@ZR}@q= #@Z f@Z X@Z4,International switch - Cable landing stationZ Z YR@Z (\+@ZG"@Zףp=@Hz6@Z p= W@Z Gzh@ZOutpayments - GMDSZ QVAZ QVAZ"Outpayments - GSM PostpaidZHz/A3333 -AZ = c>AZ!Outpayments - GSM PrepaidZffff[[A)\UyAZ )\<]AZOutpayments - Int'l 700Z (1?AZ (1?AZOutpayments - Int'l TelZ ?Z A"[QAZ fAZ WQAZOutpayments - ISDNZ  ףpAZ  ףpAZ#Outpayments - Maritime CommZ p@Z p@Z%Outpayments - Paid 800 accessZ @Z @ZOutpayments - PayphoneZ {GEAZ {GEAZ$Outpayments - Pre-paid cardsZ p=5AZ p=5AZOutpayments - TelegramZ )\}@Z )\}@ZOutpayments - TelexZ \{@Z \{@Z*"Outpayments - Inter Admin AccountsZ Z Z ZZ Z7/Interconnect Product Management - InternationalZ Z Gzt AZ ̌@Z GzˁAZ= ףA ףpa@Z G@Z fff{.AZH%Interconnect Specific - 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(151) FixedZ ףp=x@Z ףp=x@Z1)Customer Assistance Centre - (181 ) FixedZ Rkf@j@Z )\y@Z(\r@33333s@Z 33333כ@Z ffff@Z0(Customer Assistance Centre - (191) FixedZ Q @Z Q @Z0(Customer Assistance Centre - (100) FixedZ ףp=@= ףŲ@Z p= ף<@Z ܻ@Z80Residential & Inet Helpdesk - (881111&196) FixedZ (\B@A;@C@Z GzJq@Z zGr@Z G @Z:2Business Contact Centre - Service Provisioning - (Z (\ @Z Q@Z= ף@Q&@Z:2Business Contact Centre - Call Management - (BusinZ 3333@ףp=zb@(\B@Z Q@Z Q@Z:2Business Contact Centre - Handling Complaints - (BZ q= ף@= ףУ@ffffJ@Z = ףpH@Z p= [`@Z @Z:2Channel & Retail Operations - Prepaid Cards Sales Z (@Q`@3333ہ@Z Rz@Z:2Channel & Retail Operations - Service provisioningZ p= |@Z 33333@Z  ףp@Z:2Channel & Retail Operations - SMS Telephone sets (ZGzd@Gzd@Z91Channel & Retail Operations - Collections (Fixed)Z1 Gz@zGX@\H=@\ZOAp= AZ :@Z q= ##@Z ףp= @ ףp9TAZ:2Customer relations - Complaints (Residentials) FixZ R^@)A@Z (\Ÿ@Z Q8@Z G AZ:2Customer relations - Credit control & Collection (Z1 (\@@\N@Gz|AGFAZ  @Z Q%@ZQx@Hz8AZ:2Business System Development & Analysis - Bill paymZ1 Q8p@HzD@(\ @R96AGzּAZ L@Z )\u @Z@q= ׍AZ91VIP Affairs - Sale support and management (Fixed)Z1 Q(@@q= ףE@33333@p= @ZG@@Z:2Small & Medium Enterprises - Sales support and manZ1 \@Q(@)\)@zd{AqAZ R˘-AZ:2Government Accounts - Sales support and managementZ1 (\֮@Q(@zX@ ףpJ@@ZQb@ףp=jAZ:2Strategic Transnational Accounts - Sales support aZ1 23333 ףpX= ף|QZ )\Z \Z:2Financial Accounts - Sales support and managementZ1 zG@RK4@ &@)Y@(\j@Z $t@Z Rg@Z (AZ!Branding & Marcom (fixed)Z1 QHzWL1 = ףgQZ (\Z QEмZ= ףpQڵ(Z:2Cutomer Marketing - Support & Communications (fixeZ Qa@zG%@_@Z ףp=@Hz^:@Z"Marketing Research (Fixed)Z1 = ףpߙ@(\Ϙ@Hzn @(\rc@Gz@Z+@3333?@Z Pricing (fixed)Z1  Q@)\d@(\?@q= ף@Hz@Z  Z zGr@(@Z: 2Voice Services - Basic - Manage voice product (fixZ1  Gz@Q@q= ׳.@Qf@q= ׯ@Z  I@Z  \@Z  \(Q@Z = ףp@ףp= AZ: 2Voice Services - VAS - Manage voice product (fixedZ Q6[@@Z   AZ  3333AZ Bill processing (fixed)Z (\9AyIA(AZ  Qd@Z  GzD@Z  {G1AZ  zNG}UAZ: 2Operations & Helpdesk - Bill printing & dispatch (Z(  RWףp=Gz(h#Z  Z   ףL0Z-%Bad debt and Dipute charges - (fixed)Z1 q ()Qxf0fff2Z q= ׳Z QZffffN ףP3\GZ"Fraud Management - (fixed)Z Q8Z = ףpZ fffffZAccrued Revenue (Fixed)Z QD\v[#Z ?&ZDeposits (Fixed)Z @Z @ZAdvance Billing (Fixed)Z (\ Z ףp=m{Ǚ#Z QGZQ(mZzWy;ZDebtors (Fixed)Z1 )\A6A{(S@A(\\A(d!`AZ R߸AZ QAZ= ףAmsAZStock - PhonecardsZ Hz@@Q;AZ RuAZ"Accrued Inpayments (Fixed)Z ףpw3AZ ףp=AZ R6AZAudio text working capZ = ףZ = ףZ1)Customer Assistance Centre - (151) MobileZ GzK@Z GzK@Z7/Customer Assistance Centre - (181 & 188) MobileZ (\B4@Z=A(\@Z fffffƔ@Z GzAZ1)Customer Assistance Centre - (191) MobileZ Q@Z Q@Z91Residential & Inet Helpdesk - (881111&196) MobileZ(3333?@Hz.@ףp=)@a1@Z QI AZ:2Business Contact Centre - Service Provisioning - (Z  ףpM@Z Gz@Z {Gq@Z:2Business Contact Centre - Call Management - (BusinZ(Y@ףp= P@4@fffff@Z Gq@Z:2Business Contact Centre - Handling Complaints - (BZ(@Q @zGC@p= -@Z q= ף@Z:2Channel & Retail Operations - Prepaid Cards Sales Z(\ @= ף@0@\{A(\@Z ]AZ:2Channel & Retail Operations - Service provisioningZ Ga(AZ fffff@Z Hz(AZ: 2Channel & Retail Operations - Telephone sets (MobiZ )\B@)\B@Z:!2Channel & Retail Operations - Collections (Mobile)Z1!ffff6@M@GQ@Gz@= ף`6@Z!\(L@R5q@(- AZ:"2Customer relations - Complaints (Residentials) MobZ(" ףp3A4@3333c$@G@Z "RAZ:#2Customer relations - Credit control & Collection(MZ1#(\O@̄?Ai@{G}~@q= ד@Z#М@= ףp@AZ:$2Business System Development & Analysis - Bill paymZ1$1A(. 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platformZ zFAZ zFAZ"Mobile GMSC - SMS platformZ 3333luAZ 3333luAZ#Mobile GMSC - GPRS platformZ )\uڴ@Z )\uڴ@Z"Mobile GMSC - MMS platformZ Z Z"Mobile GMSC - WAP platformZ Z ZD!Mobile MSC - HLR/VLR/EIR platformZ \(\Y@Z ֗@Z(\(@Gz@33333@QI@Z @Z Hz@ZVoicemail platformZ k AZ k AZIntelligent NetworkZ (ZRA(\-AffffmAZ ̌6AZ#Heldesk services - domesticZ @Z @Z)!Helpdesk services - internationalZ (\!@Z (\!@ZDirectory EnquiriesZ QAZ QAZPublic PayphonesZ Gz7 AZ Gz7 AZ!Telex & Telegram PlatformZ 3333AZ 3333AZ IVR PlatformZ p= G"@Z p= G"@ZFixed SMS PlatformZ Z Z'Non-Voice Transmission CircuitsZ ZzKA)AZ q= @Z (\@Z  QAZLocal switch - INET Z o9AZ o9AZTransit switch - INETZ (\AZ = ףo@Z = ףAZINET - Earth StationZ  AZQ"@Gz>K!AZ$INET - Cable Landing StationZ HzQ@ZR%@)\©@Z%INET - Saudi Fibre Optic LinkZ @ZGzF@Q @Z!Telegram - Earth Station Z G/AZ G/AZ( Telegram - Cable Landing StationZ Z Z#Telegram - Saudi Optic LinkZ z7@Z z7@ZTelex - Earth StationZ q= /AZ q= /AZ%Telex - Cable Landing StationZ Q8@Z Q8@Z&Telex - Saudi Fibre Optic LinkZ Q8@Z Q8@Z2*Link to Maritime - microwave transmissionZ HzG@Z HzG@Z ADSL to Inet Z q= C3AZ q= C3AZ/'Interconnect product management - FixedZ ףp=@(\7@Z  ףp=@Z)\QYi{0NA(\U@Hz @Z{GA@zn$iAZ%Mobile Switching Centre (MSC)Z {Gz?Z G%PAZ G@Z = ף@'@Z R#AZ(RTA$Az,AXAZ  @Z ֣pŰ{gAZ5Gateway MSC (GMSC)Z 333sۥBAZ @Z QAZHzuAG^ AZ \(o@Z ̬,,JAZU2Equipment Identity and Home Location Registers (EIZ y@Z ףp==AZ((ܩ6AffffuAQA(\!AZ Qh@Z Qx"KHAZ%Base Station Controller (BSC)Z {Gz?Z (wJAZ @Z p= /k@Z )\J_ AZ(Q~RA!Aq= צ'AG\RAZ q= ף@Z IzdAZ&Base Transceiver Station (BTS)Z {Gz?Z GzTʳWAZ QD@Z Q2@Z GR-AZ((\'_`AQѧ.Az 5Aq= W4&AZ {G(@Z ףpqbrAZ SMS PlatformZ Qt@Z (\b0AZ Hz d0AZMobile prepaid platformZ Z GUGAZ Gz@Z ףp=W@Z zAZ(\ձBBAGz"A= #f.$A̰@Z @Z G!ZAZ!Mobile voicemail platformZ (\AZ (\AZService Order GatewayZ GzAZ GzAZ GPRS PlatformZ zj0AZ zj0AZ MMS PlatformZ 333&3AZ 333&3AZ WAP PlatformZ G:DT@Z zٺAZ INET PlatformZ GzL@Zq= ף@GK;AZp= O1AGO>@AZPaging PlatformZ (\8AZ (\8AZVSAT EquipmentZ Z Z TMR PlatformZ QAZ QAZNorth Coast StationZ R$AZ R$AY!Z ,Ԛ?Z 6YgAo.ݴWAG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICESo.ݴWAG-900-KEY ADVERTISED SERVICESo.ݴWAZ"4900-FIXED VOICEMAIL RETAILZ#4G-900-ALL SERVICESk v0AZ[ 4G-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICES@`FAk v0AG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICESk v0AZ#5900-INTERNATIONAL DQ RETAILZ#5G-900-ALL SERVICESZ[ 5G-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICES~AG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICESZ&6900-INTERNATIONAL DQ WHOLESALEZ#6G-900-ALL SERVICESZ$6G-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& 6G-900-FIXED WHOLESALE SERVICESZ"7900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS RETAILZ#7G-900-ALL SERVICES ףD$?AZ[ 7G-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICES ףD$?AG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICES ףD$?AZ%8900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS WHOLESALEZ#8G-900-ALL SERVICESZ$8G-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& 8G-900-FIXED WHOLESALE SERVICESZ09(900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS RETAILZ#9G-900-ALL SERVICES(3AZ[ 9G-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICES(3AG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICES(3AZ)9G-900-NEW CUSTOMER SALES(3AZ3:+900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALEZ#:G-900-ALL SERVICESE]X1AZ$:G-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& 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SERVICESOSAZ$BG-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& BG-900-FIXED WHOLESALE SERVICESZ C900-NATIONAL CALL RETAILZ#CG-900-ALL SERVICESZ-?AZ[ CG-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICESc,_IAZ-?AG-900-FIXED RETAIL SERVICESZ-?AZ*D"900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT from OLOZ#DG-900-ALL SERVICES5@Z$DG-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& DG-900-FIXED WHOLESALE SERVICESZ(E 900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT to OLOZ#EG-900-ALL SERVICESZ$EG-900-ALL WHOLESALE SERVICESZ& EG-900-FIXED WHOLESALE SERVICESZF900-CPEZ#FG-900-ALL SERVICESJIAZ"FG-900-INSTALLED & REPAIREDZ FJIAZ4FG-900-NEW CUSTOMER SALESJIA900-CPEZ FJIAZG900-MOBILE DATAZ#GG-900-ALL SERVICESzAZGG-900-ALL RETAIL SERVICESzAG-900-MOBILE RETAIL SERVICESzAG-900-KEY ADVERTISED SERVICESzAG-900-NEW CUSTOMER SALESzAZ)H!900-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL INCOMINGZ#HG-900-ALL SERVICESJ@YZ RQ?Y]Z  ףp= ?Z r@Z900-ADSL RETAILZ ^@Z900-ADSL WHOLESALEZ @Z 900-CARDSZ Z"900-DIAL UP INTERNET USAGEZ @Z900-DIRECT CONNECTZ I@Z900-DOMESTIC DQ RETAILZ Z!900-DOMESTIC DQ WHOLESALEZ Z+#900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS RETAILZ y@Z.&900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALEZ a@Z900-DOMESTIC TRANSITZ Z%900-EMERGENCY SERVICES RETAILZ Z( 900-EMERGENCY SERVICES WHOLESALEZ Z$900-FIXED CALL TO C&W MOBILEZ Z&900-FIXED CALL TO OTHER MOBILEZ Z( 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL INCOMINGZ Z( 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL OUTGOINGZ Z"900-FIXED VOICEMAIL RETAILZ b[L@Z# 900-INTERNATIONAL DQ RETAILZ  Z&!900-INTERNATIONAL DQ WHOLESALEZ !Z""900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS RETAILZ "F@Z%#900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS WHOLESALEZ #$@Z0$(900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS RETAILZ $1@Z3%+900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALEZ %Z"&900-INTERNATIONAL PAYPHONEZ &Z'900-ISDN ACCESS RETAILZ 'T@Z(900-NATIONAL PAYPHONEZ (p@Z)900-OPERATOR ASSISTANCEZ )Z*900-PSTN ACCESS BUSZ *@@Z+900-PSTN ACCESS RESZ +^@Z,900-FIXED CALL to OLOZ ,Z-900-PSTN TERMINATIONZ -Z .900-NATIONAL CALL RETAILZ .Z*/"900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT from OLOZ /Z(0 900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT to OLOZ 0Z1900-CPEZ 1Z2900-VOIPZ 3900-Z 4900-Z 5900-Z 6900-Z 7900-Z 8900-Z 9900-Z :900-Z ;900-Z <900-Z =900-Z >900-Z ?900-Z @900-Z A900-Z B900-Z C900-Z D900-Z E900-Z FEndYZ (@YZREVALUED FAC ASSETSZQ400-International Tx%400-PSTN Host Switch - call sensitive)400-PSTN Host Switch - duration sensitive400-RSU traffic sensitive400-RSU line sensitive400-RSU-Host Tx400-Host-Host Tx400-National submarine Tx400-PSTN Voicemail400-IP Equipment400-ADSL Equipment400-Payphone Equipment'400-Prepaid PSTN Calling Card Equipment400-VAS platforms"400-DQ Operator services equipment400-Contact Centre Platforms400-Access Local Loop!400-Interconnect billing platform400-Interconnect Specific Costs400-Data Network Equipment400-VOIP Equipment400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400- 400-GSM: BTS 400-GSM: BSC400-GSM: MSC -call sensitive 400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitive400-GSM: National Tx400-GSM: GPRS Tx400-GSM: Voicemail platform400-GSM: GPRS platform400-GSM: Roaming platform400-GSM: SMS platform400-GSM: Prepaid platform!400-GSM: HLR/VLR - call sensitive400-GSM: Cellsite land & masts2400-GSM: Handsets and SIM card/activation platform'400-GSM: HLR/VLR - subscriber sensitive$400-GSM: Interconnect Specific Links 400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM: ENDZ2*Gross Replacement Value of Revalued AssetsZh/A#{A3NAA}AJASY&B՛[ADϺmAVi4WfdA`wSIAz؏CA,A,ABKAXAA 6AE.A> ףP@AudBAGa2O#AZ=.P`AJz1=A߉9N2AV`Zx;BA\o$Az4TAMAтbΕKAR@tجI5AQH~]AtجIA&1@Y3ZH FIXED NETWORK OPERATING EXPENSEScA EfficiencyA]AZM'Distribution Network Operating Expensesni\@ZE""100-Provide Wholesale ISP Services(~@\(\?y@Z9$(International Network Operating Expensesv98˚AZ $ZAZG%$100-Maintain International Switching.n?@ZJ&'100-Maintain International TransmissionfZBA\(\?a6:?@Z>'100-Provide MPLS IP-VPN QoS~~@\(\?TwCJ@ZI(&100-Provide International Leased Lines6@\(\?O?Q@Z9*(Interconnect Specific Operating ExpensesUmAZ *h`AZK+(100-Billing: Manage Interconnect Billing @"~j?SdBJ@ZH,%100-Maintain Interconnection Services9[@h@K7A?}] @ZV-3100-Manage Fixed Interconnect Specific RequirementsvwwwEAK7A?9Ma@ZN.+100-Plan & Monitor Interconnection Services@K7A?[h)h@ZG/$100-Provide Interconnection ServicesLP@K7A?;= @ZN0+100-Respond to Other Local Operators (OLOs)&PS@K7A?U>@ZY16100-Prepare Quotations for Fixed Interconnect ServicessF@K7A?J@Z(3Fixed Network RechargesCAZ 3@ٲ7AZ]4:INTER-Region Recharges IN (2304195) - Jamaica earthstationy"A\(\?p=AZM5*INTER-Region Recharges IN (2304195) - RNMCz " A\(\?lxzWAZU62INTER-Region Recharges IN (7504195) - Call centresG'AZa7>INTER-Region Recharges IN (9004195) Carrier Sales & Operations'@\(\?#% ]@Z^8;INTER-Region Recharges IN (9004195) Carrier Service Billing@\(\?^8j@ZR9/INTER-Region Recharges IN (9004195) PLC Support_ƭ'A\(\?`w$AZ-;Fixed Network Specific CostsNo?AZ ;A6AZ=<100-Underground Line Plant:m@\(\?B@Z6=100-Submarine CableH/A\(\? ףp8*AZA>100-Cable Circuit/Pole Rentals/AZH?%100-Consultancy Fees (Hurricane Ivan)R -@Z:@100-Engineering Support t`@\(\?oŻ@ZEA"100-Intelsat Space Segment Rentals3333A\(\?K7 AZRB/100-R&M Exchange Equipment - Switch MaintenanceŒ_/ AQ?(AZ:C100-Overhead Line PlantŒ_@\(\?sFA@Z/EFixed Network Support Expenses_,5@Z E4@Z<F100-Support Fixed Network_,5@\(\?4@Z6H%Fixed Network Cost of Working Capitalo֫2Z H/Z;I100-Loan - Fixed NetworkG^rA\(\?b'B{AZLJ)100-Frame Relay Creditors - Fixed NetworkF>ę@\(\?qhNQ@ZMK*100-Leased Circuit Debtors - Fixed NetworkB1\(\?HL?ZGL$100-Line Plant Stock - Fixed Networkx,a@\(\?wC@ZJM'100-Maya Cable Creditor - Fixed Network#1\(\?kQgZTN1100-Network Restoration Provision - Fixed NetworkR(K\(\?EZEO"100-VoIP Creditors - Fixed Network a\(\? U1^ZHP%100-Wholesale Debtors - Fixed NetworkO\(\?ab/]ZGQ$100-Capital Accruals - Fixed NetworkGN2\(\?3-.ZFS#100-Cash - Networks - Fixed Network&=C"A\(\?֛8AZXT5100-Intercompany Creditors - Networks - Fixed Network"Ki< \(\?D nZUU2100-Operational Debtors - Networks - Fixed Network~ʞ@\(\?>2@ZPV-100-Staff Creditor - Networks - Fixed Network,G=\(\?}ZpNZQW.100-Trade Creditors - Networks - Fixed NetworkIN\(\?N^Z4Y,Fixed Network Capital Cost of Support AssetsZ Y"яEAZ=Z5100-Freehold Technical Infrastructure - Fixed NetworkZ Z0C?8AZ2[*100-Furniture and Fittings - Fixed NetworkZ [^BU@Z%\100-Computers - Fixed NetworkZ \T [%AZ3]+100-Building Infrastructure - Fixed NetworkZ ]?r @Z$^100-Vehicles - Fixed NetworkZ ^m^rAZ1` MOBIE NETWORK OPERATING EXPENSESdO~{AAZ `O=AZ2b!Mobile Network Operating Expenseswu}:-AZ b1AZ:c100-Plan Mobile Network "xiB A? "xiB AZ=d100-Monitor Mobile NetworkwA?wAZ9e100-Maintain Cellsitesx^@?x^@Z>f100-Maintain Mobile NetworkLL@?LL@Z=g100-Maintain Mobile SwitchǺ@@LLAZ?h100-Provide Mobile CellsitesǺ@?Ǻ@ZIi&100-Provide Mobile Switching Equipment|,C\@@|a2#@ZFj#100-Provide Mobile Network ServicesHzA?HzAZMk*100-Prepare Quotations for Mobile Services+>|@?+>|@Z@m/Mobile Interconnect Specific Operating Expenses+>|@Z m+>|@ZWn4100-Manage Mobile Interconnect Specific Requirements+>|@?+>|@Z)pMobile Network RechargesL$z1 AZ pZUq2INTER-Region Recharges IN (8004195) Mobile RoamingL$z1 AZ.sMobile Network Specific Costs&AZ s&AZIt&100-Mobile Radio - Maintenance Support@e@?@e@Z>u100-Licence Fees - Spectrumx@?x@ZFv#100-Courier & Telephone - GSM linksA?AZ?w100-Electricity - Cell Sitesywww'@?ywww'@Z<x100-Mobile Radio - E-mailL@?L@Z<y100-Mobile Switch SupportA?AZ0{Mobile Network Support Expenses_,5@Z {_,5@Z=|100-Support Mobile Network_,5@?_,5@Z7~&Mobile Network Cost of Working CapitalEP Z ~EP Z<100-Loan - Mobile NetworkdY6@?dY6@ZE"100-CCBS Creditor - Mobile Network[d;o?[d;oZU2100-Cellular Licence Fee Creditor - Mobile Network6X?6XZH%100-Line Plant Stock - Mobile NetworkBߌ@?Bߌ@ZH%100-Mobile Creditors - Mobile Networkt$/?t$/ZU2100-Network Restoration Provision - Mobile Networkd6o?d6oZH%100-Capital Accruals - Mobile Networkq)8>?q)8>ZG$100-Cash - Networks - Mobile Networkc A?c AZY6100-Intercompany Creditors - Networks - Mobile Network{N5?{N5ZV3100-Operational Debtors - Networks - Mobile NetworklT@?lT@ZQ.100-Staff Creditor - Networks - Mobile NetworkըY~?ըY~ZR/100-Trade Creditors - Networks - Mobile Network&;?&;Z5-Mobile Network Capital Cost of Support AssetsZ RAZ>6100-Freehold Technical Infrastructure - Mobile NetworkZ _(uAZ3+100-Furniture and Fittings - Mobile NetworkZ  Q6'|@Z&100-Computers - Mobile NetworkZ \fu?AZ4,100-Building Infrastructure - Mobile NetworkZ r*!۴@Z%100-Vehicles - Mobile NetworkZ ʧ=}l@Z"OVERHEAD EXPENSESN"BȢqAZ j ^aAZ9(Fixed & Mobile Network Overhead ExpensesfAZ *LAZA100-Billing: Collect Call DataݕT@\(\?Ah@Z?100-Billing: Systems support3ReA\(\?[ AZG$100-Manage Disaster Recovery Process`5IJ@\(\?8U@ZJ'100-Provide Operational Support Systemswk(A\(\?<]1%AZA100-Support Regulatory Costing,C j@\(\?r'ߴ@Z:100-Maintain Generators66;f~@\(\?7ϧҟ@ZA100-Maintain Network Buildings A\(\?+e100-Administer Government & International Relations - Networks`@\(\?`=@ZA100-Manage Security - Networkspd.@\(\? Q@Z?100-Operate Fleet - Networkso+@\(\?aBA;@ZF#100-Procurement & Stores - NetworksXm@\(\?jiM@ZH%100-Manage Admin Buildings - Networks* o@\(\?U @ZD!100-Manage Switchboard - NetworksFx@\(\?+I)@ZB100-Property Rentals - Networks3$y@\(\?깅\@Z@100-Fleet Expenses - Networks/ A\(\?NJ~f AZC 100-Security Expenses - NetworksvOA\(\?#@Z#Overhead Recharges7wQBAZ jS?AZZ7INTER-Region Recharges IN (3304195) - Area Office North_}2 A?>}2 AZI&100-Provide Strategy & Policy - Retail1ܱA?1ܱAZH%100-Provide Public Relations - RetailA?AZ_<100-Administer Government & International Relations - Retailwt@?wt@Z?100-Manage Security - Retail}~L=K@?}~L=K@Z=100-Operate Fleet - Retail"hl@?"hl@ZD!100-Procurement & Stores - Retail>rN`2A?>rN`2AZF#100-Manage Admin Buildings - Retail+T@?+T@ZB100-Manage Switchboard - Retail,hG/@?,hG/@Z@100-Property Rentals - Retail"uq#w@?"uq#w@Z>100-Fleet Expenses - RetailI A?I AZA100-Security Expenses - RetailBv_A?Bv_AZ6100-Licence RoyaltyN0UA?N0UAZ!Retail RechargesvJ;@Z vJ;@ZP-INTER-Region Recharges IN (6154195) - Cricketq= I@?q= I@ZQ.INTER-Region Recharges IN (8004195) Telesales E@?E@Z(Retail - Specific CostsL~Ƒ5AZ L~Ƒ5AZ0 100-Bad Debtsc/.)A?c/.)AZ2100-Sponsorshipbɇ A?bɇ AZ*100-TEC贁J`A?贁J`AZ5$Fixed Retail Cost of Working Capitalykx@Z ykx@ZL)100-Calling Card Creditors - Fixed RetailÆWv?ÆWvZG$100-Customer Deposits - Fixed Retail=Y"6b?=Y"6bZN+100-Customer Equipment Stock - Fixed RetailD_@?D_@ZE"100-Deferred Income - Fixed Retaily?yZD!100-Retail Debtors - Fixed RetailTtLϟ#A?TtLϟ#AZJ'100-Returns to Suppliers - Fixed Retail؊uM^@?؊uM^@ZS0100-Telephone Directory Creditors - Fixed Retail{ǁ?{ǁZC 100-Cash - Retail - Fixed RetailV6&A?V6&AZU2100-Intercompany Creditors - Retail - Fixed Retail@?@ZR/100-Operational Debtors - Retail - Fixed RetailZ)8@?Z)8@ZM *100-Staff Creditor - Retail - Fixed RetailQgcP?QgcPZN +100-Trade Creditors - Retail - Fixed Retail:?:Z6 %Mobile Retail Cost of Working Capital^UQ@Z  ^UQ@ZH %100-Customer Deposits - Mobile Retailp`,?p`,ZF#100-Deferred Income - Mobile RetailKWX ?KWX ZC 100-Mobile Stock - Mobile Retaild`@?d`@ZE"100-Retail Debtors - Mobile Retailuc#EA?uc#EAZK(100-Returns to Suppliers - Mobile RetailH߁w@?H߁w@ZD!100-Cash - Retail - Mobile Retailj\ A?j\ AZV3100-Intercompany Creditors - Retail - Mobile RetailḫK?ḫKZS0100-Operational Debtors - Retail - Mobile RetailYlK@?YlK@ZN+100-Staff Creditor - Retail - Mobile Retail\ z@?\ z@ZO,100-Trade Creditors - Retail - Mobile RetailK?KZ4,Fixed Retail Capital Cost of Support AssetsZ 'f 8AZ<4100-Freehold Technical Infrastructure - Fixed RetailZ w AZ1)100-Furniture and Fittings - Fixed RetailZ G ,Z@Z$100-Computers - Fixed RetailZ pl!AZ2*100-Building Infrastructure - Fixed RetailZ ^2]@Z#100-Vehicles - Fixed RetailZ {uAZ+#100-Billing & Customer Care - FixedZ x*VAZ4 ,Mobile Retail Capital Cost of Support AssetsZ  R!AZ=!5100-Freehold Technical Infrastructure - Mobile RetailZ !膞@Z2"*100-Furniture and Fittings - Mobile RetailZ "YiV@Z%#100-Computers - Mobile RetailZ #l}xAZ3$+100-Building Infrastructure - Mobile RetailZ $O_@Z$%100-Vehicles - Mobile RetailZ %$SHw@Z,&$100-Billing & Customer Care - MobileZ &x*VAYZ3Overhead Expense FactorsShared ExpensesZQ400-International Tx%400-PSTN Host Switch - call sensitive)400-PSTN Host Switch - duration sensitive400-RSU traffic sensitive400-RSU line sensitive400-RSU-Host Tx400-Host-Host Tx400-National submarine Tx400-PSTN Voicemail400-IP Equipment400-ADSL Equipment400-Payphone Equipment'400-Prepaid PSTN Calling Card Equipment400-VAS platforms"400-DQ Operator services equipment400-Contact Centre Platforms400-Access Local Loop!400-Interconnect billing platform400-Interconnect Specific Costs400-Data Network Equipment400-VOIP Equipment400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400- 400-GSM: BTS 400-GSM: BSC400-GSM: MSC -call sensitive 400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitive400-GSM: National Tx400-GSM: GPRS Tx400-GSM: Voicemail platform400-GSM: GPRS platform400-GSM: Roaming platform400-GSM: SMS platform400-GSM: Prepaid platform!400-GSM: HLR/VLR - call sensitive400-GSM: Cellsite land & masts2400-GSM: Handsets and SIM card/activation platform'400-GSM: HLR/VLR - subscriber sensitive$400-GSM: Interconnect Specific Links 400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM:  400-GSM: ENDZ* Current CostFAC Revalued AssetZ GRVZPh/A#{A3NAA}AJASY&B՛[ADϺmAVi4WfdA`wSIAz؏CA,A,ABKAXAA 6AE.A> ףP@AudBAGa2O#AP`AJz1=A߉9N2AV`Zx;BA\o$Az4TAMAтbΕKAR@tجI5AQH~]AtجIA&1@Z ZForward LookingZ GRCZP h[dA/ldcAO|AAS"\[TA@;3A>:A%>&_A&ekGA#^@]t A'A%G*FA5@6vA2Af4w:AAL!@[)Ab@0@Z (Z)Group 10?@Z )Z*Group 11@@Z *Z+Group 12@@Z +Z,Group 13A@Z ,Z-Group 14A@Z -Z.Group 15B@Z .Z/Group 16B@Z /Z0Group 17C@Z 0Z1Group 18C@Z 1Z2Group 19D@Z 2Z3Group 20D@Z 3Z%5 Overhead Opex Driver GroupZP5GRVFactorsOpex@@ @"@$@&@(@*@,@.@0@1@2@3@4@5@6@7@8@9@:@;@<@=@>@?@@@@@A@A@B@B@C@C@D@D@E@E@F@F@G@G@H@H@I@I@J@J@K@K@L@L@M@M@N@N@O@O@P@@P@P@P@Q@@Q@Q@Q@R@@R@R@R@S@@S@S@S@T@ZP6100-Billing: Collect Call Data Bill Collection Network Elements@֏YA i?+o"@tפ@<x@zن@Q(fo@n~@ZP7100-Billing: Systems support Bill Collection Network Elements@֏YAB[?s A]@@PF@Wtt@(@ZP8$100-Manage Disaster Recovery ProcessAll Network Opex6@}ljAk?:U@;Pe+@.G@t@ߨ Ÿ[w@n̦\t@;@,@_8C@y\`@shn@+B cH!@@ݞ x@@9ѕ@49r@Orl-@ Z@N_ ]B@ Rf@fA@m%@ @K w@Bʥ@e^1y@wm3#@  z@tl@vb^@*W@t"100-Janitorial ServicesNetwork Elements in Buildings@!iA3p?ԏM@;@Wc+@ٳ@<d@oAU@ d@bvq@%R_o@á=|@503A[G@\(pbV@5;@9"6xΩ@-"<~@XkEvÂ@N__ @)i@)i@ZP?100-Building RepairsNetwork Elements in Buildings@!iA;In?7~X@ {s@^+׫@t<@G륬@k@Eޥ@!d? @ M7m@rG@ǍE@BlT@F{K@5@,h!@o@5CG@(o @(o @ZP@100-Electricity - GeneralPowered Network Elements@A^#/"?1g@'AB:m@b* @$cov@Ur@3:{U@h_ @n({@>UH@,$ @?@p)lc@tpFN1@/e@9c|t@hqPAwJf@% Nw@\@o@Pދs@"F&@ܬ@Z PA 100-Electricity - Trinity SquarePowered Network Elements@Aקh?]gcAv1'@2P@P @ҨK@)am@FxS@{!(V@#B@\.@р@NVg@) @&A@,sWP@lDdc@ToyC*@T@E.@(n@:&y|@Jյ̄@@ZPB0100-Finance, accounting and budgeting - NetworksAll Network Elements@AT|9 a?K/JA^5L>@"@nF@wW@w^ƫ@E7@}w@JN@Do)u~@qz@&N@*y`@(t@<.Al@wSlW8@&}r @G@Ti@@f(@/)@Bј@F+Ss@Pt@N2 ј@PWwL@N2 x@ZPC100-Human Resources - NetworksAll Network Elements@A$ELϏ5q?QV1.AX9@N@`|@6@/O$ @HQt@R0@6_@!2O)@9٨@@`Hp@< 4@i#AE7 @c.H@(ɫ@tiW@qF;W@rD@,{@j@O@tk@@"@&^%@B&ع@g_9 @_r&s@g_9 @ZPD/100-Provide Business Support Systems - NetworksAll Network Elements@A㩄v=?yw@Ý[ϱ@3@X<ӭ@@;wɁ@Ahv@FSDB@h ?@6;l**@#lHZ@ͱt@w@iUP<@ `<@.2@߻Yg@hp@_A2pw@l$@/V@E鳁@Rw@ 趝 @U"u@䝹d P@sX:@RI!u@kE@RI!U@Z PE%100-Provide Legal Services - NetworksAll Network Elements@Axc0?s$k@;@ k@ց@Jm@{GMt@nZ?LR{@v(R@}IY@X[8:@{]\N@nߪ6h@B;@jZ0@r"s@%Ez@ xڇZ@g2(B-@zQpk@55s+@\G@'@l1j@s@x &ih@+lC@ۢ\s@(hh@&H@(hH@ZPF'100-Manage Corporate Affairs - NetworksAll Network Elements@A2<@?֠@U@ @@O@dAց@=7<_p@e@e(ةp.@4^@96wbx@n~e@9:3x@@*(D@؝@%*k@]MX@ bJ`D{@5\.pU'@5> H@.X@m)./z@Y?@ԕx@V5M'S@df/@Sx@u$@SX@ZPG(100-Provide Strategy & Policy - NetworksAll Network Elements@AYj$N?t٨q A o~@O@L`I@ w@!< w@]{W@9Gw@7z׹+;@Z?A]Jk@[Å@yۮc@fM@*p2@VA>x@F%@AV@ i4@y Q@ʥLh@.=p@̖ ~@o&^@D{ta@.X(@EHٖ@椫@EHٖe@ZPH'100-Provide Public Relations - NetworksAll Network Elements@A8U >@?D;@'xOK@`G@@ D@}!C@q̰@"@5@/-@Cz]@KXfw@Mb:@tO!@@˵߂@Ӿ$6@Fyrj@ *@FG+z@u6&@ {:e@xɚ@{fUYz@|Z@x@`"m(S@kU@Xm&x@aLd@Xm&X@Z%PI>100-Administer Government & International Relations - NetworksAll Network Elements@Ahs5?R_Z@pAR@<[҆@\V@'ܑIz@z@\@O(f@U#@ p1#lS@Zjn@5⻉@9j@4@8KAzx@ @z">Aa@{#@joQq@|@HH{X@;^@m^q@,w@(;o@+H@O@d:o@Ç@d:O@ZPJ100-Manage Security - NetworksNetwork Elements in Buildings@!iAx]+?dZ@X}@)<@>'q@=v@QǘDI@2ۜ&d@w̆+H@PcG@g!@z@971@A @~\K@+(@7X\@?@RA @RA b@ZPP100-Fleet Expenses - NetworksAll Network Elements@A,bqU?7 | A~3@٫1@$m}@;d}@Zá@b(9@/͸@C@CBs@/j{@(]4@XCU@ޗ}@{S AP@ڷTo/@xhD@yt >@':@" j@]@2ޠ^@;}@cY@i@6S2@ɦ@_W,4@ɦo@ZPQ 100-Security Expenses - NetworksNetwork Elements in Buildings@!iA/`c? 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T@rԐ(x@b <~@҉@ 6n@҉l@ZPU/INTER-Region Recharges IN (5004195) PLC SupportAll Network Elements@Ax:O?>Ճ Aks@YOAݠ@bOĶ@m+l@R߼ә@+g!]ܾ@Y ~3@؃.<@АYl@7H@ !@懏kN@Gn@S=$jA$y@w<&@u@pz m5@i Pl@ȫ@eD @@Y-A@q/0@Z.WY\b@u@ Y@ѳ'~O@ Yg@ZPV/INTER-Region Recharges IN (5004195) OBS SupportAll Network Elements@A`D 54?fao<@]hP@uA@Dzf2*@.ٝ_yy@UR@A$ a<@]m@^ª"@&*9R@dn@0w͌@܂sF4@eŸw@#hA&@l`@ WE @sSp@]@ *lh@4"5Ր@"p@,@)Dn@~S+H@gY@^<Cn@@*Z@^<CN@ZPW100-Audit FeesAll Network Elements@AʇٹB?mAnpn@4~@DC4Bx@:2h`@7k˂@()l:@Myh@@0@?t3`@dJ~ {@]@OCB@7H^@r@On@lv@ZT<~@x()@xއ$}@q_S@ }@-P֝@NtC{@_lU@InA@/k%vB{@N7@/k%vB[@ZPX100-Bank ChargesAll Network Elements@AO \8Ռ^P\JSԟ}RM؃_kG! ӑ6 {%B5 V77qdIߐh7;{vBLUEӗc뿓락ĪsD} !%U::1u{$gs~tgIq|H7LLP TcnqLF JcnQZPY3100-Computer Bureau, Licence Fees & Central SystemsAll Network Elements@Ak? 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K@[N@?ATWb>@gGo@d@OP#@9@5V@Y*w@IWc@Z-a*100-Furniture and Fittings - Fixed NetworkFixed Network - All?>$qA0`\%?=H@K^x@vv@' 90@ş*eoj@͕Yq@dؑ@$0@E0JYfq@VŇC@F}&_@F)}@~t %@=g>oh@T2@܆YQ@}z%?i-ja@" @Z-b100-Computers - Fixed NetworkFixed Network - All?>$qAfrt?FHI-A"罴D@˵@읚3@~6y@ݾv@=qu@ à@ nb@ta>@@6(T@,;^s@9U@ZY'A\aWr@TA{M@=@k0A\@Z-c+100-Building Infrastructure - Fixed NetworkFixed Network - In buildings1@'m ȇAXP? @ @2\ @ E@ 9H@a%50@uVr@? m@U,j)"@ԃNv1@j6G@8Ky@+'@4މ@Z-d100-Vehicles - Fixed NetworkFixed Network - All?>$qA;i?"AM@0.Hl@hGe?@0A֕@B֞@3_$@f4@И`;W@٘V@6Q=D@DAc"@$ne#i@i@i^A܁e@3B@}NpϤ@6Q@Z eZ eZ fZ fZ gZ gZ hZl-iA(R]AA0@%,u@ۣ A7n墌 A|&@#׳l@U3"RAmv1'AsrE-@lӽ@=[UAr .A,@n9@ @YZ)400-International Tx%400-PSTN Host Switch - call sensitive)400-PSTN Host Switch - duration sensitive400-RSU traffic sensitive400-RSU line sensitive400-RSU-Host Tx400-Host-Host Tx400-National submarine Tx400-PSTN Voicemail400-IP Equipment400-ADSL Equipment400-Payphone Equipment'400-Prepaid PSTN Calling Card Equipment400-VAS platforms"400-DQ Operator services equipment400-Contact Centre Platforms400-Access Local Loop!400-Interconnect billing platform400-Interconnect Specific Costs400-Data Network Equipment400-VOIP Equipment400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-Z)MCMMLMMMM2MLLMCMCLCM2MMZJiA }fAuzA *VA@a$Ag蘰 A,[ΚiAn40E@¦(?@kȑ!@c@6vbA(\@Y@9 5Al.A rh@5nf@Y+Z0EntityGRCAnnualised CostOpexZ7400-International Tx/ldcA"_1Az='AZH%400-PSTN Host Switch - call sensitiveO|AA8\%1A(R]AZL)400-PSTN Host Switch - duration sensitiveS"\[TA?!}<-AAZ<400-RSU traffic sensitive@;3AF:ʿ A0@Z9400-RSU line sensitive>:A!rrA%,u@Z2400-RSU-Host Tx%>&_A *Ai~2@!AZ3400-Host-Host Tx&ekGAqɟǠ(A7n墌 AZ<400-National submarine Tx#^@B3(@@@Z5 400-PSTN Voicemail]t AYs@#׳l@Z3 400-IP Equipment'Ao AU3"RAZ5 400-ADSL Equipment%G*FAܝ:<#Amv1'AZ9 400-Payphone Equipment5@;X@srE-@ZJ '400-Prepaid PSTN Calling Card EquipmentZ4400-VAS platforms6vA2A̬o% Alӽ@ZE"400-DQ Operator services equipmentLGdr#AZ?400-Contact Centre PlatformsHAZ8400-Access Local Loopf4w:A: pA=VAZD!400-Interconnect billing platformAHV@r .AZB400-Interconnect Specific CostsL!@)&,~/@,@Z=400-Data Network Equipment[)Ap$@n9@Z5400-VOIP Equipmentb@n(>#7@ @Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z 400-Z !400-Z "400-Z #400-Z $400-Z %400-Z &400-Z '400-Z (400-Z )ENDZ *lz$qdAYqZsServiceVolumesVolume - CallsVolume - LinesVolume - Minutes Volume - 2MVolume - OtherZ900-ADSL RETAILZ1kȑ!@UxAP@Z900-ADSL WHOLESALEZ1Z 900-CARDSZ1Z"900-DIAL UP INTERNET USAGEZ1<@^@@Q@Z900-DIRECT CONNECTZ1V@UAQq@Z900-DOMESTIC DQ RETAILZ1@G@Z!900-DOMESTIC DQ WHOLESALEZ133333@M@Z+#900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS RETAILZ1@ZqA9A`ڟ@Z. &900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALEZ1 G@)AQE@Z 900-DOMESTIC TRANSITZ1 "EHAB5^&MAZ% 900-EMERGENCY SERVICES RETAILZ1 @ ףp@Z(  900-EMERGENCY SERVICES WHOLESALEZ1 @zGA@Z$ 900-FIXED CALL TO C&W MOBILEZ1 foLAcAZ&900-FIXED CALL TO OTHER MOBILEZ1L;A@KAZ( 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL INCOMINGZ1ݮVAGj?nAZ( 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL OUTGOINGZ1IA.7958AZ"900-FIXED VOICEMAIL RETAILZ1?@ʠ@@ @Z#900-INTERNATIONAL DQ RETAILZ1~A~AZ&900-INTERNATIONAL DQ WHOLESALEZ1~@~@Z"900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS RETAILZ1>@;AΡEV@Z%900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS WHOLESALEZ1&@p1AA`L@Z0(900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS RETAILZ14@_6AQR@Z3+900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALEZ1@@{Gz?Z"900-INTERNATIONAL PAYPHONEZ1Ȓ@G:5@Z900-ISDN ACCESS RETAILZ1NSHAW@QM`A9*5{?Z900-NATIONAL PAYPHONEZ1k@c@33333@Z900-OPERATOR ASSISTANCEZ1n@ @Z900-PSTN ACCESS BUSZ1 p@Z900-PSTN ACCESS RESZ1ffff&f@Z900-FIXED CALL to OLOZ13333AGzjYAZ900-PSTN TERMINATIONZ1 bAG'nAZ  900-NATIONAL CALL RETAILZ1 Y@bA(EtAZ*!"900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT from OLOZ1!uALߟAZ(" 900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT to OLOZ1"@hWA@rAZ#900-CPEZ1#Z$900-VOIPZ1$A ׳FALlb@@Z %900-Z1%Z &900-Z1&Z '900-Z1'Z (900-Z1(Z )900-Z1)Z *900-Z1*Z +900-Z1+Z ,900-Z1,Z -900-Z1-Z .900-Z1.Z /900-Z1/Z 0900-Z10Z 1900-Z11Z 2900-Z12Z 3900-Z13Z 4900-Z14Z 5900-Z15Z 6900-Z16Z 7900-Z17Z 8EndZ18YM#ZUn900-ADSL RETAIL900-ADSL WHOLESALE 900-CARDS900-CPE900-DIAL UP INTERNET USAGE900-DIRECT CONNECT900-DOMESTIC DQ RETAIL900-DOMESTIC DQ WHOLESALE#900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS RETAIL&900-DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALE900-DOMESTIC TRANSIT900-EMERGENCY SERVICES RETAIL 900-EMERGENCY SERVICES WHOLESALE900-FIXED CALL TO C&W MOBILE900-FIXED CALL to OLO900-FIXED CALL TO OTHER MOBILE 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL INCOMING 900-FIXED INTERNATIONAL OUTGOING900-FIXED VOICEMAIL RETAIL900-INTERNATIONAL DQ RETAIL900-INTERNATIONAL DQ WHOLESALE900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS RETAIL900-MPLS IP-VPN QoS WHOLESALE(900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS RETAIL+900-INTERNATIONAL LEASED CIRCUITS WHOLESALE900-INTERNATIONAL PAYPHONE"900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT from OLO 900-INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT to OLO900-ISDN ACCESS RETAIL900-NATIONAL CALL RETAIL900-NATIONAL PAYPHONE900-OPERATOR ASSISTANCE900-PSTN ACCESS BUS900-PSTN ACCESS RES900-PSTN TERMINATION900-VOIP900-SMS TERMINATION900-MOBILE DATA!900-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL INCOMING!900-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL OUTGOING900-MOBILE ON 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FAULTS=[p[p$ FLOORSPACE=<G<G# GL_INPUTS;4 # GL_INPUTS; " grp1_rev;F" grp1_rev;?$ grp3_calls;F $ grp3_calls;? " grp3_rev;F " grp3_rev;? " grp4_rev;F " grp4_rev;? " grp5_rev;F" grp5_rev;?" grp6_rev;F" grp6_rev;?" grp7_rev;F" grp7_rev;?# grp7_subs;F# grp7_subs;?" HISTORY1;7, " HISTORY2;7, ! INDICES;7*"( INDICES_LABOUR;7'' INDICES_LOCAL;7') INDICES_MATERL_;7  Inputs;! insert_area<4 ! insert_area< 'interconnect_cost:  LL_access<aa%LLine_transport<aamanager:MarkUp: " mins_erlangs:@" mins_erlangs:B! MINUTES=[f[fMN_WACC:mpy:@mpy:G& Node_mapping=  OHEAD;:*% ohead_index;:+  OHEAD1;:." over_exp;@_" over_exp;H_ P;79Q# PC_DISTBN=  =4# Prod_Vols; RAN1;7-9@ RAN3;73LV  RANGE1;<4BJ  RANGE1;74BJ  range1;   RANGE2;77LV! REPORT1;7 0BJ! REPORT2;7 7LV& retail_costs;@wn& retail_costs;Iwn! rev_map;J ! rev_map;J & reval_assets;@& reval_assets;K" REVALN_1;7,"-" REVALN_2;7,-9" scen_out;@" scen_out;L" scen_vol;@" scen_vol;M schematic: & SPACESEGMENT=spares< ! staff22;#! staff23;#! staff31;#! staff32; #! staff33;!#! staff34;"#! staff35;##! staff36;$#! staff37;%#! staff41;& +! staff51;'#! staff61;(#! staff63;)#! staff64;*#! staff65;+#! staff66;,#! staff71;-#! staff72;.#! StaffB2;#! staffB3;#! staffB4;/#! staffB5;0#! staffB6;1#! staffB7;#! staffB8;#! staffB9;2#$ STATEMENT1;7 0BJ$ STATEMENT2;7 7LV# stc_lines;@F# stc_lines;AF& switch_table;!*switching_dimensions:" t_component1: " t_component2: /" t_component3: B" t_component4: ^" t_component5: r" t_component6: " t_component7: " t_component8: " t_component9: " t_inputs;  " thisyear;4- " thisyear; " TRAINING=(transmission_costs: %version_control:WACC:@WACC:Nwc_cash< wc_ddays<  wc_ddpcent< wc_stock< wkg_cap: year;4-  year; 8T  &Ya   3 A@@   $LIC # 119303 VE461420002215$LIC#97963 $VIN#1FTRE14W75HA44776 VE461420002216$LIC#98250 $VIN#1FTRE14W35HA47206 VE461420002217$2005 FORD F450 W/ALTEC MODEL AT200A $LIC#102004 $VIN#1FDXF46P55EA96786 VE461420002218$LIC#97902 $VIN#1FTQF12W25WA37980 VE461420002219$LIC#97900 $VIN#1FTRE14W05HA43257 VE461420002220$2005 FORD F450 W/ALTEC LIFT $VIN#1FDXF46PX5EA96783 $LIC#119299 VE461420002221$LIC # 97962 $VIN# 1FTRE14W15HA48662 VE461420002226$2004 NISSAN TITAN LE CREW CAB 4X4 $VIN#INBAA07814N550063 $LIC#98200 $NISSAN VE461420002227$2004 FORD EXPEDITION XLT $LIC#Q0002 $VIN#1FMRU15W74LB19095 VE461420002228$2005 FORD ECONOLINE 150 CARGO VAN $LIC#98252 $VIN#1FTRE14W45HA52379 VE461420002229$2005 FORD ECONOLINE CARGO E150 VAN $LIC#96937 $VIN#1FTRE14W35HA52373 VE461420002230$2005 FORD ECONOLINE 150 VAN Data - MPLS IP-VPN QoS"Data - MPLS IP-VPN QoS (wholesale)CAY18400ISP SERVER REFRESHCAY18410TRINITY SIGNAGECAY18425E-TOP UP ATM - KIOSKSCAY18430OFFICE EQUIPMENT '08CAY18440PRICAY18460AESTIVA ELECTRONIC POCAY18475E-TOPUP IP TERMINALSCAY18480 DOCUSHARECAY18490NORTH SOUND ROADCAY18500FIBRALINK PROJECTCAY18510FRANK SOUND EXCHANGE BUILDINGCAY18525IT SERVER REFRESHCAY18550BVI IT NETWORK UPGRADECAY18575IT ENTERPRISE SECURITYCAY18600MOBILE EXPANSIONCAY18700SERVICE DELIVERYCAY18800 E-SIDE CABLE REPLACEMENT-PHASE 2CAY19900SYNCHRONISATIONCAY18900POWER PROTECTION PROJECT009302WIP SPB NETWORK DEVELOPMENTExMobileAccessPL241280001675$(3000) VA00390AAH 20PR/.5MM PCW CELLPL241290003229$MDF (Main Distribution Frame) $Termination PL2412902192 $CABLE UG 100 PAIR 24AWG. $KIT CLOSURE FSC 2x12L. MODULE PL241290001647$STMI OPT TRIBUTARY CARDS FRAME PL241290002945$3M MDF FOR SMB PL241290003230PL241340002607$Roadside Cabinet $Northward $CAB #7 PL241340002608$Opposite Hibiscus Gardens $Cab #5 PL241340002609$Outside BT P.O. $Cab #2 PL241340002610$Bodden Town Exchange $Cab#1 $Cab#4 PL241340002617$Road to the Quarry PL241340002618$Opposite Royal Reef Resort/Morritts $Cab# 1 PL241340002935PL241340003056$OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION FRAME(ODF) PL241340003401$3M MDF PL241340002623$Near Frank Sound Fire Station $Cab #1 PL241340002624$Frank Sound - Near Brooks Res PL241340002625PL241340002936PL241340003850$MDF, CAB & DP PL241340003876PL241340002619$Beside GT P.O. PL241340002620$Beside Tower Bldg. $Cab# 20 PL241340002621$On Bodden's Road $Fort Street Cab #21 PL241340002622$Outside Appleby Law $Fort Street Cab #7 PL241340002626$Next To Buttonwood Club $Cabinet #10 PL241340002627$Arprt Rd opposite Fosters Food Fair $Cabinet #22 PL241340002628$Dr. Roy Drive $Cabinet #31 PL241340002629$Elgin Ave. Beside Cayman Business Pk5Note: Splits provided by the Mobile Network EngineersPower Supply EquipmentAuxillary Support EquipmentMobile Network BuildingsGSM: BTSGSM: BSCGSM: MSC -call sensitiveGSM: MSC -duration sensitivePL240990002847PL241200003472$Cabinet #25 PL241340002630$Goring Ave PL241340002631$Crewe Road - Next to Jose's Esso $Cabinet #11 PL241340002632$Mary's Street $Cabinet #8 PL241340002633$Nixon Way $Cabinet #6 PL241340002634$Outside Anderson Sq. PL241340002635$Outside OTS - Eastern Ave. $Cabinet #14 PL241340002636$Next to Baptist Church (Lion Centre)PL241340002644$AL Thompson Home Depot Compound $Cabinet #9 PL241340002645$Newport Ave $Cabinet #32 PL241340002646$Fairbanks Road $Cabinet #34 PL241340002647$Cabinet #30 PL241340002789$Wire Jumpers PL241340002937PL241340002941$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X2 4DR 2.3L $LIC#113106 $VIN#1FMYU02Z36KA59703 VE461400002181$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X2 4 DR 2.3L $LIC#113108 $VIN#1FMYU02Z86KA59700 VE461400002182$LIC#113109 $VIN#1FMYU02Z46KA62352 VE461400002183$LIC#113107 $VIN#1FMYU02Z26KA62351 VE461400002184$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X4 4 DR 2.3L $LIC#113101 $VIN#1FMYU92Z06KA62353 VE461400002185$LIC#112011 $VIN#1FAFP34N45W255371 VE461400002186$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X2 2.3L $LIC#113628 $VIN#1FMYU02ZX6KA67538 VE461400002187$2006 FORD E150 VAN ECONOLINE CARGO $LIC#117552 $VIN#1FTRE14W86HA70370 VE461400002188$LIC#117263 $VIN#1FTRE14W96HA70362 VE461400002189Nokia QuotationPL241340002939PL241340003400PL241340002606$Opposite 7 Mile Esso - Cab #7 PL241340002648$Buckingham Square PL241340002649$Canal Point Rd PL241340002650$CI Yacht Club $Cabinet #5 PL241340002651$CABLE AERIAL 20PR - CABLE AERIAL G/FPL241210002799$RESTORATION - SPS LOCATION PL241210002839PL241210002930PL241210002810PL241210002843PL241210002923PL241210002793PL241210002837PL241210002932PL241210003801$E-SIDE CABLE '06 -'07 AERIAL CABLE PL241210003845$WEST BAY - AERIAL CABLE PL241220002822$Re: Hurricane Ivan Restoration - UG PL241220002833PL241220003793$E-SIDE CABLE BODDEN TOWN-LABOUR $UNDERGROUND CABLE PL241220002831PL241220002829PL241220003212$OSP Copper & Fibre Cable PL241220003852$E-SIDE CABLE 2006-2007 LION CENTRE CAY1742PL241220003874PL24122 $IVAN: GTN, LP UNDERGROUND CABLE $Termination of MG9K cables on Frame PL221020003110$OTS Call Server & associated equip PL221020003112$EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. 9SPLICING $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. SPLICING- $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. SPLICING. $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. (SPLICING) $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. SPLICING $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. SPLICING, PL241360001628PL241360001629PL241360001630PL241360001631PL241360001632PL241360001640PL241360001641PL241360001642PL241360001643PL241360001644PL241360001645$EXPERTECH NETWORKS - SPLICING, PL241360001646$EXPERTECH - VEHICLE REP< AIR $MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT LIM EI HDSL. PL25$POWERSAW, ELECTRONIC EQUIP. PRESSUREPL26PL260010002041$GSM CELL SITE - ANTENNA, CABLE & TOW$ANALYSIS. (SITE 917 NORTHWARD) ;Difference: points to the International Switching componentCayman Assets Over 3 years old+INDEXED using the AUS Telephone Plant Index$Allocation across Network ComponentsWORK EQUIPMENTBUILDINGS StructureBUILDINGS Transm TowerBUILDINGS Power and ElectricalsOFFICE SUPPORT EQUIPMENTGENERAL PURPOSE COMPUTERS HWElectro Mechanical SwitchingC.O. - TRANSMISSIONST. APP. - SMALL PBX / PABXST. APP. - GENERALMETALLIC AERIAL CABLENON-METALLIC AERIAL CABLENON-METALLIC U/GROUND CABLENON-METALLIC SUBMARINE CABLEU/GROUND CONDUIT%Assets acquired between 1973 and 2004'Total Excluding International Switching$CELL ID # 961 PL260030002310PL260030003359$Spott Bay PL260030003372$battery string - Spott Bay PL260030002307$CROWS NEST EXCHANGE $CELL ID # 951 PL260030003361PL260030003633$WEST END PL260030003652PL260030003655$STAKE BAY PL260030003656$STAKE BAY EXCH PL260030003677$ECELLS - CAYMAN BRAC PL260030002292$SPOTTS $CELL ID # 914 PL260030002293$NEWLANDS $CELL ID # 915 PL260030002294PL260030003009$RESTORATION: NORTEL CAY-040380-04 $RED BAY & PROSPECT PL260030003297PL260030003298PL260030003299PL260030003354PL260030003360$Spotts PL260030003007$RESTORATION: NORTEL CAY-040380-02 $NSR PL260030003336PL260030002061$NORTWEST POINT. GSM CELL SITE $ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONAL SVS. PL260030002280$CELL ID # 901 PL260030002281$CELL ID # 902 PL260030002282$CELL ID # 903 PL260030002283$CELL ID # 904 PL260030002284$CELL ID # 905 PL260030002285$CELL ID # 906 PL260030003008$LADDER EXTN 24FT FIBRGLS W/S $(1) BRANDT 1205 RAIL SORTER. PL230990002147$CREDIT ADJ - TO LABOUR COSTS $(RESD'L INST.) $PABX [Accelerated Depn] Re-add PL231100001849$ROTHDTRIN - CAYMAN REF.0001 PL231100001850$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER. PL231100001851$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. PL231100001852PL231100001853$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1 PL231100001854$CALL PILOT 150 VOICEMAIL. MODEM ADSLPL231100001855PL231100001856$CALL ACCOUNTING MDR. DTU 2801 PL241220001726$CABLE UG. SLEEVE 31R/R200 KIT. PL241220001727$FIBRE TRAYS & CONNECTORS PL241220001728$(60) BLOCK 100PR R399C. CABLE UG. PL241220001724$SLEEVE 31R.CABLE UG. MODEM ADSL PL241220001725$(1) DIVERSE FIBRE ROUTE. SPLICE $CABES - MISC. CHGS.(SITE 918 B/TOWN)PL260010003594PL260010003597$MAST & AERIALS FOUNDATION - MIDLAND $ACRES PL260010002046$GSM CELL SITE - TOWER & MISC. CHGS. $(SITE 925 HIGH ROCK) PL260010002047$GSM CELL SITE - MISC. CHGS. $(SITE 924 QUEEN'S HIGHWAY) PL260010002048$(SITE 927 - MORRITTS) PL260010002049$GSM CELL SITE - EAST END TOWER $MODIFICATION & MISC. CHGS.(SITE 929)PL260010002050$GSM CELL SITE COLLIERS. MISC. CHGS. $( SITE 928) PL260010002271$GSM MASTS. & AERIALS (TOWERS) $CELL ID# 925 PL260010002276PL260010002277$GSM MASTS & AERIALS (TOWERS) $CELL ID # 927 PL260010002031$GSM CELL SITE - ANTENNA @ CABLES $(SITE 907 PICADILLY) PL260010002032$GSM CELL SITE - ANTENNA CABLES $& MISC. FEES. (SITE 906 HARQUAIL) PL260010002035$& MISC.FEES (SITE 908 G/TOWN) PL260010002037$GSM- CELL SITE - SPORT COMPLEX $ANTENNA & CABLES. (SITE 911 SPORT $COMPLEX) PL260010002038$GSM - CELL SITE - ANTENNA CABLE $& MISC.FEES (SITE 912 RED BAY) PL260010002039$GSM CELL SITE ANTENNA , CABLE,TOWER$& MISC. FEES. 9SITE 913 PROSPECT) PL260010002040$GSM CELL SITE - ANTENNA & CABLES. $(SITE 914 SPOTTS) PL260010002044$(SITE 919 C/KAI) PL260010002057$MISC. CHGS - FOR GSM CELL SITE PL260010002269$GSM MASTS. & AERIALS (TOWER) PL260010003602$SALARIES - GSM PHASE 6 PL260010003603$PROFESSIONAL SVC - GSM PHASE 6 PL260010003605$LINFORD PEARSON BUILDING & MASTS PL260010003607$MICROWAVE EQUIPMENT PL260010003872$GSM NETWORK EXPANSION PHASE 7 $CELLULAR MASTS AND AERIALS $CABLE/CONNECTOR $ANDREW DO BRASIL, SUNSHINE SUITES CAY1735PL26001002025 $GSM- VARIOUS CELL SITE TOWERS PL26001002026 $INST. SERVICE FOR GSM CELL SITES/BSCPL260010002051$GSM CELL SITE - CROW NEST EXCH. $LITTLE CAYMAN. ANTENNA CABLES PL260010002275PL260010002043$GSM CELL SITE - TOWER, TOWER INST'N.$& MISC. CHGS. (SITE 920 N/SIDE) $DUCT 4 WAY - FOOTWAY (CREWE RD. $DUCT LAYING 1 WAY - CHIP & SPRAY. $DUCT - LAYING 4 WAY - CHIP & SPRAY. $DUCT - LAYING 2 WAY CHIP & SPRAY $DUCT - LAYING 4 WAY - CHIP & SPRAY- $(4) FRAME & COVER CARRIAGE WAY PL241270001589$LAYING DUCT 2 WAY. BUILD-GRASS PL241270001590$BUILD 3M 4900 SERIES E/O NETWORKS PL241270001592$LAYING DUCT CHIP & SPRAY PL241270001593$CABINET DISTRIBUTION. DUCT PVC PL241270001594$FRAME & COVER ARRIAGE WAY. DUCT PVC PL241270001595$TRENCHING & LAYING 2 WAY HOT MIX. PL241270001596$DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D. FRAME & COVER PL241270001597$LAYING 4 WAY- GRASS VERGE. FRAME PL241270001598$LAYING 4 WAY (DUCT LAYING) PL241270001599$LAYING DUCT 2 WAY - NOT MIX. PL241270001600$MANHOLE COVERS PL241270001601Buildings - StructureInternetIT Support/ ComputersBuildingOffice EquipmentExchange BuildingAssociated Asset CategoryMobile - Prepaid Data - MPLSData - Transmission Voip ServiceInternational Voice/Data PBX and CPEWork EquipmentInternational Voice/ Data Data NetworkInternational DataExchange (NGN)Network ComponentsWIP CostOther1ADSLNon network components8Methodology and Assumptions used to align the Cayman WIPAlignment of WIP components The process of aligning all the equipment and projects in the WIP category was done by mapping each component to specific network components. Note however that the apportionment of outside plant components were largely allocated to the Access and the Core networks.$CELL ID # 917 PL260030002296$BODDEN TOWN $CELL ID # 918 PL260030003246$BASE STATION HARDWARE(BTS) - RADIO $KITS - SPOTTS PL260030003247$KITS - NEWLANDS PL260030003248$KITS - NORTHWARD PL260030003249$KITS - BODDEN TOWN PL260030003263$COAXIAL CABLES -SPOTTS PL260030003264$COAXIAL CABLES -NEWLANDS PL260030003265$COAXIAL CABLES -NORTHWARD PL260030003266$COAXIAL CABLES -BODDEN TOWN PL260030003280$INSTALLATION SVC -SPOTTS PL260030003281$INSTALLATION SVC -NEWLANDS PL260030003282PL310030002159$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL31 PL310030002169$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL31 PL34$RENOVATION COSTS -S/BAY C/BRAC. PL340810002158$AIRCONDITIONING (INSTALLATION) $AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM INST. COSTS.< PL340810002312$IVAN: GTN A/C PL340810002746$TRINITY SQ. A/C PL340810003856$MPLS PROJECT - AIR CONDITIONING $STAND ALONE $UNIVERSAL AIR-CONDITIONING 2004 PL340810002159$AIRCONDITIONING LITTLE CAYMAN PL340830003234$BTS Call Server PL340830002704$OTS - A/C PL340830003699$A/C SYSTEM IN REGIONAL OFFICE PL341030002159$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL34 PL341030002170$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL34 PL341050002696$OTS - PASSENGERS ELEVATORS PL341060002697$OTS - GOODS ELEVATORS PL341080003020$CAMERA NETWORKS BOT EXCH $ELECTRICAL COSTS - EAST END PL341080003015$CAMERA NETWORKS MAYA 1 -ESE PL341080002695$OTS - SECURITY PL341080002742$TRINITY SQ. WINDOW TINTING PL341080002743$TRINITY SQ. SECURITY DOOR LOCKS PL341080003011$CAMERA NETWORKS OTS - SURVEILLANCE $SYSTEM & CAMERAS PL341080003012$CAMERA NETWORKS ANDERSON PL341080003014$CAMERA NETWORKS TRINITY SQ PL341080003043$SECURITY DOOR LOCKS PL341080003010$CAMERA NETWORKS NSR PL341080003013$CAMERA NETWORKSGALLERIA PL341080003018$CAMERA NETWORKS SMB EXCH PL341080003021$CAMERA NETWORKS SSO EXCH $INSTALL. COSTS FOR FIRE ALARM SYSTEM$KALATEL 16 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER. PL341080003019$CAMERA NETWORKS STAKE BAY CB PL341080003016$CAMERA NETWORKS SPTS EXCHG PL341080002948$CCTV-SECURITY NSR PL341080003017$CAMERA NETWORKS WEB EXCH PL36PL360050002702$OTS - FUEL LINES PL360050002706$OTS - U/G FUEL TANKS & PIPING TC16$WAGES, QUARRY DUST, CEMENT, FREIGHT,$DYNAMETER GAUGE, RATCHET SCREWDRIVER$MANAGEMENT & INST. SVS. PL260030002073$MISC. FEES SHIPPING STORAGE $& STAFF COSTS (PHASE 1) PL260030002074$BSC & BTS EQUIPMENT. PROJECT $MANAGEMENT & INST. SVS. VARIOUS SITE$- PHASE 1 PL260030002075$BODDEN TOWN CELL SITE - POWER PL260030002077$MISC. FEES - SHIPPING STORAGE, $TRANSPORT & STAFF COSTS. PL260030002078$BSC & BTS EQUIPMENT. NORTEL PROJECT $MANAGEMENT & INST SVS. PL260030002079$INARL. EMAIL GATEWAY HARDWARE $& SIFTWARE - PHASE 1 GSM PROJECT PL260030002080$TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENTS - MUXES $VARIOUS SITES. PL260030002081$TEST HANDSETS - GSM PROJECT PHASE 1 PL260030002082$GTN - POWER EQUIPMENT - GSM PROJECT $PHASE 1 PL260030002083$STAFF COSTS, TRAVEL. ACCOM. & $FREIGHT COSTS - GSM PROJECT PL260030002084$POWER EQUIPMENT GTN - GSM PROJECT - PL260030002086$PHASE 1 - BODDEN TOWN BTS POWER EQPTPL260030002153$TDMA REMAINING ASSETS PL260030002158$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL26 PL260030002159$Incorrect Add PL260030002168$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL26 PL260030002286$PICADILLY $CELL ID # 907 PL260030002287$GEORGE TOWN $CELL ID # 908 PL260030002288$CELL ID # 909 PL260030002289$SPORTS COMPLEX $CELL ID # 911 PL260030002290$CELL ID # 912 PL260030002291$CELL ID # 913 PL260030002305$AIRPORT $CELL ID # 930 PL260030003235$GSM PHASE 5, BASE STATION CONTROLLER$(BSC UPGRADE) - OTS PL260030003236$OEM IRM KITS, CONNECTORS & $POLYPHASOR KITS PL260030003241$KITS - GTN PL260030003242$KITS -N. SOUND RD PL260030003243$KITS - SPORTS COMPLEX PL260030003244$KITS - RED BAY PL260030003245$KITS - PROSPECT PL260030003253$KITS - AIRPORT PL260030003258$COAXIAL CABLES -GEORGE TOWN PL260030003259$COAXIAL CABLES -NORTH SOUND RD PL260030003260$COAXIAL CABLES -SPORTS COMPLEX PL260030003261$COAXIAL CABLES -RED BAY PL260030003262$COAXIAL CABLES -PROSPECT PL260030003270$COAXIAL CABLES -AIRPORT PL260030003275$INSTALLATION SVC - GEORGE TOWN PL260030003276$INSTALLATION SVC - NORTH SOUND ROAD PL260030003277$INSTALLATION SVC - SPORTS COMPLEX PL260030003278$INSTALLATION SVC - RED BAY PL260030003279$INSTALLATION SVC -PROSPECT PL260030003287$INSTALLATION SVC -AIRPORT PL260030003292PL260030003293$NORTH SOUND RD PL260030003294PL260030003295PL260030003296PL260030003304PL260030003332$GCM Airport PL260030003340$Picadilly PL260030003341$Sports Complex PL260030003342PL260030003346PL260030003348PL260030003356$Red Bay PL260030003364$BTS Spares S8000 PL260030003365$BSC TCU expansion:MOD:TMU $NTQE04AA - OTS PL260030003366$BSC TCU expansion:Transcoder $Ress. Mod. TRM+NTQE08AB PL260030003367$OEM Indoor Power PL260030003368NMethodology and Assumptions used in constructing the Indexation model - CaymanNThe source of the Data is the Cayman fixed asset register as at March 31, 2008$Analysis of the Fixed Asset Register{The Cayman fixed asset register was analysed to determine which assets were aged 1- 3 years old and those over three years.With this separation the assets aged 1- 3 years were retained at their current prices and hence were not subject to revaluation.The revaluation process used for these assets was to index the values based on the AUS Telephone Plant Index which is based on equipment manufactured/sold in North America.Assets on the books with an age of over three years and a value of under two thousand five hundred Cayman dollars were excluded from the indexationZThe indexation process started with assets on the books from 1973 and continues up to 2004The actual indexation is applied to the acquisition cost or the GBV and the year's depreciation and by extension the accumulated depreciation is calculated on the indexed values hence the NBV is based on the application of these two.From the analysis of the fixed asset register we were able to derive the average depreciation rates as per the Turner/AUS asset category which is used to calculate the year's depreciation charge.-Indexed Gross Book Values and Net Book ValueskThe indexed gross book values and net book values is located between cells HX 7 to IB 207 in the GBV sheet.<The Indexation method applied to assets over three years oldcMethodology and Assumptions used in constructing the Asset Revaluation for LIME Cayman fixed assets*Alignment of assets one to three years oldThe process of aligning all the assets in this category was done by mapping each asset to specific network components. Note however that further distilling and apportionment of outside plant components were done, and these were largely allocated to the Access and the Core networks.The data used to allocate the outside plant components and buildings to the final network components is contained in the schedule/sheet entitled Assumptions and Drivers lMapping to the Expense factors sheet 1 is done on a one to one basis (network component to nework component)[Methodology and Assumptions used to align the Cayman assets in the group "Over 3 years old"XMethodology and Assumptions used to align the Cayman assets in the group "1-3 years old"(Alignment of asse< ts Over three years oldlMapping to the Expense factors sheet 2 is done on a one to one basis (network component to nework component)Non network assets such as Furniture and fittings, Office equipment, Computers, PABX and Customer Premises equipment are excludedNon network assets such as Furniture and fittings, Office equipment, Computers, PABX and Customer Premises equipment are excluded.5Cayman Fixed Assets Review and Revaluation March 2009$Next to Fortis $Cabinet #4 PL241340002652$Opposite the Governor's Residence PL241340002653$Opposite the Public Beach SMB PL241340002654$Snug Harbour Drive PL241340002655$WB Rd - Next to Salt Creek PL241340002656$Xrystal Harbour $Cabinet #12 PL241340002943PL241340003800$E-SIDE CABLE SMB - MDF,CAB & DP $UPGRADES PL241340003803$E-SIDE CABLE '06 -'07 PRIMARY CROSS $CNCTN POINTS - LABOUR PL241340002349$LP EXPANSION-MDF,CAB & DP PL241340002686$Spot Bay PL241340002687PL241340002657$Denham Thompson Dr PL241340002658$South Sound Road - Caribbean ParadisPL241340002659$South Sound Road - Comm Ctr CompoundPL241340002660$Walkers Rd CW South Sound Exchg PL241340002661$Walkers Rd Opposite JGHS PL241340002866$IVAN RESTORATION 4900 CAB PL241340003395PL241340003398PL241340003841$SOUTH SOUND - MDF, CAB, & DP PL241340003854PL241340002868PL241340002680$Stake Bay PL241340002681PL241340002682PL241340003583$SALARIES - NTWRK EXPSN PL241340003585$MODULE DISCONNECTOR 10 PR GN PL241340003586$NID 6 PAIR 760 BOX W/1 LINE PL241340002662$Next to Savannah Texaco PL241340002663$Red Bay beside Villa Caribe PL241340002664$Marina Dr $Cabinet #7 PL241340002665$Old Crewe Rd Outside Sunrise Condos PL241340002666$Opposite Savannah Meadows PL241340002667$Opposite Stingray Brewery PL241340002668$Patrick Island PL241340002669$Prospect Park PL241340002670$Spotts Newlands PL241340002671$Spotts Straight Next to Spotts Dock PL241340002672$Opposite ICCI $Cabinet # PL241340002865$SPS LOCATION PL241340003320$NGN Spotts Upgrade PL241340003321$Candeo half rack power system $removal & installation of 2nd batt $string - Spotts PL241340003322$Stabilization of MDF & installation $of cable tray. PL241340003326$CAB 9 AFC upgrade - Prep, Install, $lace & termination of amphenol $connectors. PL241340003328$CW Staff Costs PL241340003385$STS PL241340003392$Provision, prep & term of cable $40x100pr, 128x25pr (Alcatel), $16x25pr (AFC), 6x25pr (Data) PL241340003397$Labour staff costs & misc items PL241340003584PL241340003799$E-SIDE CABLE SPOTTS - LABOUR $PRIMARY CROSS CNCTN POINTS PL241340002640$C&W North Sound Compound PL241340002641$Industrial Park Outside Ropers PL241340002642$Seymour Dr. PL241340002643$Sparky's Drive - Next to CUC PL241340002864$SNE LOCATION PL241340002940PL241340002673$Barkers Rd PL241340002674$Boatswain Bay Rd beside WB Prim PL241340002675$Church St. Rear of WB PO PL241340002676$Crystal Valley PL241340002677$Next to Ed Bush Football Field PL241340002678$Junction of NW Pt Rd & Watercourse PL241340002679$Near WB Fire Station PL241340002867PL241340003382$Installation & termination of 1732 $pairs for ADSL changeover PL241340003843$WEST BAY - MDF, CAB, & DP PL241350002779$Block Protector/Rocker/Terminal PL241350003445$BAR GROUND PANI 16 POSITION PL241350003446$BLOCK CONNECTING 50PR PABX PL241350003447$BLOCK PROTECTOR 25PR R66P25Q PL241350003448$BLOCK TEREMINAL OSW 20 PR NO $CABINET (G/TOWN, B/TOWN, SPOTTS , $CABLE UG 50/100/150 PAIRS 24AWG. $CABINET DISTRIBUTION. CABLE UG $DUCT PVC PIPE NO. 54D. FRAME&COVER $EXPERTECH NETWORK INST. SPLICER & $SLEEVE 32A C/W ARRESTOR. CABLE UG $CABLE UG 100 PAIR. CABLE AERIAL. $MUX FOR MIRICO CENTER $2 & 4 WAY - TRENCHING & LAYING (W/B $CABLE UG 100 PAIR. SLEEVE 31R/200 $CABINET DISTRIBUTION. FRAME&COVER $TRANSDUCER PRESSURE. CABLE UG 150 $DUCT PVC PIPE NO. 54D. SLEEVE 32A $(6) CLOSURE FO OJ K3000 W/6 POLE PL241220001657$CABLE STEEL NO.1 8T. CABLE UG. PL241220001658$BLOCK PROTECTOR. CABLE UG. FRAME PL241220001659$CLOSURE FO. BLOCK PROTECTOR. BLOCK PL241220001660$FOAM SEAL CLOSURE. CABLE UG. PL241220001661$CABLE UG. BLOCK PROTECTOR 25 PR. PL241220001663$SLEEVE 31R/200 KIT. BLOCK PROTECTOR.PL241220001664$DUCT PVC COLLAR NO.54D. BLOCK PL241220001666$CABINET DISTRIBUTION. CLOSURE SPLICEPL241220001668$CABLE AERIAL 50 PR. CABLE UG 1200PR.PL241220001678PL260010002042$GSM CELL SITE - TOWER INT'N. ANTENNAVE461420002176$2005 CHEVROLET AVALANCHE $LIC#98514 $VIN#3GNEC12T44G343770 VE461420002199$2004 FORD EXPLORER XLS 4X2 4-DR $LIC#101081 $VIN#1FMZU62K74ZB37690 VE461420002200$2004 FORD EXPLORER XLS 4X2 4-DR 4.0L$LIC#101082 $VIN#1FMZU62K64ZB37700 VE461420002201$LIC#101085 $VIN#1FMZU62K04ZB37689 VE461420002202$LIC#101084 $VIN#1FMZU62K74ZB37706 VE461420002203$LIC#101083 $VIN#1FMZU62K14ZB37703 VE461420002209$2005 FORD F150 PICK UP TRUCK $LIC#97901 $VIN#1FTRF12W55NA38380 VE461420002210$LIC#97905 $VIN#1FTRF12W65NA38419 VE461420002212$LIC#97904 $VIN#1FTRF12W35NA38460 VE461420002214$2005 FORD 450 W/ALTEC LIFT $VIN#1FDXF46P75EA96786 PL24120003487 $LID ROCKER BLOCK 20PR PL241210002802$CABLE AERIAL RE: HURRICANE IVAN $RESTORATION -SNE LOCATION PL241210002830$RESTORATION PL241210002840$MASTEC labour, vehicles & machinery $Re: Hurricane Ivan Restoration - AC $North Sound Estates PL241210002853PL241210002917$Labour - BSTG & C&W PL241210002928$Labour - BSTG & C&W Nth Snd Est $AERIAL CABLE PL241210002820PL241210002851PL241210002918PL241210002817$RESTORATION - FKE LOCATION PL241210002850PL241210002919PL241210003873PL241210002156$5% AERIAL CABLE ASSET IVAN PL241210002698$OTS - MDF CABLING PL241210002777$Various pole related components: $Straps, Pole rel strandvise & sleeve$31R, 32R 4 & 5 Port PL241210002808$RESTORATION- OTS LOCATION PL241210002816PL241210002842PL241210002848PL241210002920PL241210002924$Labour - BSTG & C&W - ots PL241210003450$CABLE AERIAL 100PR 0.5MM G/F PL241210003464$CLAMP DROPWIRE 2 TYPE PRS-6 PL241210003465$CLAMP DROPWIRE 6 PR 23-82351 PL241210003828$E-SIDE CABLE 2006-2007 $GEORGETOWN - AERIAL CABLE < $PETER WIGHT HOLDINGS, LTD CAY1740PL241210003832PL241210002814PL241210002846PL241210002921PL241210002812$LIC#96938 $VIN#1FTRE14W25HA52378 VE461420002231$2004 FORD E350 W/ALTEC LIFT AT200AV $LIC#119292 $VIN#1FTSE34L14HB40825 VE461420002232$LIC#119293 $VIN#1FDXF46P85EA96782 VE461420002233$2005 FORD F450 W/ALTECT LIFT $LIC# 119311 $VIN# 1FDXF46P15EA96784 VE461420002234$2005 FORD F350 PICK-UP $LIC#119286 $VIN#1FTWF31P75EB21205 VE461420002235$LIC#119298 $VIN#1FTSE34L24HB40817 VE461420002236$LIC#98253 $VIN#1FTRE14W55HA52360 VE461420002237$2005 FORD ECONOLINE E150 VAN $LIC#98255 $VIN#1FTRE14W65HA52366 VE461420002238$LIC#98251 $VIN#1FTRE14WX5HA52368 VE461420002239$LIC#96935 $VIN#1FTRE14W05HA52363 VE461420002240$2005 FORD RANGER XL SUPPER CAB 3.0L $LIC# 117311 $VIN#1FTZR14U55PA72360 VE461420002311$Gun Bay - Opposite the Boat Ramp $Cab# 2 PL241340002616PL200910002751$TRINITY SQ. - DELL ULTRA SHARP $1905FP FLAT PANEL MONITORS PL200910002752$TRINITY SQ. HP SCANJET 4070 SERIAL #$CN53RALOV7 PL200910002927$2GPS UNITS FOR FIELD USE PL200910002929$31 DELL LAPTOPS & 1 HP TABLET PC $LAPTOPS 2499.16 EA. $HP TABLET PC & MICRO TOWER $ 5662.37PL200910003026$E-TOP UP '04 - 05 $APPLE POWERBOOK G4 LAPTOP PL200910003771$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - LATITUDE $D620 PL200910003781$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - D620 $LAPTOPS SERVICE TAG # 2QPTB91, $C5076C1, 9GSGCB1, 723RDC1,F61HPC1 PL22PL220040003846$EXCHANGE - TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT $SPECTRA2 SYSTEM, SPECTRA PC PORT $TRAEGER BROTHERS AND ASSOCIATES CAY1825PL220040003870$PWA HSL PROCESSOR, POD KIT PL221020002882$AdTech Labour & Permits $CAB replacements PL221020002891$CAB replacements Nth Snd Est PL221020002897TC160840001683$AMERICA'S CAPACITY CHGS. TC160840001684$AMERICAS II CABLE CCITY RMM06. TC160840003858$FIBRALINK PROJECT $IRU SOLD PURCHASES/SALES $ONE-TIME FEE IRU ON 1ST STM-16 CAPCT$COLUMBUS NETWORK CAY1850TC160860003857$CABLES AND REPEATERS - DIGITAL $NUWAVE XT TRANSPORT EQUIP, XFP,WAVEL$XTERA COMMUNICATIONS, INC VE46VE46140000 $2006 FORD FOCUS ZX4 SE 4-DR 2.0L $LIC#112014 $VIN#1AFP34N65W255372 PS001243 $FORD $(1) 2000- FORD F450 TRUCK VE461400001682$(1) MOBILE VAN (FORD E450 SUPERDUTY)VE461400002170$KOMATSU FORKLIFT $VIN#FD4OZT-8 $KOMATSU VE461400002177$2006 FORD F150 STYLESIDE REG-CAB 4X2$LIC#117340 $VIN#1FTRF12W16NA00906 VE461400002178$LIC#117341 $VIN#1FTRF12W36NA00907 VE461400002180$ISN07 - Software Implementation PL221020002315$IVAN:FRANK SOUND DIGITAL EXCHANGE PL221020002884PL221020002901PL221020003003PL221020003067$MG9k Equipment PL221020003150$NTNY53AA Cards (Polarity Rvsl Cards)PL221020003155$Engineering installation & proj mgt PL221020003156PL221020002313$IVAN: N. SOUND RD DIGITAL EXCHANGE PL221020002885PL221020002889$CAB replacements - OTS PL221020002902PL221020002907$Replacement of outdoor RSS's - OTS PL221020002998$ANDY'S AUTO, LION CENTRE & FORT $STREET PL221020003005$MARCONI 10AMP CIRCUIT BREAKER PL221020003049$MEDIA GATEWAY MG9K - OTS PL221020003058$SWITCH EQUIPMENT- OTS PL221020003068$Optical Connect DX Equipment PL221020003069PL221020003070PL221020003071$WorldLine Cards - Polarity Reversal PL221020003072$Call Server Phase 2 $AMS: Audio Media Server PL221020003073$IMS Software Phase 2 PL221020003074PL221020003075PL221020003076$LIC#117257 $VIN#1FTRE14W86HA70367 VE461400002190$2006 FORD E150 ECONOLINE CARGO VAN $LIC#117259 $VIN#1FTRE14W66HA70366 VE461400002191$LIC#117551 $VIN#1FTRE14W16HA70369 VE461400002192$LIC#117264 $VIN#1FTRE14W46HA70365 VE461400002193$LIC#117265 $VIN#1FTRE14W06HA70363 VE461400002194$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X4 4-DR 2.3L $LIC#113626 $VIN#1FMYU02Z16KA67539 VE461400002195$LIC#113104 $VIN#1FMYU02Z86KA67537 VE461400002196$LIC#113103 $VIN#1FMYU02ZX6KA59701 VE461400002197$LIC#113627 $VIN#1FMYU92Z26KA62354 VE461400002198$LIC#113110 $VIN#1FMYU02Z06KA62350 VE461400002204!Freehold Technical Infrastructure001Masts and Aerials002Antenna, Structure/Mechanics003Telecomms. Equipment004Tools and Test Equipment(Short Leasehold Technical Infrastructure005Power Equipment'Short Leasehold Domestic Infrastructure006Furniture and FittingsSatellite Type A Transmission008Data Equipment009014Telex016Power017Fibre Optic CablesData018Radio Transmission021 Computers022Exchange023 MultiplexCustomer Apparatus Line Plant031Standby GeneratorsCellularPaging033No Break Systems (UPS)Satellite - Other034Batteries PlaneCATVBuilding Infrastructure036Main Dist. Switch BoardsSubmersible Terminal037Transformers/Mains SupplySubmersible Cable SystemsVehicles068 Buildings069072073074 Office Equip/Domestic Appliances080General081Air Conditioning Stand Alone083Air Conditioning Central Plant084IRU's Purchased/Sold085Hardware086Cable and Repeaters088090Software091Portable Hardware099Installation Overheads102Digital Exchange103Fire Detection104105Passenger Lifts106 Goods Lifts108Security Equipment Hardware109110PABX (Over 100 Lines)111PABX (Under 100 Lines)112Public Phone Equipment113 Key Systems114115116Cable Internal117 Drop Wire119Other Customer Apparatus120 Pole Lines121Aerial Cable/Lines122Underground Cable124Submarine Cable125Underground Conduit126127 Civil Works128129Main Distribution Frames130131133134Primary Cross Cnctn Points135Distribution Points136137138140Specialised Vehicles141142 Motor Cars143Vans/Mini Buses etc.WIP$CABLE AERIAL 100PR. CABLE UG 100PR. PL241220001733$DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D. BLOCK PL241220001736$CABLE UG 25/50/100 PAIRS PL241220001737PL241220001738PL241220001739PL241220001740PL241220001741PL241220001742PL241220001743PL241220001744PL241220001745PL241220001746PL241220001747PL241220001748PL241220001749PL241220002778$Cable UG 24AWG PE & Sleeve $31R, 32R 4 & 5 Various underground $cable components PL241220002824PL241220002828< PL241220003213PL241220003214PL241220003215PL241220003402$External Plant Restoration & InstallPL241220003571PL241220003572PL241220003573PL241220003574PL241220003575$ASSETS REINSTATED PL241220003580$LABOUR - OTS - UNDERGROUND CABLES PL241220003587$GREASE - FILLED CABLE PL241220003588$SALARIES - UG EXPANSION PL241220003739$UNDERGROUND GREASED FILLED CABLE $'05 -'06 PL241220003740$LABOUR - UNDERGROUND GREASE FILLED $CABLE '05 - '06 PL241220003831$GEORGETOWN - UNDERGROUND CABLE $BSTGL, ABC TRENCHING, ARGO AMERICAN,$PETER WIGHT HOLDINGS, SUPERIOR ESSEXPL241220003833PL241220002827PL241220002826PL241220002823PL241220003216PL241220003804$E-SIDE CABLE '06 -'07 UNDERGROUND $CABLE - LABOUR PL241220002351$BRAC/LYB UNDERGROUND CABLE & FREIGHT$INSTALLATION & LABOUR PL241220002819PL241220003839$SOUTH SOUND - UNDERGROUND CABLE PL241220003853$E-SIDE CABLE 2006-2007 SOUTHSOUND PL241220002815$CABLE AERIAL G/F 100 PR/CABLE AERIALPL260010003606$SMB EXCH. MAST & FOUNDATION PL260010002272$GSM MASTS. & AERIALS(TOWERS) $CELL ID# 964 PL260010002273$GSM MASTS. & AERIAL (TOWERS) $SPOTT BAY $CELL ID # 963 PL260010002052$GSM CELL SITE - WEST END , ANTENNA $CABLES & MISC. CHGS (SITE 960) PL260010002053$GSM CELL SITE - STAKE BAY POINT $GROUND WELL DRILLING FEES.(SITE 961)PL260010002054$GSM CELL - STAKE BAY EXCHANGE $MISC. CHGS. (SITE 964) PL260010002056$GSM CELL SITE TOWERS (C/BRAC) PL260010002274PL241220002821PL241220003217PL241220003796$E-SIDE CABLE SPOTTS - UNDERGROUND PL241220002825PL241220003218PL241220002818PL241220003219PL241220003802$CABLE - MISC PL241220003844$WEST BAY - UNDERGROUND CABLE PL241240002316$IVAN:FKE SUB CABLE-ABC TRENCHING $ALCATEL SUB. NETWORK PYMNT. $ONE STM-1 ON MAYA CABLE SYSTEM $UPS 9/25M FE.21KVA & TRAVEL EXPS. $SALE 4 HALF EI's `TO SPRINT PL241240001487$MAYA 1 -1 STM INSTLMNT. - GLOBAL PL241240001779PL241240001780PL241240001781PL241240001782PL241240001783PL241240001784$& MISC.CHGS. ZAM PL241240002264$JAMAICA TLA CABLE CAPACITY PL241240002265$ARCOS CABLE CAPACITY $RESTORATION: NORTEL CAY-040380-03 PL260030003237$BASE STATION HARDWARE(BTS) -RADIO $KITS NORTHWEST POINT PL260030003238$KITS PAPAGALLO PL260030003239$KITS SALT CREEK PL260030003240$KITS- HARQUAIL PL260030003254$COAXIAL CABLES - NORTHWEST POINT PL260030003255$COAXIAL CABLES - PAPAGALLO PL260030003256$COAXIAL CABLES -SALT CREEK PL260030003257$COAXIAL CABLES -HARQUAIL PL260030003271$INSTALLATION SVC - NORTHWEST POINT PL260030003272$INSTALLATION SVC - PAPAGALLO PL260030003273$INSTALLATION SVC - SALT CREEK PL260030003274$INSTALLATION SVC - HARQUAIL PL260030003288PL260030003289PL260030003290PL260030003291PL260030003339$Pappagallo PL260030003353$Northwest Point PL260030003362$West Bay PL260030003615$A & L ANETENNAS -PAPAGALLO PL260030003619$A & L ANETENNAS -WEST BAY PL260030003624$ANTENNAS -PAPAGALLO PL260030003630$ANTENNAS - WEST BAY PL260030003646PL260030003647PL260030003674$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - SALT CREEK PL260030003675$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - WEST BAY PL260040002946$TELE CELLULAR ERICSSON T616 PL260040003848$MOBILE- TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT $EDGE/EVDO/UMTS/WCDMA DRIVE TEST EQUP$ANDREW DO BRASIL LTDA PL261270003596$CIVIL WORK - GSM OVERLAY PL261270002148PL261270003604$CIVIL WORKS - GSM PHASE 6 PL31PL310020001459$HADS[HALTIC (HIGH ROCK) $VSAT SUPPORT GRILLAGE MAYA TERM.BLDG$GROOMER DELIVERY & DUTIES. (1) DELL $(1) RED KIOSK - NET STATION PROJECT$(2) COMPUTER PERSONAL PC'S. $(1) SAFE FRONT LOADING. INST. LABOUR$(1) BASE CHASSIS. (1) DUAL CHIP A TO$(1) SUPPORT CONTRACT FOR SVS. $(1) DELL DIMENSION SERIES CUSTOMIZED$CARD VENDING MACHINE $(12) DELL GX150 CELERON 600 W/64M $(1) MODEM ADSL S/TOUCH PRO. 4PRT. $INST. BUSINESS CENTER EQUIP. PL231120002361$APT CONCOURSE NEXT TO VENDING $MACHINE-(LHS) PL231120002362$APT DEPARTURE LOUNGE OPPOSITE $BAR-RHS PL231120002363$APT. ARRIVALS AREA NEXT TO $IMMIGRATION-LHS PL231120002364$APT DEPARTURE LOUNGE OPPOSITE BAR $LAYING 2 WAY ROAD WAY. PL241270001602$FRAME & COVER CARRIAGE WAY. PL241270001603$CABINET DISTRIBUTION. FRAME & COVER PL241270001604$FRAME & COVER CARRIAGE WAY. DUCT PL241270001605$LAYING DUCT FOOTWAY PL241270001606PL241270001607$DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54.D & FRAME PL241270001608PL241270001609$LAYING DUCT HOT MIX. PL241270001610$DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D. FRAME PL241270001612$UPGRADE - WASHINGTON RD. CREICKET SQPL241270001613$UPGRADE - FRANK SOUND, EASTERN AVE, PL241270001614$UPGRADE - CAYMAN BUSINESS PARK, PL241270001615$FRAME & COVER CARRIAGE WAY. DUCT PVCPL241270001617$UPGRADE - CAB5 BODDEN TOWN, PL241270001618PL241270001619$UPGRADE- CREWE RD, BY-PASS, BARNE'S PL241270001620PL241270001621$DUCT PVE PIPE NO.54D. FRAME & COVER PL241270001685PL241270001686PL241270001687$RSS BASE/3M BASE $LAYING DUCT HOT MIX PL241270001688PL241270001689$LAYING DUCT - HOT MIX PL241270001690PL241270001691$LAYING DUCT FOOT WAY PL241270001692$MOBALISATION - LAYING DUCT PL241270001693$DEMOLISH - HOT MIX. PL241270001694PL241270001695$LAYING DUCT FOOT WAY. LAYING DUCT PL241270001696$DUCT PVC NO.54D. FRAME&COVER PL241270001697$FRAME&COVER CARRIAGE WAY. DUCT PVC PL241270001698$DUCT PVE PIPE NO.54D. FRAME&COVER PL241270001699$DUCT PVC PIPE NO, 54D. FRAME&COVER PL241270001700PL241270001701PL241270001702PL241270001703PL241270001704PL241270001705PL241270001706$CS-1 WAY MOBALISATION. PL241270001707$LATING DUCT HOT MIX PL241270001708$FRAME&COVER CARRIAGE WAY. PL241270002157$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL24 PL241270002167$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL24 PL241270003305$NETWORK EXPANSION - CIVIL WORKS PL241270003308PL241270003311$NETWORK EXPANSION - FREIGHT PL241270003312PL241270003378$Civils PL241270003381$Drainage well - Templeton Pine Lake PL241270003393$Raise frame & cover hot mix - $Shedden Road PL241270003738$CIVIL WORKS - UG CABLE '05 -'06 PL241270003829$GEORGETOWN - CIVIL WORKS $BSTGL, MASSIVE, ABC TRENCHING PL241270003834$COMTEC, OMEGA INTL PL231120002479$EDEN CTR(BUILDING) 2ND FLOOR (RHS) $PH# 0459472 PL231120002480$EDEN CTR BUILDING 2 FLOOR(LHS) $PH# 9459473 PL231120002481$EDEN CTR BUILDING (RHS) $PH# 9459474 PL231120002482$EDEN CTR WALKERS RD (LHS) $PH# 9459903 PL231120002483$EDEN CTR WALKERS RD (CTR) $PH# 9459904 PL231120002484$EDEN CTR WALKERS RD-RIGHT < $PH# 9459393 PL231120002488$CHRISSIE TOMLINSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL$(LHS) PH: 9459519 PL231120002489$(RHS) 9459520 PL231120002492$TRUMAN BODDEN SPORTS COMPLEX BY $NETBALL COURTS PH: 9459533 PL231120002493$TORTUGA RUM OLD CHOCOLATE BOX SHOP $(RHS) PH: 9459547 PL231120002495$(LHS) PH: 9459563 PL231120002498$BREEZES BY THE BAY OUTSIDE RESTROOM $PH: 9459651 PL231120002581$FAIRBANKS HMS PRISON TENT CITY(RHS) $PH: 9459477 PL231120002582$FAIRBANKS HMS PRISON TENT CITY(LHS) $PH: 9459478 PL231120003481$HANDSET PROTEL DYNAMIC PRN00 $(38) ASSY/HOUSING W/BACK LIT CONSOLEPL231120002550$RUM PT. RED SAILS SPORTS (LHS) $PH: 9473813 PL231120002551$RUM PT. RED SAIL SPORTS (RHS) $PH:9473814 PL231120002552$CAYMAN KAI YACHT CLUB (RHS) $PH: 9473819 PL231120002553$CAYMAN KAI YACHT CLUB(LHS) $PH:9473820 PL231120002562$NORTH SIDE CHISHOLM SUPERMARKET(LHS)$PH: 9473900 PL231120002563$NORTH SIDE CHISHOLM SUPERMARKET(RHS)$PH: 9473901 PL231120002564$HYATT RUM PT. RESTAURANT $PH: 9473848 PL231120002570$NORTHSIDE ESSO SERVICE STN.(RHS) $PH: 9473865 PL231120002571$NORTHSIDE ESSO SERVICE STN.(LHS) $PH: 9473866 PL231120002577$CAYMAN KAI CAMP GROUND(LHS) $PH:9473894 PL231120002578$CAYMAN KAI CAMP GROUND(RHS) $PH: 9473895 PL231120002505$WENDY'S RESTAURANT SMB (LHS) $PH: 9459436 PL231120002507$CAYMAN ISLANDS YACHT CLUB WEST BAY $(BLDG SIDE) PH: 9459466 PL231120002508$(BLDG FRONT) PH:9459467 PL231120002509$THE LINKS SAFE HAVEN-GOLF CLUB $PH: 9459623 PL231120002510$BEACH CLUB(LHS) $PH:9459625 PL231120002511$BEACH CLUB (RHS) $PH: 9459627 PL231120002512$COCONUT PLACE PH: 9459628 PL231120002513$WESTIN HTL LOBBY-LEFT PH: 9459630 PL231120002514$WESTIN HTL LUNCH RM-LHS PH: 9459631 PL231120002515$WESTIN HTL LUNCH RM(RHS) PH: 9459639PL231120002516$WESTIN HTL LOBBY CTR PH: 9459632 PL231120002517$WESTIN HTL LOBBY RIGHT PH: 9459633 PL231120002523$HOLIDAY INN HTL LOBBY (LHS) $PH: 94559528 PL231120002524$HOLIDAY INN HTL LOBBY (CTR) $PH: 9459529 PL231120002525$HOLDAY INN HTL LOBBY (RHS) $PH: 9459530 PL231120002526$HOLIDAY INN HTL STAFF LOUNGE $PH: 9459531 PL231120002527$CINEMA WEST BAY RD (RHS) PH: 9459537PL231120002528$CINEMA WEST BAY RD (LHS) PH: 9459538PL231120002530$PUBLIC BEACH WEST BAY(LHS) $PH:9459518 $2006 FORD F250 PICKUP SUPER-DUTY $LIC#117339 $VIN#1FTNF20576EA91128 VE461400002205$2006 FORD F150 STTLESIDE REG-CAB 4X2$LIC#117342 $VIN#1FTRF12W56NA00908 VE461400002206$2005 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X2 4-DR 2.3L $LIC#112015 $VIN#1FMYU02Z65KE30206 VE461400002207$LIC#117553 $VIN#1FTRE14WX6HA70371 VE461400002211$LIC#117262 $VIN#1FTRE14WX6HA70368 VE461400002213$LIC#117554 $VIN#1FTRE14W26HA70364 VE461400002222$2006 FORD ESCAPE XLS 4X2 4-DR 2.3L $LIC#113078 $VIN#1FMYU02Z56KA59699 VE461400002223$LIC#113077 $VIN#1FMYU02Z16KA59697 VE461400002224$LIC#113102 $VIN#1FMYU02Z36KA59698 VE461400002225$LIC#113105 $VIN#1FMYU02Z16KA59702 VE461400002353$2006 FORD E350 CARGO VAN W/LIFT $VIN# 1FTSE34P76HA70379 $LIC# 118198 VE461400002354$VIN# 1FTSE34P66HA70373 $LIC#118197 VE461400002355$2006 FORD E350 CARGO VAN V8 6.0L $VIN# 1FTSE34PX6HA70375 $LIC#118199 VE461400002356$VIN# 1FTSE34P86HA70374 $LICENSE# 117598 VE461400002357$LICENSE# 117599 $VIN# 1FTSE34P46HA70372 VE461400002358$2006 FORD F350 PICKUP SUPER DUTY 4X2$V8 6.0L w/ Lift $LICENSE# 117600 - LITTLE CAYMAN $VIN# 1FDWF36P26EA97949 VE461400002359$V8 6.0L $LICENSE# 118285 - CAYMAN BRAC $VIN# 1FDWF36PO6EA97948 VE461400002360$2005 FORD E350 FIBRE TRUCK $VIN# 1FDWE35L26HA20398 $LIC# 118191 VE461400002600$2006 Ford E350 Econoline Van V8 6.0L$VIN: 1FTSE34P56HA70381 $License 118606 $Ford VE461400002601$VIN: 1FTSE34P16HA70376 $License 117932 VE461400002602$VIN: 1FTSE34P36HA70377 $License 118607 VE461400002603$VIN: 1FTSE34P56HA70378 $License: 117931 VE461400002604$VIN: 1FTSE34P36HA70380 $License: 118608 VE461400003696$CROWN ELECTRIC JACK VE461400003697$VEHICLES GRAPHICS VE461400003698$FREIGHT ON VEHICLES VE461400002164$WHEELER REELER HYDRANLIC REEL $TRAILER $LIC#107866 $VIN#5ESK18N351000085 F04756 VE46140002165 $LIC#107867 $VIN#5E3SK18N551000086 VE46140002166 $LIC#107869 $VIN#5E3SK18N951000088 VE46140002167 $LIC#107871 $VIN#5E3SK18N751000087 VE46142 $2005 FORD E150 ECONOLINE CARGO VAN $OEM RF Filters, IRM Kits & $Polyphasor kits PL260030003369$Miscellaneous costs - Shipping & $equip rental, misc staff costs. PL260030003370$Cable & pole installation PL260030003371$Miscellaneous costs - Travel, $freight & cargo storage PL260030003608$GENERATORS - GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003609$DIGITAL SIGNAL CONVERTER APPARATUS PL260030003610$BASE STATION ANTENNAS PL260030003611$A & L ANETENNAS - AIRPORT PL260030003616$A & L ANETENNAS -PROSPECT 1900 PL260030003617$A & L ANETENNAS -RED BAY 1900 PL260030003621$ANTENNAS - AIRPORT PL260030003622$ANTENNAS - GT PORT PL260030003625$ANTENNAS -PROSPECT 1900 PL260030003626$ANTENNAS - RED BAY 1900 PL260030003627$ANTENNAS - RICHARD ARCH PL260030003628$ANTENNAS - SIMMONS PL260030003634PL260030003636$CROWS NEST EXCH. PL260030003637$CUC PL260030003648PL260030003650$PORT AUTHORITY PL260030003658$BAY TRANCEIVER STATI0N -VARIOUS $LOCATIONS PL260030003659$BAY TRANCEIVER STATI0N(BTS) $BATTERY CABINET - AIRPORT PL260030003660$BATTERY CABINET -LINFORD PIERSON HWYPL260030003661$BAY TRANCEIVER STATI0N -RED BAY 1900PL260030003662$BTS INSTALLATION EQUIP. - AIRPORT PL260030003664< $BTS INSTALLATION EQUIP. - LINFORD $PIERSON HWY PL260030003665$BTS INSTALLATION EQUIP. - PORT $AUTHORITY PL260030003666$BTS INSTALLATION MATERIALS - COVER $PLATES & GRAYBAR EQUIP. PL260030003667$BTS KITS - RADIO TRANSMISSION PL260030003668$BTS SOFTWARE - VARIOUS LOCATIONS PL260030003669$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - PORT PL260030003670$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - HARQUAIL PL260030003672$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - PROSPECT PL260030003673$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - RED BAY 850PL260030003676$ECELLS - AIRPORT PL260030003679$ECELLS - KIRKS HOME CENTRE PL260030003681$ENGINEERING - VARIOUS LOCATIONS $GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003682$GPRS - VARIOUS LOCATIONS PL260030003685$GSM WIRELESS PROJECTS - VARIOUS $LOCATION - GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003686$LOCAL PROFESSIONAL SVC - GSM PHASE 6PL260030003687$MICROWAVE EQUIP - GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003688$POWER EQUIP - GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003689PL260030003690$TESTER & CABLES - GSM PHASE 6 PL260030003692$REGIONAL PROFESSIONAL SVC PL260030003871$CELLULAR SWITCHING AND TRANSMISSION $S81 85 TRX EDGE 30W, RTU FEES $NORTEL, JDSU, SUNSHINE SUITES PL260030002297$CAYMAN KAI $CELL ID # 919 PL260030003344PL260030002306$CELL ID # 950 PL260030003331$Crow's Nest PL260030003334$Little Cayman Resort PL260030003374$battery string - Little Cayman ResorPL260030002298$NORTHSIDE EXCHANGE $CELL ID # 920 PL260030003250$KITS - NORTHSIDE EXCHANGE PL260030003267$COAXIAL CABLES -NORTH SIDE EXCHANGE PL260030003284$INSTALLATION SVC -NORTH SIDE EXCHANGPL260030003301$NORTH SIDE EXCHANGE PL260030003337$North Side Exchg PL260030003613$A & L ANETENNAS -CAYMAN KAI PL260030003632PL260030003635$BATTERY STRING - FRANK SOUND PL260030003639PL260030003640PL260030003657$NORTHSIDE EXCH PL260030003006$GSM SITE EQUIPMENT - IVAN $RESTORATION: NORTEL CAY-040380-01 PL260030003349$Harquail PL260030003357PL260030003358$Salt Creek PL260030003612$A & L ANETENNAS - HARQUAIL PL260030003620$A/C UPGRADE SMB EXCHANGE PL260030003623$ANTENNAS -HARQUAIL PL260030003651$SAFE HAVEN PL260030003663$BTS INSTALLATION EQUIP. - SMB PL260030003678$ECELLS - FOSTERS FOOD FAIR PL260030002278$EXCHANGE CAYMAN BRAC $CELL ID # 964 PL260030002279$SPOT BAY CAYMAN BRAC PL260030002309$STAKE BAY CAYMAN BRAC WIP Summary to 31 March 2008Account DescriptionYTD-WIPCAY11310SHEDDEN ROAD BUILDINGCAY14400NGN - Cayman NGN Switch008000-05-IVAN HURRICANE IVAN RECOVERY PROJECTSCAY16700COMVERSECAY16900 MPLS PROJECTCAY17200 SHDSL PROJECTCAY17600Metro Ethernet 06/07CAY17650 Sip LinesCAY17700CJFS Upgrade #1 Cayman BracCAY17800 Hosted PBX CAY17300PROGNetwork Epansion Project 06/07CAY17850WIMAXCAY18100Trinity Square/OTS ImprovementsCAY18160ANDERSON SQUARE REDEVELOPMENTCAY18175 CAYMAN R4CAY18180OTS BUILDING PHASE 3CAY18190GENERATOR BUILDINGCAY18200North Area - Web Time SheetCAY18210GIGE/DPI PROJECTCAY18225IFDS(FRAUD)-GTNCAY18250TOOLS & TEST EQUIPMENT 2007 -08CAY18260!CDMA TOWER SHARING-L. PIERSON HWYCAY18275DESKTOP REFRESHCAY18280MAYA UPGRADE #3CAY18290CWWI WAN IMPROVEMENTCAY18300 CPE 2007/08$CUSTOMER APPARATUS-SINGLE LINE EQUIPPL231190003840PL231190001674$NID 3 LINE CONE REFLECTIVE 28IN ROADPL231190003842PL231270002150$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL23 PL231270002151$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL23 PL24$MISC. EXPENSES $(2) COMPAG NOTE BOOK 100 W98. $(4) UNIT CABLE PRESSURISATION. $(1) WINICH DP CAPSTAN DRIVE $(1) TRAILER DISILTER TANKER. $(1) ANALYSER SUBSCRIBER LOOP. $(1) TESTER CABLE . (1) GENERATOR $(1) TEST SET TS-220 BUTT SET. $(5)MGENERATOR GAS HONDA. $TOOLS FOR EXTERNAL WORKS. $3M MATERIAL QUOTE # 000235. $(2) 8260 CELL PHONES PL240040001470$DYNATEL 965DSP/SA SPECTRUM ANALYZER.PL240040003847$LINE PLANT-TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT $PSU FOR 3M 965 TESTERS, NID TOOLS, $OMEGA INTL, 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIESPL24004002774 $Various Tools: Safety Helmets, $ladders, crimping tools etc. PL24004002775 $Amida Tower Lights $CATALYST 6509 & SWITCH SOLUTION - PL200850001522$(1) AVOCENT DSR2161 USER DIGITAL IP.PL200850001998PL200850001999$(1) AVOCENT DSR216 USER DIGITAL PL200850002003$(16) MONITOR LCD 19 IN. PL200850002004PL200850002006$(5) DELL LATITUDE C640 W/2.4G IG RAMPL200850002008$(1) TOSHIBA PROTEGE 3500 W/P111/1.36PL200850002009$(1) DELL C/DOCK V3 EXPANSION STATIONPL200850002010$(2) LAPTOP COMPUTER. (2) COMPUTER PL200850002011PL241340002934$4900 CAB PL241340003323$Exchange NGN upgrade PL241340003325$AFC Upgrade - Prep, installation, $lace & terminationof amphenol $connectors - Newlands PL241340003327$Installation & term of 1944 pairs $from the NGN9k switch to the 3M $MDF PL241340003389$MDF Frame Install, cable trace & $jumper rings install PL241340003394$Switch to 3M MDF PL241340003795$E-SIDE CABLE BODDEN TOWN-MDF,CAB,&DPPL241340002683$Cross Road Exchg $Cabinet #1 PL241340002684$Cabinet #2 PL241340002685$Cabinet #3 PL241340002613$Opposite the East End Park PL241340002614$East End Primary School $Cab#3 PL241340002615PL240990001572PL240990001573PL240990001575PL240990002856$IVAN RESTORATION - OTS LOCATION PL240990002860PL24099002776 $Freight & other Misc Items PL240990002859PL240990002858PL240990002855PL240990002849PL240990002844PL240990002852$IVAN RESTORATION - SPS LOCATION PL240990002857$MTNCE. PL200850002128$SOFTWARE INST. CHGS FGT.& MISC. CHGSPL200850002129$(1) COLOR SCANNER (1) NETWORK INTERF$KIT T.S-IS33. PL200850002130$COMPUTER SOFTWARE * LICENCE $SOFTWARE. PL200850002136$(3) DELL PE2650 W/P.4 XEON 2.4G $SINGLE PROCESSOR. 1GDDR (2) 512K DIMMS RAID. (1) 19 TFTMONITOR"PL200850002139$(1) TOSHIBA 61H71 HDTV RPTV. PL200850002317$tallysoft server CAYS800 PL200850002318$tally pos 101(debt mgmt PL200850002319$tally pos 102(anderson sq) $store#102 $machine# CAYC052 PL200850002320$TALLY POS 103(ANDERSON SQ) $STORE# 101 $MACHINE# CAYC053 PL200850002321$TALLY POS 105(ANDERSON SQ) $MACHINE# CAYC055 PL200850002322$TALLY POS 106(SPECIAL EVENTS) $STORE#106 $4900 CAB - ots PL241340003057$OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION FRAME (ODF) PL241340003383$Installation & termination of 1944 $pairs from the NGN 9k switch to $3M MDF - Lions Centre PL241340003384$Installation of joint closures $Lions Centre < PL241340003387$Joint closures - OTS PL241340003388$Jumper transfer & trace - ADSL $expansion GTP PL241340003567PL241340003568$WIREJUMPER 2 WIRE PL241340003830$MDF, CAB, & DP $ADTECH, NICK-TEES PL241340003837PL241340002611$The Retreat Condos Compound PL241340002612$Cayman Kai Exchange Compound $Cab#2 PL241340002938PL241340003399PL241340002688$Crow Nest Exchg PL241340002689PL241340002637$Northside Exchange Compound PL241340002638$Hutland Road PL241340002639$North Side Football Field $TALLY POS127(ANDERSON SQ) $MACHINE#CAYC127 PL200850002332$TALLY POS 128 (ANDERSON SQ) $MACHINE# CAYC128 PL200850002333$NC6770 PCI-X GIGABIT SERVER ADAPTER $1000-SX PL200850002334$ML570 2-BAY PLUGGABLE DRIVE CAGE $UPGRADE PL200850002335$2048MB PC 1600 ECC SDRAM MEMORY $KIT (2 X 1024MB) PL200850002336$1024MB PC 1600 ECC SDRAM MEMORY $KIT (2 X 512MB) PL200850002337$256mb ddr battery-backed cache $upgrade kit for sa-64xx PL200850002338$INTEL XEON MP X2.7 GHZ-2MB $PROCESSOR OPTION KIT PL200850002339$NC7170 DUAL PORT PCI-X 1000T GIGABIT$SERVER ADAPTER PL200850002340$SMART ARRAY 6404/256 CONTROLLER $(4 CHANNEL) PL200850002341$PROLIANT ML570 G2 XEON-2.7G 2MB(2P) $1GB PL200850002342$CW Labour costs associated with $NGN 2003-2006 PL221020003113$Re: Exchange - OTS PL221020003115PL221020003116$MCS Voip PL221020003117$Onsite Training - Voip TCPI PL221020003118$Outside Labour Costs (AdTech) $associated with NGN 2003 - 2006 PL221020003120$Cable & Other Miscelaneous Costs PL221020003121$NTNY53AA Cards (Polarity Reversal $Cards) PL221020003122$Services: Installation & Maintenance$of the OTS call server PL221020003123$MG9K - Media Gateway Material PL221020003124PL221020003126$MAS - Media Access Server Hardware PL221020003127$Services: Design of Network PL221020003128$Courier freight & storage costs $associated w/ NGN 2003 - 2006 PL221020003130$Translations: NGN, Proj Mgt, $Engineering & installation $Lions's Centre PL221020003131PL221020003136$MG9K - Media Gateway Proj Mgt, PL221020003139$Duty Related to NGN PL221020003140$Nortel - Engineering, proj mgt serv $MCS - MAS Server PL221020003141$MAS (Media Access Server) Spares & $Passport 8600/Spares PL221020003143$OTS AFC upgrade - Installation $termination & testing of cables PL221020003145$Call Server - IP Succession PL221020003146$AFC & CAB Installation $Templeton Pines PL221020003147$MCS5200 Overview Courses PL221020003151PL221020003152PL221020003157PL221020003158PL221020003163$Interconnect Panel PL221020003390$NGN training PL221020003391PL221020002886PL221020002903PL221020002987PL221020003080PL221020003081PL221020002887PL221020002904PL221020002991PL221020002314$IVAN: SMB DIGITAL EXCHANGE SWITCH PL221020002890PL221020002908PL221020002995PL221020003082$Safehaven Windward 3 PL221020003083PL221020003129PL221020003159PL221020003160PL221020002893PL221020002913PL221020002999$SSE LOCATION PL221020003084PL221020003085PL221020002895PL221020002916PL221020002892PL221020002911PL221020003001PL221020003086PL221020003148$AFC Upgrade & AFC & CAB $Patrick's Island PL221020003149$AFC Upgrade PL221020003153PL221020002888PL221020002905PL221020003000PL221020003087PL221020003132PL221020003133PL221020003137PL221020003142$Cards) North Sound Road PL221020003161PL221020003162PL221020002894PL221020002914PL221020002993PL221020003089PL221020003125PL221020003134PL221020003135PL221020003138PL221020003154PL23PL230040003486CAY1690SAL10019J2M PL200850002325$TALLY POS 109(CAYMAN BRAC) $STORE# 109 $MACHINE# CAYC061 PL200850002138$COMPUTER EQUIPMENT SOFTWARE $& HARDWARE W/BAY COMM. $(4) CITRIX METAFRAME V1.8 BUNDLE. $(1) UNLIMITED SINGLE COUNTRY LICENSE$TERMINAL EMULATION SOFTWARE. $(3) LICENCE SOFTWARE. $(3) MICROSOFT SQL 2000 5 USER $(1) METAFRAME 1.8 FOR NT. $ELECTRICAL POWER UDIT. (IS BLDG.) $(1) DCS CONFIGUATION. (TRF TWO $(1) RIGHTFAX ENTERPRISE FAX SERVER/ PL200900001529$IPC PACKAGE ITS PROGRAMMING. PL200900002015$(1) FUNK RADIUS SERVER 2YR M/C WITH PL200900002016PL200900002017$(1) RIGHTFAX PDF MODULE. PL200900002018PL200900002132$PRO EDITION SOFTWARE PL200900002135$(1) RODOPI BILLING SOFTWARE PL200900002587$TALLYSOFT: SOFTWARE-INSTALLATION $TESTING & UPGRADE PL200900002605$Cadtel Software Spatial Navigator PL200900003028$E-TOP UP '04 -'05 $BUSINESS TRAVEL EXPENSES PL200900003029$TERMINAL DOWNLOADS @ 42.33 EA. PL200900003030$PIN ACTIVATIONS BILLABLES PL200900003031$BILLABLES TRENCH GRATES!PURH OF DESK & TRANS COST OF DESKFURN EXPS CARIB SEALED ARTKIMBALL FURNITURE SYSTEM10-1997TELLER FURNITURE12-1997STORES RENOVATION11-1998WORKSTATION UPGRADE-SHEDDEN RD7-1999(1) KIMBALL CETRA 2/STATION2 TASK CHAIRS3-2001&8 (1) DF DIGITAL COPIER 450 ANDER.SQR11-20018 HURRICANE SHUTTERS9 AFICIO DIGITAL COPIER 450.9-20012-200211-2002FU470720002161$STEELCASE CHAIRS SAF12-19951 REVERSAL DOUBLE CLOSE OUT3-20009 DESK FURNITURE8 REFURBISHMENT PROJECTCHAIR2-2004FU470720001483$CONSTRUCTION COST - TRINITY SQ. FU470720001481$LABOUR COSTS - TRINITY SQ. RELOC. FU47072000148232700FU47072TRITRINITY SQUARE RELOCATION 35100FU470728-2006#Trinity Square - Furniture&Fittings 35200FU4707210-2005Galleria - Furniture & Fittings 45000FU470721-2007Various - Furniture & FittingsASQ1 SHARP-COPIER-FOR OPERATIONS7-19948-2001 46200FU47073FURNITURE & FITTINGS TOWER BASETOWERTOWER INSTALLATIONGANTRYANTENNA ACCESSORIES30M TOWER AND BASETOWER PAINTING DOWNCONVERTERINTERCEPTOR CHANNELL FREIGHTZK-SAM/PORTABLE SPECTRUM6-1989FRAME DISTRIBUTION & TESTDIGITAL HINOTE VP NB 5/120 SOCKET SET SCREW ELECTRICAL WORK12-1998CCY ADJ1-1985PRE-WIRED JACKFIELD + TAG2-1985DATA PATCH PATCHCORDSTANDARD GENERATOR HOUSINGDIESEL TANK FOR GENERATOR5-1988STANDBY GENERATOR (IN STORE)11-1999STORAGE RENTAL LABOUR COST FOR TRANS. OF ELECT.WAREHOUSE RENTAL REPIPING FIRE!BLOCK-UP WALL & POURING THE SLAB.GENERATOR PROJECT EXPENSES(1) GENERATOR ONAN 50 KW/OT111(1) GENERATOR ONAN 80KW/OT111DIESEL GENERATORS 20 KVAONAN 20KVA GENERATOR &TANK15KVA GENERATORONAN 30KVA GENERATOR &TANK 13200PL09031GSM - Standby Power 13351PL09031PL260010002045$HSM CELL SITE - ANTENNA & CABLES $(SITE 922 OLD MAN BAY) PL260010002055$GSM CELL SITES - ANTENNA & CABLES $MISC. CHGS. (SITE 921 & 923) FRANK $SOUND & MID< LAND ACRES. $2004 FORD EXPEDITION $VIN# 1FMPU15LB55684 $LIC # 104246 VE461420003695$CHEVELOT AVALANCHE $LIC # 98256 $(1) 2001- FORD ECONOLINE CARGO VAN $(1) 2001 - FORD ECONOLINE CARGO VAN VE46143002168 $2005 F-150 4X4 FORD FOR EDWARD SCOTT$LIC# 98505 $VIN# 1FTRX14W65FA66614 TOTAL$CELL ID # 962 PL26001002027 $GSM-CELL SITES - MISC.CHGS.9 $(C/BRAC/LITTLE CAYMAN) PL260010002270$GSM MASTS. & AERIALS(TOWER) $CELL ID # 916 PL260010002036$GSM- CELL SITE - ANTENNA & CABLES. $(SITE 909 NORTH SOUND RD.) PL260010002029$GSM CELL - ANTENNA CABLE & MIS.CHGS $(SITE 902 W/BAY) PL260010002033$GSM- CELL SITE - ANTENNA CABLE $& MISC. CHGS. (SITE 905 SAFEHAVEN) PL260010002034$GSM - CELL SITE - ANTENNA, CABLE $INST'N SVS. MISC. FEES. (SITE 904 $SALT CREEK) PL260010002266PL260010002267PL260010002268PL26001002028 $GSM CELL - TOWER ANTENNA, CABLES $& MISC. CHGS. (SITE 901 NORTHWEST) PL26001002030 $GSM- CELL SITE - MISC. CHGS $(SITE 903 PAPPAGALO) PL260020003595$ANTENNAS - MIDLAND ACRES PL260030002076$NORTHWARD CELL - ELECTRICAL UPGRADE.$(PHASE 1 - GSM PROJECT) PL260030002295$GSM TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT $NORTHWARD %6 POWER SUPPLY PL/U782 & SWITCHBOARDPOWER FEED EQUIPMENT 600V4-1999(10) 1237BI POWER SYSTEM5-1999RELTEC CORP/CIRCUIT BREAKER%7 (25) KIT MOD. CIR. BREAKER PANEL -6-20014 OTHER SERVICES/MISC CHGS.4 FIBER EQUIPMENT PAD.$FERRUPS FE KVA 18/50 MINUTES DATA BULKHEAD 48 POSITIONDMM 8 RS232 SUBRATE 8 PORT!SMM AVM SYSMANGMT MODULES/AVM GPM1-20034-200312-1992DCME CP 3000 DAX CP 4000 DAXLORAIN DCZ POWER MODULE + 5V V35 CABLES!I/O MODULE W/2MPBS G703 EXT CLOCKAVM MODULE W/6 PORT 4W E&M I/OSMM SYSTEM MODULE#DDM4-1 MODULE W/SYNC V.35/R5232 I/ODTM 2MBPS TRUNK MODULES8-19971 RM DISTRIBUTION PANEL$1 19" EMPTY REACH 1 OUTLET PWR STRIP$INSTALLATION SVC -NORTHWARD PL260030003283$INSTALLATION SVC -BODDEN TOWN PL260030003300$BASE STATION SOFTWARE(BTS) PL260030003343$BTS Software (per DRX) $MSC software & proj mgt. $BT PL260030003350$Lower Valley PL260030003351$Newlands PL260030003352PL260030003598PL260030003599$MINI - LINK MICROWAVE EQUIPMENT PL260030003600$REGIONAL MISC. CHARGES - MIDLAND PL260030003601$SOFTWARE LICENSE - GSM OVERLAY PL260030003614$A & L ANETENNAS -NEWLANDS 1900 PL260030003618$A & L ANETENNAS -SPOTTS 1900 PL260030003629$ANTENNAS - SPOTTS 1900 PL260030003641$BASE TRANCEIVER STATI0N (BTS) PL260030003643$NEWLAND 1900 PL260030003644$NEWLAND 850 PL260030003645$NORTHWARD A PL260030003653$SPOTTS 1900 PL260030003654$SPOTTS 850 PL260030003329$OEM Antennae, BTS Software (per DRX)$MSC software & proj mgt. - Bluff PL260030003363$West End PL260030003373$Battery Cabinet with 2.90 amp $battery string - Bluff PL260030002308$WEST END CAYMAN BRAC $CELL ID # 960 PL26003000 $QUEEN'S HIGHWAY $CELL ID # 924 PL260030002299$CELL ID # 922 PL260030002301$CELL ID # 925 PL260030002302PL260030002303$CELL ID # 928 PL260030002304PL260030003251$KITS - HIGH ROCK PL260030003252$KITS - EAST END PL260030003268$COAXIAL CABLES -HIGH ROCK PL260030003269$COAXIAL CABLES -EAST END PL260030003285$INSTALLATION SVC -HIGH ROCK PL260030003286$INSTALLATION SVC -EAST END PL260030003302PL260030003303PL260030003330$MSC software & proj mgt. - Colliers PL260030003333$HRK PL260030003335$Morritt's PL260030003338$Old Man Bay PL260030003345PL260030003355$Queen's Highway PL260030003631$BASE CONTROLLER STATIONS PL260030003638PL260030003642$MORRITTS PL260030003649$QUEENS HIGHWAY PL260030003671$BTS TRANCEIVER STATION - HIGH ROCK PL260030003680$BSC - ENGINEERING - HIGH ROCK PL260030003683$BSC - GSM WIRELESS INSTALLATION PL260030003684$BSC - GSM WIRELESS PROJECT PL260030003691$TRANSCODER UNITS - HIGH ROCK PL260030002300$FRANK SOUND $CELL ID # 923 PL260030003347PL260030002058$MISC. FEES - SHIPPING & STORAGE FOR $BTS/BSC EQUIPMENT PL260030002060$BSC & BTS EQUIPMENT - VARIOUS SITES.$NORTEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT & INST. $FEES. PL260030002062$PREPAID SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL SVS FEE $TRAINING. PL260030002063$MISC. FEES - STAFF COSTS. SHIPPING, $TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE FEES. PL260030002064$GSM PROJECT PHASE 1 NORTEL PROJECT $MANAGEMENT & INST. SVS.FEES PL260030002065$LABOUR - STAFF COSTS PL260030002066$MISC. FEES - FREIGHT & STORAGE PL260030002067$GTN EMAIL GATEWAY SOFTWARE FEES PL260030002068$PHASE 1 - CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT PL260030002069$PHASE 1 - STAFF COSTS PL260030002070$PHASE 1 - VARIOUS SITES BTS. $ELECTRICAL EQT/ & INST. SVS. PL260030002071$PHASE 1 - FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION $& STORAGE COSTS. PL260030002072$BSCE BTS EQUIPMENT PROJECT $Duct PVC $EQUIPMENT PL241270003324$AFC Base - Newlands PL241270003794$E-SIDE CABLE BODDEN TOWN-CIVIL WORKS$CIVIL WORKS $PVC, DRILL, WAGES, OVERTIME/SALARIESPL241270003376$Base construction for AFC cabinet PL241270003851$PROF WELL DRILLING, NICK-TEES PL241270003875$GIFT SHOP PH# 9459465 PL231120002373$ANDERSON SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH#4 $PH# 9459300 PL231120002374$ANDERSON SQ WALL FAR RHS $PH# 9459308 PL231120002375$ANDERSON SQ WALL CTR RHS $PH# 9459309 PL231120002376$AND SQ CAR PAR BOOTH #5 $PH# 9459310 PL231120002377$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH #6 $PH# 9459311 PL231120002378$AND. SQ. WALL FAR LEFT $PH# 9459314 PL231120002379$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH # 9 $PH# 9459315 PL231120002380$AND.SQ. WALL CTR LHS $PH# 9459313 PL231120002381$AND.SQ CAR PARK BOOTH# 8 $PH#9459316 PL231120002382$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH# 7 $PH # 9459317 PL231120002383$AND.SQ CAR PARK BOOTH #1 $PH# 9459318 PL231120002384$AND.SQ CAR PARK BOOTH#2 $PH# 9459337 PL231120002385$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH #3 $HOT MIX PATCHING - ASPHALT CUTTING -$MAYA I - CHGS. BY SEPD NETWORK SVS. $MAYA 1 CHGS. - SEPD NETWORKS SVS. $MAYA I- CHARGES FROM SEPD NETWORK $DUCT LAYING 4 WAY. (N/WARD F.VILLAS $DUCT - LAYING 2 WAY - CHIP & SPRAY. $DUCT PVC PIPE NO. 54D.< (2) CABINETS $DUCT TRENCHING & LAYING . (CREWE RD)$PH# 9459330 PL231120002426$PUBLIC LIBRARY GT (LHS) $PH# 9459389 PL231120002428$TEXACO STN EASTERN AVE CTR $PH# 9459362 PL231120002429$TEXACO STN EASTERN AVE LEFT $PH# 9459609 PL231120002430$TEXACO STN EASTERN AVE (RHS) $PH# 9459327 PL231120002431$GRAHAM ESSO STN CTR $PH# 9459366 PL231120002433$GRAHAMS ESSO STN RIGHT PL231120002434$GRAHAM ESSO STN LEFT $PH# 9459383 PL231120002435$LION CTR CREW RD $PH# 9459379 PL231120002436$WATLERS RD PARK (LHS) $PH# 9459395 PL231120002437$WATLERS RD PARK (RHS) $PH# 9459396 PL231120002438$CRAFT MARKETR CARDINAL AVE(RHS) $PH# 9459397 PL231120002439$CRAFT MARKET CARDINAL AVE (LHS) $PH# 9459400 PL231120002440$SHIREYNOLDS EASTERN AVE (RHS) $PH# 9459403 PL231120002441$TEXACO STN CREWE RD CTR $PH#9459406 PL231120002442$TEXACO STN CREWE RD (LHS) $PH# 9459407 PL231120002443$TEXACO STN CREWE RD (RHS) $PH# 9459336 PL231120002444$HOSPITAL GROUND FLOOR (LHS) $OPERATING THEATRE $PH# 9459409 PL231120002445$BROWN ESSO STN INDUSTRIAL PARK(LHS) $PH# 9459410 PL231120002446$BROWN ESSO STN INDUSTRIAL PARK (RHS)$PH# 9459411 PL231120002447$HOSPITAL GROUND FLOOR (RHS) $OPERATING THEATRE PH# 9459412 PL231120002448$HOSPITAL (RHS) 2ND FLOOR $PEDIATRICS WARD PH# 9459413 PL231120002449$CAYMAN ISLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE(LHS$PH# 9459414 PL231120002450$CAYMAN ISLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE (RHS$PH# 9459906 PL231120002451$HOSPITAL (LHS) 2ND FLOOR $PEDIATRICS WARD PH # 9459417 PL231120002452$BURKE MAUD PLAZA FRONT OF BUILDING $(LHS) PH# 9459515 PL231120002453$BURKE MAUD PLAZA (RHS) $PH# 9459516 PL231120002454$MAEDAC SUPPLY TEXACO-CREWE RD(LHS) $PH# 9459527 PL231120002455$MAEDAC SUPPLY TEXACO CREWE RD (LHS) $PH# 9459526 PL231120002458$SAMMY AIRPORT INN PARKING LOT $PH# 9459536 PL231120002459$HARD ROCK CAFE GROUND FLOOR (LHS) $PH# 9459569 PL231120002460$HARD ROCK CAFE GROUND FLOOR (RHS) $PH# 9459541 PL231120002461$HARD ROCK CAFE 2ND FLOOR $PH# 9459551 PL231120002462$HYMIE BUILDING SMITH RD (LHS) $PH# 9459554 PL231120002463$HYMIE BUILDING SMITH RD (RHS) $PH# 9459555 PL231120002464$KINGS SPORTS COMPLEX IN WALKWAY $@ FRONT DESK PH# 9459567 PL231120002465$KINGS SPORT COMPLEX IN LOBBY AREA $@ FRONTDESK PL231120002466$IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT LOBBY AREA $PH# 9459578 PL231120002467$PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT-GARAGE $PH# 9459579 PL231120002468$LIONS POOL TRUMAN BODDEN $STADIUM(RHS) PH# 9459434 PL231120002469$LIONS POOL TRUMAN BODDEN STADIUM(LHS$PH# 9459435 PL231120002470$MURRYSON PLAZA EASTERN AVE(LHS) $PH# 9459440 PL231120002471$MURRYSON PLAZA EASTERN AVE (RHS) $PH# 9459441 PL231120002472$HOSPITAL 2ND FLOOR(RHS) MEDICAL UNIT$PH# 9459453 PL231120002473$PH#9459454 PL231120002474$HOSPITAL 2ND FLOOR (LHS) MEDICAL $UNIT PH# 9459455 PL231120002475$HOSPITAL GROUND FLOOR(RHS) $PH# 9459456 PL231120002476$HOSPITAL GROUND FLOOR INSIDE GENERAL$PRACTICE PH # 9459559 PL231120002477$PLANET NIGHT CLUB(BELOW WORLD GYM $THE STAIRS) PH# 9459457 PL231120002478$EDEN CTR BUILDING (LHS) $PH# 9459471 $1 DPN 100/3 BRANCH ACCESS CONCENTRAT$90-1638-03 FRAME RELAY ENGINE SD (4)PL190230002346$LITTLE CAYMAN MICROWAVE SYSTEM & $LABOUR COST PL190230002977$EQUIPMENT ATM TDM PL190230002979$OPTICAL EQUIPMENT PL190230003101PL190230003102PL190230003207PL190230003208PL190230001418PL190230001421$CWCI - 0008 - NEWLANDS & CROSS RD. PL190230002345$BRAC MICROWAVE SYSTEM & LABOUR COST PL190230002347PL231120002534$ROYAL PALMS SMB OUTSIDE RESTROOMS $(LHS) PH:9459557 PL231120002535$ROYAL PALMS SMB OUTSIDE RESTROOM(RHS$PH: 9459558 PL231120002531$PUBLIC BEACH WEST BAY(RHS) $PH: 9459517 PL2412711666 $FEDEX & FREIGHT CHGS PL241270001624PL241270003307$SMB PL241270003310$MATERIALS- SMB PL241270003805$CABLE - CIVIL WORKS $CONCRETE, OVERTIME, HOT MIX, CUTTING$LIC#96917 $VIN#1FTRE14W95HA52362 VE461420002160$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET VE46 VE461420002169$2006 M-CLASS SPORT UTILITY CAR- $M.MACFEE $MERCEDES-BENZ VE461420002171$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT VE46 VE461420002172$2005 CHEVROLET AVALANCHE 4X4 $LIC#107788 $VIN#3GNEK12T65G216717 $CHEVROLET VE461420002173$LIC#107787 $VIN#3GNEK12TX5G221550 VE461420002175$2005 CHEVROLET LT AVALANCHE $LIC#98192 $VIN#3GNEK12T85G139302 $CONCRETE, LABOUR, JACK HAMMER RENTALPL241270001611$MANHOLE FRAMES & COVER. PL241270003768$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS- 4 WAY ROAD$VERGE & 3M BASE $JACK HAMMER RENTAL, READY-MIX CEMENTPL241270001622$LAYING DUCT HOT MIX. SPOTTS, B/TOWN PL241270003377PL241270003379$Concrete pad for Sierra 1000 $Prospect PL241270003797$E-SIDE CABLE SPOTTS - CIVIL WORKS PL241270003798$E-SIDE CABLE SPOTTS - CIVIL WORKS $LABOUR, READY MIX CONCRETE ASPHALT PPL241270001623PL241270001625$LAYING DUCT CHIP & SPRAY. PL241270002944$ORNEST JACKSON DRIVE WEST BAY $LAYING 1 WAY- ROAD VERGE PL241270003306PL241270003309PL240170002790$Fiber dome/bracker & closure $Fibre Optic OJK3000 W/6 PL240170003048$FIBER OPTIC CABLES - OTS PL240990002854$BUSINESS SOLU-LABOUR RE:HURRICANE $IVAN RESTORATION -SNE LOCATION PL240990002863$IVAN RESTORATION PL240990002862PL240990002861$IVAN RESTORATION - FKS LOCATION PL24099000 $MAYA 1 SUBMARINE CABLE $MAYA - I LABOUR, ACCOM. ,TRAVEL $MAYA - I CABLE SYSTEM OWNERS WIRE PL240990000926$MAYA - I CABLE SYSTEM $MAYA - I CHGS. BY SEPD NETWORKS $MAYA - I CHGS. BY SEPD NETWORKS SVS.$MISC. EXPENSES - ( TRAVEL,ACCOM. $EXPETECH NETWORK INSTALLATION. $GPS DATA COLLECTION CONVERSION $DIP MAPPING (GIS PROJECT) & DCPS. $LEASE PAYMENT FOR TWO AERO STAR. $QUARRY SAND, CRUSHED ROCK $OVERHEADS (This value includes PL240990001549PL240990001550PL240990001552< PL240990001554PL240990001559$TRAINING @ CONSULTANCY PL240990001560$COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN & DATABASE PL240990001561PL240990001562PL240990001566PL240990001568PL240990001569$FEE FOR LAND INFORMAYION SYSTEM. PL240990001570$ENTERPRISE PROJECT PL240990001571$ACCOMODATION & TRAVEL EXPENSES- GIS $COMPUTER SYSTEM PL200850003737$LABOUR - GIS COMPUTER HARDWARE PL200850003772$EPX SRP5 UPGRADE PL200850003783$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - POWEREDGE$1950 SERVER FOR IVR PLATFORM PL200850003784$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - CCTV $SYSTEM FOR ANDERSON SQ. PL200850003791$ENTERPRISE BACKUP STORESERVER $SYSTEM SOFTWARE PL200850003792$SYSTEM HARDWARE PL200850003827$WEB TIMESHEET UPGRADE - HARDWARE $CAYS250:3ZR1YC1; CAYS251:BVZ0WC1 $DELL CAY1820PL200850003855$MPLS PROJECT - HARDWARE $IP/MPSP BACKBONE NETWORK,CISCO XR124$10 200GBPS-SN:TBM10050838, 4GE-SFP $DEVICE NETWORK TERM NT1-500D PL241200003480$DUCT PVC PIPE NO. 54D 3.50IN PL241200003499POLE REL STRANDVISE 1/4 "PL241200003502$ROCKERBLOCK 20 PR 12 MTR TAIL PL190230001427$D.A.F. CABINETS CA. COM.#10216.3. PL190230001429$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITY EXP'D. PL190230001430$PMM GEN D117-1 90 -3083-02 PL190230001431$POWER SUPPLY 48/60VDC PL190230001432$GENERIC DMM 1117.1 90 PL190230001433$CARD CONTROL MODEM PL190230001434$(2) CARD EXPANDER. (4) SHELF PL190230001435$(11) CARD EXP. DUAL 2.048. PL190230001436$MODULE LIM EI 90-0568-01 PL190230001437PL190230001438$ALCATEL DS3 ATM FOR 7470. DIGITAL PL190230001443PL190230001444PL190230001445PL190230001446$DIGITAL ACCESS FAC. EXP. ALCATEL PL190230001448$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITY EXP'N. !(8) ENCLOSURE 32CH RT IDT STKGHT.CABLE U6 150PR & 100PR - BLOCK UNIT LINE CO. 61945- UNIT REMOTEUNIT LINE CO. 6 POYS (20) UNIT CABLE UG 150PR - CARD INTERFACE-$UNUT CO 8CH PG TC LS/GS- SHELF 19 IN!CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODE - CARD 5 (30) SLEEVE 31PR/200 KIT 4 PT$7 (8) PROTECTORS SOLID STATE 235V .6 (4) SLEEVE 31PR KIT R PT -"1 PROTECTOR SOLID STATE 235V FUSE#2 CABLE UG 100PR 24 AWG. UNIT LINE%3 CABLE UG100/150/600 PRS, UNIT LINE'4 PROTECTOR SOLID STATE, CABLE AERIAL,3 COMPUTER SYSTEM8 CABLE UG 100 PAIR.%6 FRC-754 LI 8 CH & FLC-704 L2 8 CH.2 CPS LOGIC 6.0 W/BROADBAND4 SPATIAL BASE ORACLE 8 SDE0 CLOSURE FO OJK3000. 1 CABLE UG 50, 100 & 150 PAIRS.9 CABINET DISTRIBUTION.PL241210002845PL241210002922PL241210002804PL241210002841PL241210002926PL241210002350$BRAC/LYB AERIAL CABLE & FREIGHT $INSTALLATIONS & LABOUR PL241210002794$CABLE AERIAL RE: HURRICAN IVAN PL241210002838PL241210002931PL241210003838$SOUTH SOUND - AERIAL CABLE PL241210002792PL241210002835PL241210002933PL200900003032$E - TOP UP '04 - '05 $SOFTWARE & SUPPORT FEES PL200900003226$MAS - Media Access Server Software PL200900003227$Preside Network Mgt Software $Documentation & RTU Fees PL200900003228$Integrated Element Manager Software $(IEMS) PL200900003754$COMVERSE TRAINING & TVL EXP PL200900003755$COMVERSE - STAFF LABOUR PL200900003756$COMVERSE PHONE CARDS PL200900003767$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - AUTOCAD $MAP UPGRADE PL200900003826$WEB TIMESHEET UPGRADE - SOFTWARE $REPLICON $(40) 0-2790 01 S/W DOWNLOAD KEY 1116JAM PL200900003375$ASAP provisioning cartridge for CS2K$NGN platform PL200900002348$IT EXPANSION-SOFTWARE & LABOUR COST $SHAO MING PVC FLEX CONDUCTPL2412210581 PVC FLEX CONDUPL2412210570 FREIGHT COUPLING PVC STRAPSPL2412210596 GROUND BAR KIT FREIGHTPL2412210586 FREIGHT CABLEPL2412210590 SLEEVE LAMP PARTITION FREIGHTPL2412210565 !VALVE SAFETY VESTS FREIGHT SHIELDPL2412210601 FREIGHT TELECOM EQUIPMENTPL2412210572 ARRESTER PANELPL2412210569 FREIGHT SLEEVE KITS SAFETY VESTSPL2412210605 CABLE FREIGHTPL2412210750 VALVE SAFETY VEST ARRESTER PANELPL2412211339 3630 SUPER-RATE RESOURCE MODULEPL2412211345 10 BREAKER PANNELPL2412211340 TRAINING WAGESPL2412211347 RK 6' 19" BLUE 16A FN F/P DRPL2412211341 "(1900) PLUG COAXIAL (24) CONNECTORPL2412211346 CABLES & FREIGHT CHARGESPL2412211352 (10) SIEMENS SPLICE CASEPL2412211344 (15) STRAIGHAWAY CABLE FREIGHTPL2412211353 58M DUCT PVC BLACK PIPESPL2412211349 MODUE ASSEMBLY, W/6SM (4)PL2412211350 CONNECTOR BLOCK HDC43B-2 (30)$Replacement of outdoor RSS's $RSS/AFC Power restoration & repairs PL221020002910$Nth Snd Est PL221020003002$NGN EQUIPMENT - NTNY45AA CARDS PL221020003060$MG9K Equipment PL221020003061$MG9K Network Engineering Services PL221020003062$Project Management, Installation, $basic & enhanced engineering servicePL221020002883PL221020002900PL221020003004PL221020003044$CALL SERVER - HIGH ROCK PL221020003063$Gateway Controller Equipment PL221020003064$CS2K Software Re: Succession Proj PL221020003065$MG9k Network Engineering Services $Provided by Nortel PL221020003066$Project Mgt, Installation, basic & $enhanced engineering services PL221020003111$Broadband STP Signal Transfer Point PL221020003114$Call Server PL221020003119$AMS - Audio Media Server PL221020003144$CABLE UG 600/120 PAIRS. PL241220001665$CABLE UG 600PR. BLOCK PROTECTOR. PL241220001667$CABLE UG 150/1200PRS. PL241220001734$CABLE UG 100/200/600/1200 PAIRS. PL241220001735$EQUIPMENT/LABEL UNDERGROUND CABLE. PL241220002157PL2412201578 EX STOCK NOV-MAR 89PL2412201614 STORES ISSUED APR-MAR89PL2412202609 PL2412209048 PL2412202235 PL2412202236 PL2412202237 PL2412202238 PL2412202239 PL2412201350 PL2412202668 PL2412209105 CAPITAL STOCK ISSUESPL2412209045 PL2412209255 $POLY SHEATED CABLE & REP. JOINT KITSPL2412202351 $CABLE E SIDE PVC PIPES TRUCKING FEESTELEPHONE CABLE & ACCESSORIESPL2412202352 PL2412202254 PL2412202255 PL2412202256 PL2412202257 PL2412202258 PL2412202259 PL2412201297 PL2412201346 PL2412201486 PL2412201566 EX STOCK NOVING MARCH 89PL2412202625 PL2412208111 $Andy's AUto PL221020003077PL221020003078PL221020003079$Proj Mgt, Installation, basic & PL221020003090$Duties & Other Misc Costs PL221020003091PL090310002880$69KW Generator PL090310002154$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL09 PL090310002164$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL09 PL090310002245PL090310002877$40KW Generator Harquail $Andy's Auto & Lions Centre PL090310002879PL090310002250$LITTLE CAYMAN AIRPORT $CELL ID# 950 PL090310002875PL090310002881$60KW Generator PL090310002252$CELL ID# 963 PL090310002241$CAYMAN BRAC EXCHANGE $CEL# 964 PL090310002251$BLUFF PL090310002352$DIESEL GENERATOR 60Hz 35KW & $INSTALLATION COST PL090310002246$LOWER VALLEY $CEL ID# 916 PL090310002242PL090310002243PL090310002244< PL090330003183$Data Acquisition Module PL090330003164$Candeo rack dc system PL090330003167$400 amp system $High Rock PL090330003186PL090330003187$Colliers PL090330003188$Morritts PL090330003189$Queens Highway PL090330003184PL090330003185PL090330001671$I.S. POWER UPGRADE PROJECT- PHASE PL090330001672$I.S. POWER UPGRADE PROJECT. PL090330002710$OTS - NO BREAK SYSTEMS (UPS) PL090330003168$ITS upgrade 9x50A Rectifiers & $breakers PL090330003174PL090330003175$Fort Street Exchange PL090330003178$Truman Bodden Sports Complex PL090330003179$OTS PL090330003180$ITS PL090330003181PL090330003182$Lion's Centre PL090330003430$1.5 UPS @ AIRPORT PL090330003564$UPS 1.15KVAA/800W FE-1.15FD PL090330003565$UPS 550VA PATRIOT(PW3110 550) PL090330003566$UPS700VA (PW3110 700) PL090330003581$SALARIES - CELL SITE UPS PL090330003582$BATTERIES REMOTE RSS PL090330003165PL090330003166PL090330003171$Salt Creek Road PL090330003172$Safe Haven PL090330003173PL090330003176$Hyatt PL090330003380$Conduits - cost & installation PL090330003386PL231100001858$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. (3) MOMTHLY ADMINPL241220001729$CABLE UG 100 PAIR 24 AWG PL241220001730$BLOCK PROTECTOR 25PR. CLOSURE PL241220001731$CABLE AERIAL & CABLE UG 100PR/50PR. PL241220001732ACCOM. TEL & MISC CHGSSHARE COST OF CJFS COSTSSHARE OF CJFS CONST. COSTSSHARE OF CJFS CONST. COSTSHARE OF SJFS CONST. COSTSV3 SHARE OF CJFS CONST COSTSSHARE OF COST -CJFS CONST.SHARE OF CJFS CONST COSTSCOST XFER FROM 26348SHARE COST PF CJFS CONST.#9 SHARE OF CJFS CONSTRUCTION COSTS2 SHARE OF CJFS CONSTRUCTION0 SALE 10 HALF E1's ON CJFS5 HOTEL ACCOMMODATION 15620PL24124IVAN-FKS-LP - Submarine Cable 29345PL24124MAYA 1 - CABLE Submarine CableUNDERGROUND CONDUITEX STOCK OCT MARCH 88 UG CONDUITCONDUIT1-19731-19741-19751-1976EX STOCK OCT - MARCH 88COSTS APL SEPT 88COSTS OCT MAR89EX STOCK APL88-MAR89LIQUIDITTE COM.TRUCKING CHARGES LENS, FREIGHT 2900 DUCT BLACK 96 6mm 3.25mm ES CONCRT SC HWH & QUICK FIRE TORCH!J2202T-YE-BL JUMPER WIRE 2W/22AWG975-150 PR 24 GA HYDRAULIC HAMMER & FREIGHT CHGS.#(22) DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D - FRAME &0 FREIGHT & HANDLING CHGS.5 DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D.EX STOCK OCT-MAR 88COSTS NOV MARCH 89STORES OCT MAR 89STORES OCT-MAR 89 EQUIPMENT9 WAY DUCT SEALS COMPLETESPARTON EQUIPMENTCABLE PRESSURISATION UNITCABLE PRESSURISATIONCABLE, PRESSURISATION UNITPORTABLE COMPRESSORS 110V MULTIPLUXIERPRESSURISATION UNITCABLE PRESSURIATIONTICKET & ACCOM ISLEY FREIGHT"6 MODULE DISCONTERS. COMP.BLCKING5532 PRESSURISATION UNITPRESSURISATION EQUIPACCOMODATION & FOODAIRFARE & ACCOMD ILSLEYCOMPUTER FOR PRESSURISATIONCIVILSCOSTS OCT-MARCH 88 CIVIL WORKSBUILDING MATERIALCOSTS OCT-MAR 89COSTS APL 88-MAR 89KIT JOINT CLOSUREPVC CONDUIT, BACKHOE RENTALDUCT GLAND, DUCT SEAL$SALARIES & WAGES $MISC. COSTS $ACCOM. & TRAVEL CHGS. $ELECTRICAL SVS. ENTRANCE $OVERHEADS $LABOR COSTS PL190990001406$LABOUR COSTS & TRAVEL EXP'S PL190990001458$LABOUR COSTA & MISC EXP'S PL20PL200085000 $LAND UPGRADE $FT910/350W CHASSIS/BACKPLANE PL200800002773$TRINITY SQ - COPIER MACHINES $WORK CENTRE PRO 255 @ 7865.00 $SHARP COPIER(23PPM) @5535.00 PL200800003782 19 MONITORS"PL200800003034$CABLING INSTALLATION PL200800002145$COMM. STATION COSTS. $(MANDY'S W/BAY) $COMPUTER LAPTOP $ALPHA SERVER DS20 - IFDS SERVER. $(1) CISCO CATALYST 3524XL SWITCH $(1) IN-BUILDING WIRELESS LAN STARTER$(2) CABLETRON SMARTSWITCH 6000 $(20) 64 MEG NON-PARTY EDO $RIGHTFAX SEVEN ADDTN'L CHANNEL (1) COMPAQ TFT5005 15 "$(1) OLYMPUS C-2100 DIGITAL CAMERA $COMPUTER PERSONAL PC'S $(20) BOUNDLESS TECHNOLOGY CAPI0 $(1) 3COM AIRCONNECT PCMCIA CARDS. $(1) FUNK SOFTWARE STEEL BELTED. $(3) HP4550DN COLOR LASERJET DUPLEX $DESKTOP HARDWARE. COMPUTER-MODEM $IS EQUIPMENT - SAMERA PROJECT. $LAN EQUIPMENT $LAN HARDWARE $COMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S) $COMPUTER LAPTOP. $(1) PC16 PRINTER CONTROLLER T.45. $DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D. $CREDIT ADJ. FOR TRG GRN DUPLICATIONSPL241250001670$CABLE UG 600PR 24AWG. CABLE UG 200PRPL241250002788PL231120002568$NEXT TO C&W EXCHANGE BODDEN TOWN(LHS$PH: 9473856 PL231120002576$CHEWAT OFFICE BODDEN TOWN(RHS) $OUTSIDE ON BLGD PH: 9473876 PL231120002558$AL JO'S RESTAURANT EAST END(RHS) $PH: 9473887 PL231120002559$AL JO'S RESTAURANT EAST END (LHS) $PH: 9473888 PL231120002560$JOHN MCLEAN DRIVE-EAST END $PH: 9473889 PL231120002561$FURTHERLAND FARMS -EAST END $PH: 9473890 PL231120002555$QUEEN ELIZABETH II BOTANIC PARK $PH: 9473860 PL231120002556$FRANK SOUND JUNCTION (RHS) $PH: 9473861 PL231120002557$FRANK SOUND JUNCTION(LHS) $PH: 9473862 PL23112000 $TRUMAN BODDEN SPORTS COMPLEX-BY NET $BALL COURTS PH: 9459532 $MISC. CHGS. $COMPUTER SERVICES. iNSALL C.80 EPSON$HOLDER DIRECTORY $(1) COMI FOR POS & CYBERCAFE SYSTEM.$COMPUTER SERVICE - LITTLE CAYMAN. (15,000) CHRISTMAS c&W/20 "$(1) CUSTOM SCRATCH - OFF APPLICATION$(1) 4 COLOR 3000 CAY61 $(1) SCRATCH-OFF APP. MACHINE UPGRADE$(2) POS MONITOR .(1) POS COMPUTER $(1) BUSINESS CUTTER H/STEEL $(2) HP 455ON COLOR LASERJECT NETWORK$(1) GROOMER DSPI. (1) GROOMER DSP3. $(9) DELL GX 150PIII/800 W/128M $4) DELL GX150 PIII/800 W/128M RAM. $DESIGN PAINTING KIOSKS $COLOR PRINTING OF NATIONAL TRUST $(3) CATALYST 3524 - PWR - XL PL200850001518$PIONEER COMPAQ #02012906CNBA. PL200850001519$LABOUR COSTS. PL200850001520$SOFTWARE - GENERAL,CABW4 - PSDPPS. PL200850001521$SPOT BAY $PURCHASE OF LAND-SOUTH SOUND 15E PARBF340960002784$Shelter Telecom 11/18 FT $Re: Hurricane Ivan Restoration BF340960002871$Temporary/Portable Equip Shed BF340960002785BF340960002872BF340960002786$Andy's Auto BF340960002873BF340960002783BF340960002870BS34BS340680002094$GSM CELL SITE - MIDLAND ACRES - $CENTRE PHONE $PH# 9459329 PL231120002365$APT ARRIVALS AREA NEXT TO IMMIGRATIO$(RHS) PH# 9459346 PL231120002366$APT GEN. AVIATON BUILDING INSIDE $PH# 9459347 PL231120002367$APT CONCOURSE NEXT TO ATM-RHS $PH# 9459447 PL231120002368$APRT DEPARTURE COLUMN FACING $THE GATES PH# 9459448 PL231120002369$APT CONCOURSE NEXT TO ATM $(CENTRE PHONE) PH# 9459449 PL231120002370$APT CONCOURSE NEXT TO ATM-LHS $PH# 9459452 PL231120002371$APT DEPARTURE OPP< . BAR AREA(LHS) $PH# 9459464 PL231120002372$APT DEPARTURE COLUMN FACING CIGAR $ROUTER CISCO ETHERNET NTWRK $ROUTER CISCO ETHERNET NTWRK MOBULE $SPATIAL EXCHANGE INFO. BROKER, $PH# 9459319 PL231120002386$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH #10 $PH# 9459419 PL231120002387$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH # 11 $PH# 9459418 PL231120002388$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH # 12 $PH# 9459345 PL231120002389$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH # 13 $PH# 9459570 PL231120002390$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH# 14 $PH# 9459571 PL231120002391$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH # 15 $PH# 9459572 PL231120002392$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH # 16 $PH# 9459573 PL231120002393$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH # 17 $PH# 9459574 PL231120002394$AND. SQ. CAR PARK BOOTH # 18 $PH# 9459575 PL231120002395$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH # 19 $PH# 9459576 PL231120002396$AND. SQ CAR PARK BOOTH # 20 $PH# 9459577 PL231120002397$FORT ST. COMM. STN. BOOTH # 1 $PH# 9459509 PL231120002399$FORT ST. COMM. STN. BOOTH #3 $PH# 9459479 PL231120002400$FORT ST. COMM. STN BOOTH # 4 $PH# 9459480 PL231120002401$FORT ST COMM. STN BOOTH #5 $PH# 9459481 PL231120002402$FORT ST. COMM. STN BOOTH # 6 $PH# 9459482 PL231120002403$FORT ST. COMM. STN BOOTH # 7 $PH#9459488 PL231120002404$FORT ST. COMM. STN BOOTH# 8 $PH# 9459489 PL231120002406$HTG CTR COMM. STN BOOTH # 1 $PH# 9459590 PL231120002407$HTG CTR COMM STN BOOTH# 2 $PH# 9459591 PL231120002409$HTG CTR COMM STN BOOTH # 4 $PH# 9459593 PL231120002410$HTG CTR COMM STN BOOTH # 5 $PH# 9459594 PL231120002416$HTG CTR COMM STN BOOTH # 11 $PH# 9459512 PL231120002418$JOSE'S ESSO BOOTH #1 $PH# 9459425 PL231120002419$JOSE ESSO BOOTH # 2 $PH # 9459307 PL231120002420$JOSE ESSO BOOTH # 3 $PH# 9459323 PL231120002421$JOSE ESSO BOOTH # 4 $PH# 9459373 PL231120002422$C&W SHEDDEN RD BUS STOP (RHS) $PH# 9459385 PL231120002423$C&W SHEDDEN RD BUS STOP (CTR) $PH#9459325 PL231120002424$C&W SHEDDEN RD BUS STOP (LHS) $PH# 9459326 PL231120002425$PUBLIC LIBRARY GT (RHS) PL190230001449$DIGITAL ACCESS FAC EXP.BND-01-00194.PL190230001450PL190230001451$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITY EXP. PL190230001452$(3) DIGITAL ACCES FACILITIES EXP'N. PL190230001453$DIGITAL ACCESSFACILITIES EXP. BN-01 PL190230001454PL190230001455PL190230001456PL190230001457PL190230001467$FRAME RELAY/ VSAT. PL190230001649$MEDIA COVERTER/ACCESSORIES. PL190230001650$CABINETS S.D.P. & MISC. EXP'S. PL190230001651$MAYA BACKHAUL UPGRADE/NORTEL. PL190230001652$MAYA BACKHAUL UPGRADE/NORTEL PL190230001709PL190230001710PL190230001711PL190230001712PL190230001713PL190230001714PL190230001715PL190230001716PL190230001717$EQUIPMENT BASED ON QUOTE#03-2780 PL190230001718$CORE NETWORK EQUIPMENT PL190230001719$TELEPHONE SWITCHING EQUIPMENT. PL190230001720$MUXES FOR VARIOUS GSM SITES PL190230001721PL190230001722$PANDATEL ACCESSORIES PL190230001723$ALCATEL - CJFC - 2002001CWCY PL190230002156$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL19 PL190230002166$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL19 PL190230002585$ROP-REMOTE OPERATOR POSITION $CORE TRANSMISSION-MULTIPLEX PL190230002586$FIBER PATCH CARDS PL190230002780$Multiplexer FO E1/T1 FME 5PR PL190230002781$FRC - 754 L1 8 CH RT POTS PL190230002909$WALL MOUNTABLE RACKS & CABLE PL190230002952$NGN EQUIPMENT - FOUR PORT STM 4 CARD$ATM FUNCTION - OTS PL190230002969$EQUIPMENT ATM TDM - LION CENTRE & $ANDY'S AUTO PL190230002975$OPTICAL EQUIPMENT - LIONS CENTRE & PL190230002983$7470 MSP STM - 1# D46822-A PL190230003046PL190230003050$NGN - MISC - OTS PL190230003052$MULTIPLEX CARDS - OTS PL190230003055$MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT - OTS PL190230003059$TRANSPORTATION CHARGES FOR NGN $MATERIALS PL190230003097$Lion's Center PL190230003098$Passport & Gateway Controller PL190230003099PL190230003100PL190230003192$Installation, proj mgt & engineering$optical OTS PL190230003193$Optical Interface card & material PL190230003194$Optical Interface card, multi port $OC3, PCA, Packet Switch Component PL190230003195$SSU2000 w/ GPS & spares PL190230003196$Multiplex Proj Mgt, Engineering & $Installation PL190230003201PL190230003202$Multiplex Documentation PL190230003205PL190230003206PL190230003747$PROJECT KITE - LABOUR PL190230003749PL190230003750$PROJECT KITE - CIENA H1DP PL190230003751$PROJECT KITE - CIENA CN3600 TRAINING$SESSIONS PL190230003752$PROJECT KITE - CIENA SPARES KIT $1DY-YMB PL190230003753$PROJECT KITE - MISC $Installation of Marconi Panel $& connection to candeo PL090330003396$Labour & materials re: Exchange AC $re: Candeo DC systems PL090330003177$North Sound Road PL090330003190PL090330003169$North West Point Cell Site PL090330003170PL090340002711$OTS - 48VDC POWER PLANT $RECTIFIERS & BATTERY SYSTEM PL090360002708$OTS - SWITCHBOARD MAIN DIST. PL090370002782$Equipment: DC Plant Recovery $Rectifiers PL10PL100080002599$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 BODDEN TOWN $DIGITAL ACCESS EQUIP PL100080002731$BODDEN TOWN ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002947$Broadband Expansion '05 $Digital Access Equipment $Alcatel PL100080002978$AFC - Newlands PL100080002992$AFC PL100080002718$CROSS RD CAYMAN BRAC AFC CABINET PL100080002984CYB PL100080003859$ADSL INSTALLATION - CYB EXCHANGE $ALL DIGITAL ACCESS EQUIPMENT CAY1724PL100080002588$BROADBAND EXPANSION'05 EAST END PL100080002723$EAST END ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002740$EAST END CAB 4 AFC CABINET PL100080002949PL100080002970$AFC - QH PL100080002971$AFC ESE-4 PL100080002972$AFC ESE-5 PL100080002589$BROADBAND EXPANSION'05 FRANK SOUND PL100080002737$FRANK SOUND ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002950PL100080001795$LABOUR COSTS PL100080001797PL100080001801$TELCO - CWCI - 0005. JACK TEST PL100080001802$SMB EXCHANGE TO. FACILIATE ADSL PL100080001804PL100080001805PL100080001806$92) AUTHOCAD MAP 2000. (1) ORACLE PL100080001819< $SVC-COR-L-ERX700 (CORE SVC PACKAGE) PL100080001820$PRINTED CIRCUIT. ASSEMBLY DATA PL100080001821$CISCO 10002LXL. EXTENDED LENGTH PL100080001822$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES EXPANSION.PL100080001823$(2) DELL POWEREDGE PE4220 RACK. (4) PL100080001824$CONSULTING & ON SITE TRAINING. PL100080001825$(16) DELL ULTRA SHARP 1900FA. FLAT PL100080001826$(1) ANNUAL LIS DATA FEE. PL100080001827$ACCESS OPERATIONS & MTNCE. ADSL PL100080001828$SPATIAL/ENGINEER/BASE PL100080001829$DIGITAL LOOP CARRIER UPGRADE. PL100080001830$ADSL CARDS - 7300 HD PL100080001832$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES. PL100080001833$DIGITAL EXPANSION PROJECT CWCI-0017.PL100080001834PL100080001838$CONSULTING , LABOUR & MISC. CHGS. PL100080001839$(1) ERX - STELC-SRP. (1) ERX - 705- PL100080001840$DTU 2801 NETWORK TERMINATION. CABLE PL100080001841PL100080001842$SPATIAL EXCHANGE #10000. PL100080001843$PANDATEL-FIBRE OPTIC MULTIPLEXOR & PL190230003103PL190230003104PL190230002965PL190230002967PL190230003105PL190230003106PL190230003197PL190230003209PL190230003210PL190230003088PL190230003107PL190230003198PL231120002538$HYATT BEACH FRONT CONDOS NEXT TO $RESTROOMS PH: 9459647 PL231120002496$GRAND OLD HOUSE REST. BY LADIES $RESTROOM PH: 9459556 PL231120002540$ICCI COLLEGE NEWLANDS BOOTH #1 $PH:9473806 PL231120002541$ICCI COLLEGE NEWLANDS BOOTH# 2 $PH:9473807 PL231120002542$ICCI COLLEGE NEWLANDS BOOTH #3 $PH:9473868 PL231120002543$ICCI COLLEGE NEWLANDS BOOTH # 4 $PH# 9473869 PL231120002544$SAVANNAH TEXACO STN. (LHS) $PH:9473809 PL231120002545$SAVANNAH TEXACO STN. (RHS) $PH: 9473810 PL231120002546$SPOTTS TOURIST LANDING BOOTH#1 $PH:9473811 PL231120002547$SPOTTS TOURIST LANDING BOOTH # 2 $PH: 9473812 PL231120002554$AGRICULTURAL PAVILION(OUTSIDE ON $BUILDING) PH: 9473821 PL231120002572$LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL RED BAY OUTSIDE $FRONT DOOR PH:9473864 PL231120002573$ON THE RUN ESSO RED BAY(BROWN'S $ESSO) (RHS) PH: 9473873 PL231120002574$ESSO) (LHS) PH : 9473874 PL231120002499$EATS-LEGENDZ-BAR & RESTAURANT (LHS) $PH: 9459381 PL231120002500$EATS-LEGENDZ-BAR & RESTAURANT(RHS) $PH: 9459382 PL231120002501$SMB ESSO STATION (RHS) $PH: 9459619 PL231120002502$SMB ESSO STATION (LHS) PH: 9459601 PL231120002503$ED BUSH STADIUM WEST BAY (LHS) $PH: 9459423 PL231120002504$ED BUSH STADIUM WEST BAY (RHS) $PH: 9459446 PL231120002506$WENDY'S RESTAURANT SMB(RHS) $PH: 9459437 PL231120002518$TURTLE FARM (LHS) PH: 9459774 PL231120002519$TURTLE FARM (CTR) PH: 9459462 PL231120002520$TURTLE FARM (RHS) PH: 9459775 PL231120002532$NORTH WEST PT. BOAT RAMP(LHS) $PH: 9459562 PL231120002533$NORTH WEST PT. BOAT RAMP(RHS) $PH: 9459545 PL231120002539$FFF-REPUBLIX WEST BAY PH:9459646 PL231130002772$TRINITY SQ - KEY SYSTEMS $CALL PILOT KEY SYSTEM VOICEMAIL@ $5 KEY SYSTEM OX32@457.20 EA. PL231130003451$CALL PILOT 150 VOICE MAIL NT PL231130003452$CAP MODULE M7324 DOLPH GRAY PL231130003466$COMPACR ICS OX16 A0652 PL231130003467$COMPACT ICS W/CALLER ID NTBU PL231130003468$CONFERENCE PHONE 5303 50001 PL231130003485$KSU 308 PSU N/T 110V A06543 PL231130003505$SOFTWARE COMPACT ICS 4.0 NT7 PL231130003506$SOFTWARE COMPACT ICS 6.1 NT7 PL231130003531$TEL M7324 CHAM GREY NT8B40AA PL231130003532$TEL M7324 DOLPHIN GREY NT8B4 PL231130003533$TEL M9316CW MERIDEAN GREY PL231130003553$TELESET T7208 PLAT NT8B26AA PL231130003554$TELESET T7316 CHAR NT8B27AA PL231130003555$TELESET T7316 PLAT N8B27AAB PL231130003556$TELESET T7316 PLAT NT8B27JA PL231130003715PL231130003719PL231160003443$ASSY CABLE 25 PR AMP F-M 10FT PL231160003449$CABLE 3M DTE DB25M0M34F V.35 PL231160003708$DROP WIRE PL231170002798$wire drop 2, 3 & 6 Pair & Wi Fi adap$D-Link DWL-122 North Sound Estates PL231170002813PL231170002811PL231170002809PL231170001461PL231170002801$D-Link DWL-122 $Re: Hurricane Ivan Restoration - OTSPL231170002807PL231170002806PL231170002805PL231170002800PL231170002796PL231170002791PL231170002797PL231170002803PL231170002795GLC PL231190003877$NETWORK EXPANSION - LION CENTRE $CUSTOMER APPARATUS SINGLE LINE EQUIPCAY1732PL231190001925$MODEM ADSL USB. MODEM ADSL PL231190001938$MODEM ADSL S/TOUCH USB. TEL. PL231190001945$(2) PBX TECH LEVEL 1/ (2) MONTHLY PL231190001955$MODEM ADSL S/TOUCH 4 PRT. DROP PL231190001956$TELEPHONES APPARATUS. PL231190001967$OPTION 11CMIN1-STK FOR SPARE PARTS. PL231190003231$IP Phones PL231190003413$O/T WAGES PL231190003414PL231190003415$INTERCONNECT CABLES AND WIRES PL231190003416$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR PL231190003417$SINGLE LINE EQUIP. MISC PL231190003432$12 PORT PACKAGE NTZBO1AB PL231190003435$ADAPTER ISDN S/T INTERFACE PL231190003469$CONSOLE 1001 ASSY LG DSP UFR PL231190003482$INTERCONNECT WIRES & CABLES PL231190003488$LIFTER HANDSET HL10 PL231190003489$M9417CW 2 LINE GREY 201503 PL231190003490$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER PL231190003491$MIF - FREIGHT PL231190003492$MODULE KEY INDICATOR T24 PLA PL231190003493$MODULE PROTECTOR HIGH SPEED PL231190003495$PACKAGE HARDWARE CEPT 9125 -1 PL231190003500$PROFESSIONAL RLS 2 NTMN34FB7 PL231190003501$PROTECTOR SS W/HEAT COIL 230 PL231190003562$SALARIES PL231190003716$CONSOLE SUPER 1000 9189-000- PL231190003835$GSM 850 Overlay-Cell.Switch&TransmssCAY15950 GSM PHASE 5 16600PL26003!CELLULAR SWITCHING & TRANSMISSION1 MAST FOUNDATION & EQUIPMENT11-1991INMARSAT TERMINALSALARIES WORK PERMITFABRICATE & SUPPLY PIPE 1 SATELLITE DISH POWER & CONDUITSALARIES, WAGES & VARUOUS CHGBASIC VSAT EQUIPMENT"2 1.8M ANTENNA KITS WITH FEEDHORNS!1 VITACOM MODEL CS-3820 REDUNDANT 15510PL34081Ivan-GTN-Building ACFIRE EXTINGUISHER$(68) FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - INST. SERVHALON FIRE SUPPRESSIONHALONFIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMMONITOR & QUAD SPLITTER$6 (1) VCR SANYO - (2) b & W CAMERA0 GATE OPERATOR MEGA SYSTEMS'1 CHAIN LINK FENCE. HURRICANE SHUTTERS$BARRIER SYSTEM. - TWO COLOR CAMERAS $ACCESS CONTROL EXPANSION. $SECURITY & MONITORING SYSTEM COSTS. $FENCING REPAIRS & MISC. $CARD KEY SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM. FENCING MB/TBI7 FOLD AGARD SHUTTERS 35100PL34108Trinity Square - Security$(1) HYDRAULIC OPE. (1) DRIVE RAIL ASZAM EARTH TESTERCONST. COST - ANTILLAS-1COST OF INTER. OM HALF EI TAINOCOST OF 2 HALF MIUS ON SEGEMENTSHARE OF COST 30 HALF MAUOS INSHARE CAPITAL COST- ANTILLAS-1SHARE OF COSTS 60 HALF MAUOS#0 ANTILLAS 1CBP-CABLE SYSTEM COSTS#9 SHARE OF COSTS 2HALF MIUS IN THECAY14020ARCOSCAY14030JAMAICA TLA CABLE CAPACITY11-2000FORD F350 W/LIFT 15900VE46140Vehicles - Special< ised - Ivan12-1996 1 FORD TRUCK F350 W/ALTEC AT-200$LABOUR COSTS & MISC. CHGS. PL200850002012$(2) HP NETWORK SCANNER PL200850002013$(1) DELL . (4) RACK MOUNT KIT. PL200850002014PL200850002024$(2) COMPUTER SERVERS. PL200850002105PL200850002108$(1) DELL POWEREDGE 2500 RACK MOUNT $(4) MICROTOUCH M150 MONITOR BLACK $TOUCHSCREEN. (4) DELL OPTIPLEX PL200850002109$(18) ST-SC 3M SINGLE MODE FIBRE $PATCH CORD. (8) ST - SC 10M SINGLE $MODE FIBRE PATCH CORD. PL200850002110$(1) NET GEN PROTOCOL ANALYSER. $(1) NETGEAR VPN ROTUER. PL200850002111PL200850002112PL200850002113PL200850002114PL200850002117$(1) COLOR LASER PRINTER. (1) DUPLEX $UNIT TYPE. PL200850002118$TALLUSOFT PROJECT PHASE I PL200850002119$CAYMAN CONSULTING SERVICES $& RESOURCES PL200850002120PL200850002122$COMPUTER LAPTOP. NGN CO. A.SQT.. $EQPT.ROOM & CABLE -L4 SURGE PROTECT.$SOLUNET CONSULT. PL200850002123$COMPUTER SERVER - SOFTWARE HOUSE PL200850002124PL200850002125$ADTECH - SUPPLY SWITCHES PL200850002126PL200850002127$(1) SOLARWINDS ORION SLX W/1 YR PL200850002020$STAGE #2 CONVERSION TP STD FRMT. PL200850002000$LANTRONIX MSS100. CP40 CONTROLLER PL200850002107$COMPUTER LAPTOP & HARDWARE PL200850002106$COMPUTER LAPTOP - CABLE & PRINTERS. PL200850002002$(6) CISCO AIRONET 802 11a. CLIENT PCPL200850002137$HARDWARE LEASE & SUPPORT CHARGES PL200850002007$(2) DELL PERCISION MINI TOWER PL200850002001$(4) CISCO AIRONET AP1220 W/802. PL200850002005$(5) DELL OPTIPLEX P4 2.53G w/1G DDR PL200850002021$ECABINET 2100 RM IU. DOCULEX PDF PL200850002142$(2) DELL LATITUDE C640 HARD DRIVE. PL200850002022$STAGE #2 CONVERSION TO STD FRMT. PL200850002143$NORTEL ACCESS CARE SYSTEM PL200850002140$PHASE I & IB LICENSING FEE. PARTNER PL200850001544$CARD SERVICES PLATFORM. 6 REVERSAL DOUBLE CLOSE OUT 31540PL20085!Data Centre Renovation - Hardware 13001PL20085#CCBS-Customer Care & Billing System$MACHINE# CAYC056 PL200850002323$TALLY POS 107(SPECIAL EVENTS) $STORE# 107 $MACHINE# CAYC057 PL200850002324$TALLY POS 108(ANDERSON SQ) $STORE#101 $MACHINE# CAYC058 PL200850002326$TALLY POS 110(SPECIAL EVENTS) $STORE# 110 $ MACHINE# CAYC059 PL200850002327$TALLY POS 118(ANDERSON SQ) $MACHINE#CAYC118 PL200850002328$TALLY POS 119 (GALLERIA) $STORE# 111 $MACHINE#CAYC119 PL200850002329$TALLY POS 120(GALLERIA) $MACHINE# CAYC120 PL200850002330$TALLY POS 122 (GALLERIA) $STORE#111 $MACHINE# CAYC122 PL200850002331 13313PL22102#Switch Expansion - Digital Exchange 14400PL22102NGN - Digital Exhange 15510PL22102"Ivan-GTN-Digital Exchange (Switch) 15530PL22102"IVAN-NSR-Digital Exchange (Switch) 15540PL221021-2006"IVAN-SMB-Digital Exchange (Switch) 15550PL22102"IVAN-WEB-Digital Exchange (Switch) 15620PL22102"IVAN-FKS-Digital Exchange (Switch)DIGITAL CROSS CONNECT AND TRUNK 11347PL23099Public Payphone - OverheadsPL231100001887$(3) CONFERENCE PHONE. MAIL MITEL PL231100001870$SX200 MCC 111 ELX STRATUM. 11-2004 13362PL231103-2005PABX/Key Systems MISC. CHARGESINST. CHGS PHONE BOOTHS"0 (1) DOUBLE TELE. CALLING CARD!9 HANDSET CORD ARMOURED - SENSOR'2 (4) CARD VERTIFIER - (4) BOOTH TELE.%1 NMG AG-E1 CARDS & NMG AG -RUA TIME&8 PAYPHONE - XP1230 - DEBIT/CR/CARD/4 )2) PAYPHONES XP -1230 -&3 (4) PAYPHONES XP1230 - (40) BRACKET"7 (1) MACHINE CARD VENDING DUAL -6 PAYPHONES PROJECT$REMOTE INSIGHT LIGHTS-OUT EDITION llPL200850002343$146.8GB 10,000RPM, U320 UNIVERSAL HARD DRIVE, 1 "PL200850002344$72.8gb 10,000 rpm, u320 universal hard drive, 1 "PL200850002584$Solunet Intrusion & Detection System$UnityOne-2400 IPAC2400C-0135-4204 PL200850002693$Computers/Server/Dell Monitors PL200850002750$TRINITY SQ. HP 3700N COLOR LASERJET $PRINTER SERIAL #5990-3318-02 PL200850002753$TRINITY SQ - CISCO ETHERNET SWITCHESPL200850002754$TRINITY SQ. - DELL POWEREDGE 2850 $SERVER PL200850002915$WALL MOUNTABLE RACK FOR IT PURPOSES PL200850002925$CISCO SWITCH - C3750 PL200850003023$TALLYSOFT POS TILLS PL200850003024$E-TOP UP '04 - '05 $SERVERS PL200850003027$E - TOP UP '04 -'05 $POS TERMINALS @1040.35 EA. PL200850003047$DELL SERVER - POWER EDGE 400SC $2.26GHZ/512K - OTS PL200850003051$MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION SERVER $(MCS 2000) - OTS PL200850003109$Dell Poweredge Server for Access $Care Project PL200850003222$Computer Hardware For OTS - $Management Server PL200850003223$HP Workstation for Preside PL200850003224$Upgrade for Cayman Access Care $Platform OTS PL200850003225$Platform PL200850003403$Fujitsu Equip PL200850003404$Solunet Support Charges $Firewall implementation PL200850003405$Megatron Firewall Implementation PL200850003406$NGN Ethernet Switch - Solunet PL200850003407$Solunet charges Re:Firewall PL200850003408$Adtech Cabling change PL200850003409$MCS Checkpoint Firewall PL200850003410$Websense Firewall PL200850003411$Solunet Firewall PL200850003412$Miscellaneous Costs PL200850003570$Aruna Server PL200850003732$POST PAID SIM CARDS PL200850003733$MISC. - GIS COMPUTER SYSTEM PL200850003734$OLYMPUS FE 115 CAMERAS PL200850003735$GPS COMPUTER UNIT PL200850003736$OFFICE CHAIRS $6 CONTESSA MESH@679.03 FU470720002764$TRINITY SQ - CONFERENCE TABLES $1@175.00 MARKETING $4@1201.90 EXECUTIVE OFFICE & FINANCEFU470720002765$TRINITY SQ - HIGH DENSITY FILING $SYSTEMS $EXECUTIVE DEPT $9448.37 $FINANCE DEPT $20577.69 $BUS. SALES DEPT $7686.02 FU470720002766$TRINITY SQ-OFFICE WORK STATIONS $14@1159 LGAL, 12@1623 CORP. COMM $4@2608 MRKTING, 12@1276 EXEC. $CISCO,ALCATEL USA INTL MKTG,TRAEGER,$DELL, ADTECH, ADVENTURE TRAVEL $SHDSL PROJECT/CISCO ROUTERS PL100080003815$SHDSL PROJECT/MODULE WIC-SHDSL-V3 PL100080003816$SHDSL PROJECT/INTERFACE CROCUS $V.35 1 PL100080003817$SHDSL PROJECT/G SHDSL ATM $6 CHANNEL UNIT AND 3 CARD PL100080003818$SHDSL PROJECT/7300 - ASAM SHDSL PL100080003819$SHDSL PROJECT/DEDICATED $ATM IAD W/IMA PL100080003822PL100080003823$TURNKEY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT PL100080003860$ADSL INSTALLATION $NMS/EM UPGRADES CAY1722PL100080003861$ADSL INSTALLATION - GTN EXCHANGE PL100080003868$PROJECT MEETINGS $MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS CAY1759PL100080003869$ADSL/POS CARDS, ERX-OCXA256M-MOD $SOLUNET, PARIO SOLUTIONS, ALCATELUSACAY1752PL100080002590$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 (CAYMAN KAI)PL100080002739$CAYMAN KAI ALC< ATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002958PL100080002712$BLOSSOM VILLAGE LITTLE CAYMAN $AFC CABINET PL100080002996$AFC Blos Vill PL100080003022$AFC MB PL100080003418$DATA NETWORK EXPANSION - ASDL $HOTEL ACCOM. PL100080003419$7300 ASAM EXPANSION PL100080003420$7300 ASAM SYSTEM & CARDS PL100080003421$FRAME RELAY PL100080003422$DATA NETWORK EXPANSION -ADSL MISC PL100080002591$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 NORTH SIDE PL100080002738$NORTH SIDE ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002960PL100080002594$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 HYATT PL100080002595$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 SMB PL100080002725$SEVEN MILE BEACH ALCATEL CENTRAL PL100080002730$HYATT ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002957$Alcatel - Hyatt PL100080002962PL100080002997$AFC SXH (SMB 12) PL100080003862$ADSL INSTALLATION - SMB EXCHANGE CAY1721PL100080003864CAY1751PL100080002715$SPOTS BAY CAYMAN BRAC AFC CABINET PL100080002990PL100080002598$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 SOUTH SOUND PL100080002713$CROWS NEST AFC CABINET PL100080002729$SOUTH SOUND ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002741$SOUTH SOUND SUNRISE AFC CABINET PL100080002964PL100080002994PL100080003866$ADSL INSTALLATION - SSE EXCHANGE $PARIO SOLUTIONS,FUJITSU TRANSACTIONSSSH PL100080002973PL100080002714$CAYMAN BRAC BLUFF AFC CABINET PL100080002735$STAKE BAY CAYMAN BRAC AFC CABINET PL100080002988PL100080002989$AFC STB-5 PL100080002721$SAVANNAH NEWLANDS AFC CABINET PL100080002722$SPOTTS - PROSPECT PARK AFC CABINET PL100080002728$SPOTTS ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002963PL100080002974$AFC Prospect Park PL100080002976$AFC - Patrick's Island PL100080003867$ADSL INSTALLATION - STS EXCHANGE CAY1753PL100080002961PL100080002592$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 WEST BAY PL100080002716$WEST BAY XRYSTAL VALLEY AFC CABINET PL100080002717$WEST BAY NORTH WEST POINT AFC $CABINET PL100080002727Stake Bay - Standby Plant 14400PL09031NGN - Standby Generators12-1983BATTERY ELIMINATOR FILTERSLORRAIN RECTIFIER4-1985BATTERY BACK UP MODULEVSF 10K SPECIALUNINTERRUPT11-1997!ELECTRIC WORK DONE AT HYATT HOTEL9-20038 REVERSAL DOUBLE CLOSE OUT 1200 WX UPS 13352PL09033Batteries - Remote RSSsFREE STANDING CUBICLE50 VOLT WALL MOUNTING UNITGRAYBAR RV21 TF77-1983DISTRIBUTION FRAME6FT RACK AND TYPE 7 CAGEKRONE FRAME BLOCKS6-20038-2003PL10008000180010-2003$103508-013 FLR-SB-C/9SGB-R. 11-2003PL10008000180312-2003$MODEM ADSL S/TOUCH PRO. 4PRT. 1-20043-20044-20045-20047-20048-2004PL1000800018459-2004$(2) (FRAME CITY 80 V1000. 91) FRAME 10-2004 13321PL10008#DataNtwrkExp-DigitalAccessEquipment 14300PL10008$ADSL - 2003-2004 Digital Access Equi 15321PL1000812-2005 16200PL10008DIGITAL ACCESS EQUIPMENTHOOD PRINTER STANDDPM ADPTR ASSY CABLE FREIGHTMOD NON BABT RD 1690M2-AA MODEM FREIGHTRMD326410-1998DEVELOPMENT COST45M TOWER COSTS6 RE-SLAB TROPO TOWERMAXTRAX 840 RADIO 15W7.5FT RELAY RACK AND SMARTWORKSSUPERVISION EQUIPMENT SMARTWORKS 3 CHANNELS CONTROLLERBATTERY CHARGER C28RADIO INTERNATIONAL BOXVEHICULAR ADAPTER UNITS75WATT OPTION 451MSE 500 REPEATERREPEATER DIFITAL CAPABLE3-1988FLUKE 8060A DIGITAL MULTI-COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM ANALYSERTOOLS DATA COMM ANLZR AND RACK MOUNTED6-1998FREIGHT CHARGES4-20004 STRIPPER COAX CABLE&0 CONTRLR. MODULE GPS- KIT ELUMINATOR&9 RECVR. PRIM. REF. ANTENNA KIT INST.$CABINET REPAIRS & ADDITIONAL LIGHT $FIXTURES - NSR FU470720003757$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - PANASONIC$MICROWAVE - RESIDENTIAL SVC FU470720003758$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - GE FRIDGE$RESIDENTIAL SVC FU470720003759$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - $WATER COOLER FU470720003760$COFFEE MARKER FU470720003761$DINNERWARE SET FU470720003762$SM. BLK SOFT BACK CHAIRS FU47072000376348 ROUNDCONF.RMTABLETOP"FU470720003764$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - RIDGEMORE$LEATHER EXEC. HIGHBACK CHAIRS FU4707200037651 3612 SYS B215 115VOLTS7-1998ADJ. CREDIT ASSET NUMBER 11374CABLES 6' 25M SER4 HACKSAW BLADESALARIES AIRLINES TICKETS2 3612 SYSTEM (B215) 115VSDM-8000 SATELLITE MODEM 3 JACK TEST!SALARIES EXFER TO LABOUR PROJECTSTRANSMISSION EQUIP. FORSPEC PROD/TRASN TEST SET240 VOLT SVS SUPPLY FOR FIBREDUTIES ON TELCOM EQUIP.1 FOSC-100 B/H -GAT-KITAIRFARES - FREIGHT CHGS2 ONU-FIBER OPTIC INTRFC4 ONU POWER/RING CARD 48VDC IN)2 PIECES PLEY 1 TRANSPORT CHRGS - TELECOM EQUIP.TRANS. P19 SEP.96 LIM MODULECOMMON CARRIER CARDVARIOUS INVOICES26064/GLEN ALLEN/DSC POWER153792/NEWBRIDGE/LGS MODULE1 SUPER-RATE RESOURCE MOD(13) 6AMP 48FDC POWER BOARD!(2) 000-8057-030 DTM-2 CARD 750HMTELE. MATERIAL=CELTIC 3G FREIGHT CHGS.(2) MODULE 36SM 2BIQ - (10) DTUEXPENSES INCURRED FOR SERVICESUN ULTRA M140 2GB 20' MONITOR-#CARD LINE DNIC 12CCT - MODULE DPM2-!(2) UNIT CHANNEL 2BIQ - CARD LINEOVERHEAD LADDER RACK(2) GENERIC DMM 1116.0 ELEMENT MANAGEMENT - MULTIPLEXER1-20006 MODEM ELIMINATORS5 DPN-100 EQUIPMENT!7 MODEMS - EXTN'L DIAG MUX (EDM)3 CARD LINE DNIC 12 CCT (2)$4 (32) UNIT CHANNEL 2BIQ - SOFTWARE1 FEDEX CHGS.%2 (4) CABINET CPE - (6) DUCT & COVER"1 (8) SOFTWARE & HARDWARE - AUDIO6-20008 (1) SHELVING EQUIPMENT5 (6) MODULE 2630 SUPER-RATE%6 (6) MODULE OCU2 , ((4) CHANNEL OCU7 (6) CARD LINE DNIC 12 CCT,7-20005 (1) CARD D/CONNECT V.35 6CCT7 (2) SYSTEM BASIC 3630 46V%8 UPG EN/NMS POINT - RE PRINTED DOC.5 RELAY ASSET XFRS MAR001 (8) CABINET CPE4 MUX EQUIPMENT!4 (6) CARD D/CONNECT V.35 6 CCT.0 )4) KITS 19" RACK MOUNT.9 (3) CARD LINE DNIC 12 CCT.3 MUX EQUIPMENT.2 CARD LINE DNIC 12 CCT.#2 (2) CABINET CPE. WAGES & FREIGHT 8 SHELVING EQUIP. FOR EXPANSION(3) CABINET CPE.9 MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT.(2) CARD CONTROL 2/R4.17 INSTALL. SUPERVISION P.DAY(3) CARD STMI-2 UNI/NNISOFTWARE 46020 R3.3 UPGRADE.1-200110-200112-2001$TELECOM. EQUIPMENT FOR LION'S CENTER1-20027-20028-20022-20033-2003PL190230001428$BND - 02 -00136- C&W A100 FOR GLC, 1 R4 E1 SYSTEM 115 V 20HDMM4-3, 232/422 ASYNC/SYNC(3) UNIT LINE HDSL - (2) REMOTE 13312PL19023Brac - Transmission - Multiplex 13316PL19023Core Transmission - Multiplex 14400PL19023NGN - Multiplex 15510PL190234-2007Ivan-GTN-Transmission-Mulitplex 16100PL19023MULIPLEX EQUIPMENT1 NT1702 ISDN - NT1702$6 TELE., LABOUR & OTHER MISC. CHGS.5 SALARIES & WAGES$6 SALARIES , WAGES & MISC. EXPENSESFREIGHT - TELECOM. EQUIP.5-20021-1998VAX 6610 TO 6620 UPGRADE VMS &8-1998IFDS CONFIGURATIONACCOM.FRAUD DETECTOR SYSTEMUNIX SYSTEM FEES - ANNUAL1-1999 MIDAS SOFTWAR2-1999WAGES TRANSFEREDELECTRIC WIRING FOR COUNTER TRAVEL COST 2 4.3 SCSI DISK DRIVE IN SNAP-INMEALS & TRAVEL COSTTRAVEL COST & CAR RENTALS#HOTEL ACCOM. CAR RENTAL & MISC.CHGS!TRAVEL COST - MMIS IMPLEMENTATIONAIRFARES, ACCOM. MEALS ETC.MMIS IMPLENTATION COST10-1999 OVERTIME COST"SOFTWARE TECH. SUPPORT SERVER V6.0"(1) FT 910/35OW CHASSIS/BACK PLANECARD DST 2000X50 - SOFTWARE CPL200800002146$COMM, STATION RENOVATION COSTS. PL200800002144$(1) K2 NAS BIG STORAGE DUEL P111/8005 REVERSAL DOUBLE CLOSE OUT 31500PL20080 IS Upgrade / Expansion - GeneralCOMPUTER EQUIP8101 A25 IBM DISK UNIT PROCESSOR 2MB8101-A25 IBM DISK UNIT PROCESSOR 2NB< MODEMPRINTER P565XLPS65XL PRNTR WITH DIRCTNAL(2) ASSEMBLY (8 UCS)COMPUTER SOFTWARE/ACC 1 DELL LATITUDE XPI PENT. LAPTOPPURCHASE OF IFDS V3.0BTA FLIGHTS KING&KEMP DN232 ETHERLINE XL PCO COMBO3 CANPRINTERS - LBI260 PLUS 1 SERVERS5 17" MONITORS - 5 MULTI.KITSSERVER PRINT HP PRINTERJET EX(1) L 8500 PRINTER#(1) PRINTER & 3 POST SCRIPT OPTIONS(10) MEMORY 64MBCOMPUTER PRODUCTS(1) CHASSIS AC FTS900/375W(1) TOWER 14 BAY/14DR 24X ENETCOMPUTER LAPTOPCOMPUTERS , PERSONAL (3 PC'S)CARD D/300SC-EI(15) PC'S FORECASTING W/SHOP#KIT TOOL DEV. LICENSE RUNTIME SEVER 1 CABLE COAX5-20013-20024-2002PL200850002141$ezTOUCH POS CUSTOM BILL PAYMENT PL200850002121$INFOTECH - VERITAS BACKUP EXEC. PL200850002131$(2) COMPUTER LAPTOP (4) COMPUTER 5-2003PL2008500019947-2003PL200850001995PL200850002116$COMPUTERSERV. DELL MONITOR. PL200850002115$COMPUTER - HARDWARE PL200850002023$ECABINETS 2100RM IU. PL231100001859$CALL ACCOUNTING MDR. DTU 2003 V.35 PL231100001860$SX200EL ( E & Y) SX200 DEVICES PL231100001861$CALL ACCOUNTING MDR 200 BUFFER. PL231100001862PL231100001863$SX200L ONS LIN CARD 12 CCT. PL231100001864$AVOTUS PL231100001865PL231100001866$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. (3) MONTHLY PL231100001867$CALL PILOT 150 VOICE MAIL. SX2000L PL231100001868$KEY SYSTEM TECH. (3) MONTHLY PL231100001869PL231100001871$SX200EL W/IP NODE. CALL PILOT VOICE PL231100001872$NORTEL EQUIPMENT PL231100001873$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. (3`) MONTHLY PL231100001874$TELE M3904 PLATNUM. SX200L LS/GS PL231100001875$(2) KEY SYSTEM TECH. (3) MONTHLY PL231100001876PL231100001877PL231100001878$KEY SYSTEM TECH, MONTHLY ADMIN. PL231100001879$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER. TEL PL231100001880$MDR- 2000E CSU-483/TECHNICAL SERVICEPL231100001881PL231100001882$CARD TRUNK SX200LS CLASS. UPS1.15 $DTU 2801 NETWORK TERMINATION. PL231100001883$SX2000L FIM MODULE. TELE M3904- UPS PL231100001884PL231100001885PL231100001886$(2) PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. KEY SYSTEM TEPL231100001888PL231100001889$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER. MODEM PL231100001890$(2) PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. (3) MONTHLY PL231100001891$VOICEMAIL 2.0 US ENG MODEL. SX200ML PL231100001892$(2) C&W SX200 EL BASE PACKAGE 1-A. PL231100001893PL231100001894$JACK RJ11 4-W FLOOR SINGLE UPS PL231100001895$MITEL NUPOINT MESSENGER. 70 POWER PL231100001896$MITEL CARD ORDER. REPAIR 4.3 KVA UPSPL231100001897$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER. TEL. PL231100001898$(1) KEY SYSTEM TECH, (2) PBX TECH PL231100001899PL231100001900$(3) PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. (3) MONTHLY PL231100001901$AD. TECH. MONTHLY ADMIN. FEES PL231100001902PL231100001903$TEL M3904 PLATNUM, SX2000L ON PL231100001904PL231100001905$(1) KEY SYSTEM TECH. (1) MONTHY PL231100001906$PBX TECH. LEVEL 1 (2) MONTHLY ADMIN PL231100001907PL231100001908$MAIL MITEL XPRESS MESSENGER. UPS PL231100001909$MERIDIAN MAIL UPGRADE TO RLS. $SHDSL CARD FOR 7350. PL100080001844$SHDSL CARD FOR 7350 PL100080001846$ATM CARDS 7470. & MISC. CHGS. PL100080001847PL100080001848PL231100001910PL231100001911$CONSOLE SUPER 700 ATTENDANT. PL231100001912PL231100001913$OX32 KSU NOLSTAR SYSTEM. OX32 CART PL231100001914PL231100001915PL231100001916$(2) PBX TECH. LEVEL 1. PL231100001917$SHDSL V35 FR CPE . TELE. SET T9316 PL231100001918PL231100002154$CANCEL ASSETS PL231100002155$04/05 ANALYSIS ADJ. OF 02/03 $IMPAIRMENT PL231100002756$TRINITY SQ - PABX SYSTEM MN3300 PL231100002769$TRINITY SQ - IP 5220 PHONE DUAL MODEPL231100003424$OX32 KSU NORSTAR SYSTEM NT7B PL231100003425$OX32 MODULE FIBRE STATION NT PL231100003426$OX32 MODULE FIBRE TRUNK NTBB PL231100003427$OX32 SOFTWARE & DOCUMENTS NT PL231100003428$OX32/824 CART TRUNK ANALOG A PL231100003434$6500 DONGLE PL231100003439$ADTECH ADMIN FEES PL231100003440$ADTECH - KEY SYSTEM PL231100003441$ADTECH - MONTHLY ADMIN. FEES PL231100003442$ANALOG TERMINAL ADAPTER A063 PL231100003444$BALUN FEM BNC 460F 75/12 PL231100003454$CARD BAY CONTROL SX200 9109 PL231100003455$CARD DSE 8 PORT EXPSN 9150-56 PL231100003456$CARD DSP 8 LINE EXPSN M/70 9 PL231100003458$CARD LINE DIGITAL MERIDIAN N PL231100003459$CARD LINEONC/CLASS ML9109 PL231100003460$CARD P/PHERAL FIM CARRIER 91 PL231100003461$CARD PRI SX2000 MC-269-AA PL231100003462$CARD TRUNK SX200LS CLASS 500 PL231100003463$CARTRIDGE TRUNK E&M DISA NT5 PL231100003470$CONSOLE M2250 DIGITAL CHM GY PL231100003473$DSU NODE SX2000LL9400-200-1 PL231100003483$KEYBOARD SX2000L MU190 PL231100003494$OPT11E EXFCOT WITHOUT PPM CAR PL231100003496$PER INTERFACE CARRIER CARD 9 PL231100003497$PKM MILINK SS 400 SERIES 911 PL231100003498$PKM SS M4025/M4150 9132-200 PL231100003525$TEL M2008 W/OUT DSPLY NT2K8G PL231100003527$TEL M2616 HF W/DSPLY GREY A0 PL231100003528$TEL M2616 BLACK WITH DISPLAY PL231100003529$TEL M2616 ASH WITH DISPLAY PL231100003540$TEL SUPERSET 4150 9132-150-1 PL231100003541$TEL SUPERSET 4150 BLACK 9132 PL231100003542$TELE CONFERENCE 5303 BLK 500 PL231100003543$TELE IP 5220 DRK GY DUAL POR PL231100003544$TELE M3903 CHARCOAL NTMN33FB PL231100003545$TELE M3903 CHARCOAL NTMN33GA PL231100003546$TELE M3903 PLATNUM NTMN33FB6 PL231100003547$TELE M3904 CHARCOAL NTMN34GA PL231100003548$TELE M3904 NTMN34GA66 PL231100003549$TELE M3904 NTNN34 A0767107 PL231100003550$TELE M3904 PLATNUM NTMN34FB6 PL231100003551$TELE M3904 PLATNUM NTMN34GA6 PL231100003560$TELE SUPERSET 4025 9132-025 PL231100003561$TELEM IP 5220 DRK GY 5000281 PL231100003714$CARD SDI/DCH NTAK02BC A07746 PL231100003836$NETWORK EXPANSION 2006-2007 $CUSTOMER APPARATUS-PBX & OTHER CPE CAY1730PL231100002899$PBX REPAIR - IVAN RESTORATION PL231100002942$UPGRADE OF WESTIN SX2000L PABX & $CONSOLE 1000 9189-000-3001 PL231110003507$SX200 MCC 111 ELX STRATUM 3 PL231110003508$SX2000L CARD 16CCT MC33 PL231110003509$SX2000L CONVERTER POWER MP91 PL231110003510$SX2000L DID/LOOP TIE TRUNK C PL231110003512$SX2000L FIM MODULE M/MODE940 PL231110003513$SX2000L LS/GS TRUNK CARD MC3 PL231110003514$SX2000L ON PREMISE LINE CARD PL231110003515$SX2000L BAY POWER SUPPLY 9109 PL231110003517$SX2000LDIGI LN CRD 12CCT 910 PL231110003518$SX2000 LS/GS TRUNK CARD 9109 PL231110003519$SX2000 ONS LIN CRD 12CCT 910 PL231110003710$LABOUR - CPE PABX EQUIPMENT PL231110003711$NORTEL HANDSETS PL231110003717$HEADSET CORDLESS CS50 W/AMPL PL231110003718$MODEM ADSL NETOPIA 4PRT WI-F PL231110003720$SX2000L CARD DNIC 16CCT MC33 PL231110003721$SX2000L DID/LOOP TIE TRUCK C PL231110003722$TEL M2616 HF W/DSPLY GRAY A0 PL231110003723$TEL MARQUIS BASIC ASH 3000MW PL231110003724$TEL SINGLE LN SPKR CORTELCO PL231110003725$TEL SUPERSET 4025 9132-025-2 PL231110003726$TEL SUPERSET 4025 BLACK 5000 PL231110003727$TEL SUPERSET4150 50000283 PL231110003728$TEL TELEDEX BTX3510 +3 00g35 < PL231110003729$TELE CORTELCO 2 LINE HANDS FREE PL231110003730$UPS 700VA (PW3110 700) PL231110003807$CPE EQUIPMENT '06 -'-07 - LABOUR PL231110003808$CPE EQUIPMENT '06-'07 PRIMARY RATE $INTERFACE PARTS PL231110003809$CPE EQIPMENT 06-07-SWITCHES PL231110003810$CPE EQIPMENT 06-07- IP PHONES PL231110003811$SOFTWARE LICENSE PL231120002565$CARIBBEAN HAVEN DRUG REHAB CTR $BREAKERS(LHS) PH: 9473851 PL231120002566$BREAKERS(RHS) PH: 9473852 PL231120002567$NEXT TO C&W EXCHANGE BODDEN TOWN(RHS$PH: 9473855 $ADSL INSTALLATION - WXV EXCHANGE PL100900003315$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES SOFTWARE PL14PL140010002155$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET PL14 PL140010002165$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT PL14 PL19PL190030003503$ROUTER CISCO 1721 PART # 258 PL190030003504$ROUTER CISCO 2620XM PL190040003232$Advanced Network Tester $CONTROLLER MODULER GPS I . PL190230001447$DIGITAL ACCESS FAC. EXP. PL190230003053$MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT PL190230003092$Optical Site Engineering Services $Provided by Nortel PL190230003199$Multiplex Equipment PL190230001414$CWCI - 0007 EAST END - GFB PL190230003045$CONNECT DX MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT $HIGH ROCK PL190230003054$MULTIPLEX EQUIPMENT - HIGH ROCK PL190230003093$Passport & gateway Controller PL190230003094PL190230003191$Optical Installation Material PL190230003200PL190230003211$Co-Ax Patch Panel PL190230003741$MAYA 1 UPGRADE- CONNECT DX CARDS PL190230003742$MAYA 1 UPGRADE 2 - LABOUR PL190230003743$MAYA 1 UPGRADE 2 - BACKHAUL PL190230003744$MAYA 1 UPGRADE- NEC ROP'S PL190230003746$C & W SHARE OF MAYA 1 UPGRADE 2 PL190230003748$PROJECT KITE - CIENA MUXS & CARDS PL190230002955$EQUIPMENT ATM TDM- FKS LOCATION PL190230002959$OPTICAL EQUIPMENT-FKS LOCATION PL190230003095$IRM Material for Optical Equipment PL190230003096PL190230003203$Engineering, installation & project $management PL190230003204400-RSU line sensitive400-RSU-Host Tx400-Host-Host Tx400-National submarine Tx400-PSTN Voicemail400-IP Equipment400-ADSL Equipment400-Payphone Equipment'400-Prepaid PSTN Calling Card Equipment400-VAS platforms"400-DQ Operator services equipment400-Contact Centre Platforms400-Access Local Loop!400-Interconnect billing platform400-Interconnect Specific Costs400-Data Network EquipmentFY$12 PR SHIELDED CABLE & MISC. CHGS. $MUX EQUIPMENT (QUEEN HWY $MUX CARDS FROM NORTEL $NORTEL MUX (SPOT BAY C/BRAC) $(3) CABINETS NEMA GRAY. $(4) PANEL CCT BREAKER. $NORTEL KIT. $SOFTWARE TN-IC EQUIPMENT. $PECO 11 EQUIPMENT & NORTEL POWER $TA1lyn CO, ONU FIBRE EQUIPMENT. $ADSL PROJECT $CAYMAN ATM NETWORK EXPANSION (EQUIP)$NEWBRIDGE EXPANSION PL190230001403$NORTEL KIT#1. ADSL RETERMINATION PL190230001404$MUX EQUIPMENT FOR TN4XE. PL190230001405PL190230001407$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES PL190230001408$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES EXPD'N. PL190230001409$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES CWWCI-0003PL190230001410$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITIES EXP. PL190230001411$DIGITAL FACILITITY EXP. PL190230001412$TELENETWORKS INC. SSXDSL. PL190230001413$TELCO QUOTE #CWCI-0005 & CIRCUIT PL190230001419$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITY PL190230001424PL190230001426$DIGITAL ACCESS FACILITY ALCATEL. 100/0.63mm CELLULAR PET FF PMBPL2412111623 PL2412111622 CABLE U/G G/F 25 PR (USTYPE)PL241210000290CUSTOM & FREIGHT CHGSPL241210000289(16) DRUMS TELE. CABLEPL241210000291$AERIAL CABLE- FRAME & COVER CARRIAGEPL241210000292"AERIAL CABLE SLEEVE HEATSHRINKABLEPL241210000293AERIAL CABLE/CABLE UGPL241210000369TELEPHONE CABLEPL241210000363CABLE AERIAL G/F 100PR - POLEPL241210000370#CABLE AERIAL 20PR 0.05M. SLEEVE 31APL241210000367CABLE UG 100PR 24 AWG - SLEEVEPL241210000368PL241210000364#CABLE UG 50PR 24 AWG - CABLE AERIALPL241210000365"CABLE UG 200PR - AWG/0.50M - CABLEPL241210000366#CABLE AERIAL 100PR - CABLE UG 100PRPL2412100005855 CABLE AERIAL UG, SLEEVE 32RAPL2412100008077 CABLE UG 1600 PAIRPL2412100008088 CABLE UG 50, 100, 150 PAIRS.PL241210000940$SLEEVE 32A ARRESTOR PANEL . PL241210000981PL241210000980$CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODE. CABLE PL241210000979$CABLE UG 100/200 PRS. CABLE AERIA;, PL241210000978$CABLE AERIAL 25/200/PRS & CABLE UG PL241210001077$CABLE AERIAL 25 PAIR 0.5M PL241210001078$(42) BLOCK TERMINAL 76B. PL241210001080$CABLE AERIAL 50 PR. 0.5MM PL241210001076$CABLE AERIAL 25/100 PR 0.5MM. PL241210001079$CABLE AERIAL 25, 50 & 100 PRS. PL241210001586$CABLE UG 100 PAIR. CABLE AERIAL 100 PL241210001633%7 CABLE UG 100 PAIR. FLC-704 L2 8 CH1 CABLE UG 100 PAIR.5 CABLE UG 100 & 150 PAIRS."9 PROTECTOR SOLID STATE 235V.FUSE%0 FRC-754 LI 8 CH & FRC-704 L2 8 CH.PL2412202348 PL2412202243 PL2412202244 PL2412202245 PL2412202246 PL2412202247 PL2412202248 PL2412202249 PL2412202349 PL2412202250 PL2412202350 PL2412202251 PL2412202252 PL2412202253 PL2412201298 PL2412201345 PL2412201694 PL2412201587 ORANGE CONNECTORSPL2412201506 COSTS APL SEPT88PL2412201621 STORES OCT-MAR89PL2412201581 PL2412201498 EX STOCK APL 88-MAR89PL2412201606 STORES ISSUES APR-MAR89PL2412202681 PL2412208102 PL2412209066 CAPITAL STOCK ISSUES(STORES)PL2412209001 PL2412210024 PL2412210011 PL2412210012 TOOL, CASSETTEPL2412210022 PL2412210016 FREIGHT, PRESSURE TRANSDUCERPL2412210020 VAC POWER SUPPLY, TRUCKINGPL2412210025 TRANSDUCERPL2412210023 JACK TEST, FREIGHTPL2412210021 TRUCKINGPL2412210017 JACK TEST, MINI MODULE, PIPEPL2412210019 FREIGHT, FOAM, OVERTIMEPL2412210026 TRUCKING, PORT AUTHORITY CHARGESPL2412210018 FREIGHT, CABLE MODEMPL2412210582 PL2412210575 PL2412110975 GROUND CONNECTOR STRANDVISEPL2412110976 R/BLOCK 20PR OSWPL2412110978 TELEPHONE CABLES & ACCESSFREIGHT, SCREW COACHTESTER4 CS PAPER TOWELPL2412108160 PL2412109027 PL2412110050 PL2412110049 CONES, COLLAR, TELESCOPING STICKPL2412110051 TELECOMM EQUIPMENT BARRIER KITPL2412110048 FREIGHT, CABLEPL2412110052 ARRESTER PANEL SLEEVEPL2412110747 18 DRUMS CELLULAR RET CABLESPL2412111114 100 ROCKER BLOCK 20 PR OSWPL2412110904 PL200850003221$New Element Mgr Racks PL20085000 $TALLY POS 112(PARTNER SALES) $STORE# 112 $MACHINE# CAYC062 TypeCodeLocationAsset #LedgerPdYear Details 1 Details 2 Details 3 Details 4Acquisition YearDep Start YearDep Start Period Project CodeLife (Periods)CostAccumulated DepNBVBF34BOT BF340680002163PL2412211343 GALVINIZED BAR PAINT MACHETEPL2412211348 4 REEL PLASTIC DUCTING & FREIGHTPL2412211333 1000 RBS BT 3002 BLACK CABLESPL2412211336 02603V.35 115VAC DTY BOX 1,#2,#3PL2412211334 PL2412211337 #(1) 3630 SUPER-RATE RESOURCE MODULEPL2412211335 1 INTELLIGENT NETWORKPL2412211342 #2 SWITCHING SHELF (2) MEMORY MODULE$CABLE UG 50/100/200/500 PAIRS. $CLOSURE SPLICE PRESS. XAGA. $FLC - 704 L2 8 CH COT POTS. $CABLE W/G 200 PR. CABLE UG 100 PAIRS$FLC - 704 L2 8 CH COT POTS. CAB< LE UG$CABLE UG 25/600 PAIRS. PROTECTOR $CABLE UG 25/600 PAIRS. SLEEVE 32A $CABLE UG 25/600 PAIRS. CABLE AERIAL PL241220001654$CABLE UG 600 PAIR. PL241220001639PL241220001638PL241220001662$CABLE UG 900PR. CLOSURE SPLICE PL241220001637PL241220001636PL241220001655$CUSTOMER SVC. ENGINEERS OFFICE $BUILD OUT BF340680003707$PROFESSIONAL SVC. - CUST. SVC $ENGINEERS BF340680003821$17250 RENOVATIONS $MOBILE DEPARTMENT KAI LCA BF340680002692$Crow's Nest Exchange NOS SMB SPB SSE STB STS TEC $NORTH SOUND ROAD WEB BF340680002912$WEST BAY EXCHANGE SEPTIC TANK $RECONSTRUCTION $WEST BAY CBR FKE Asset Group DescAsset Sub Group DescVehicles Total Grand TotalExpense Factors 400-GSM: BTS 400-GSM: BSC400-GSM: MSC -call sensitive 400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitive400-GSM National Tx400-GSM: GPRS Tx400-GSM: Voicemail platform400-GSM: GPRS platform400-GSM: Roaming platform400-GSM: SMS platform400-GSM: Prepaid platform$400-GSM: HLR/VLR - traffic sensitivePL2412209100 PL2412209039 PL2412210541 LAGGED REELS, CABLE, FREIGHTPL2412210725 PL2412210726 EX STOCK NOV MARCHROPE ROAD REPAIR, DUST, HACKSAW, JUG,SLEEVE, GLAND KIT, FREIGHT26366 100P/24G CABLESPL2412202613 PL2412208161 PL2412209088 PL2412209028 PL2412210056 FREIGHT, OVERTIMEPL2412210057 FREIGHT, CABLE, POLE, PLATEPL2412210054 JOINT KITS CONE COLLAR CARTRIDGEPL2412210053 JACK TEST PROTECTOR MODULEPL2412210055 FREIGHT, PUNCH TUBESPL2412210746 2 LAGGING SAFETY VEST WAGESCOSTS APL SEPT SPARE PARTS3-1997CABLES 4 PULLING EYEPOLETHYLENE SHEAATHED CABLESUNDERGROUND CABLESAIRFARE & OTHER MISC. EXPENSES$(6) UNIT LINE HDSL - REMOTE TERMINAL"CABLE AERIAL 100PR 0.63MM - SLEEVECABLE AERIAL 100PR 0.63MM -$CABINET EXPANDED ONU 19 INCH - POWER#2 CABLE UG PR (20) BLOCK TERMINALSDUCT TRUCKING AND FREIGHTPL2412201577 EX STOCK NOV-MARCH89PL2412201491 EX STOCK APL-MAR89PL2412202616 PL2412208128 PL2412208137 PL2412211074 UTILITYPL2412209089 PL2412201275 "100 PAIR UNDERGROUND GREESE CABLESPL2412202209 PL2412202211 PL2412202212 PL2412202213 PL2412202214 PL2412202354 PL2412202215 PL2412202216 PL2412202217 PL2412202218 PL2412202219 PL2412201296 PL2412201347 PL2412201483 PL2412201561 PL2412202652 PL2412208120 PL2412209083 PL2412209186 !FREIGHT CHARGES, ELECTRICAL EQUIPPL2412209142 PL2412209929 PL2412209934 PL2412210014 FREIGHT, MODULEPL2412210015 CABLE, MODULE, PLIERS, STRAPSPL2412209928 CARRIAGE TO GCMPL2412209933 PL2412209932 TRANSFORMERS, TELE-EQUIPMENT,PL2412209931 PL2412209930 FREIGNT, FRAME, COVERSPL2412210013 CABLES, FREIGHTPL2412210847 1 STRIP CROSS CONNECTIONPL2412210842 24 CABINET MOUNTING 50 R/BLOCKPL2412210845 4 LAGGING/EYE PULLINGPL2412210843 PL2412210841 315 resin#5 11310PL24122Shedden Road Building - Bldgs. 13311PL24122Brac/LYB - Underground Cable 13314PL24122 LP Expansion - Underground Cable 14400PL24122NGN - Outside Plant underground 15510PL24122Ivan-GTN-LP-Underground Cable 15550PL24122IVAN-WEB-LP - Underground Cable1-1991CONTRACTORS FEEWORK PERMIT FEE1 DRUM DUCT 5YRDS FREIGHT AND"AIRLINE TICKETS GM TRAVEL EXPENSESCEMENT ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIESSIGNS FREIGHT FOR BACKHOEWAGES ACCOMMODATION & MEALSCONTRACTORS FEES W/PERMIT FEE6-1999 PAYMENT FOR C&W REG. BUS. - CJFSALCATEL PAYMENT - CJFSCJFS-ALCATEL PAYMENT REV. CIS ENTRY RE. GEN./OFFSHOREMISC. EXEPENSESTEL. & TRAVEL EXPENSES#PAYMENT ON CJFS CABLE ACCESS C/BRACROAD REPAIRS S/BAY(3) 24"/W FRAME (1) 30"/W fRAME"MINI WHAREHOUSE RENT * OTHER MISC.(2) FERRUPS FE3.1KVAACCOM. TEL. & OTHER MISC. CHGS.LEGAL FEES/HOTEL COST (MEETINGHOTEL ACCOM. MEALS & MISC. CHGS#Comp Hardware and Software - Mobile400-Access Local Loop Total400-ADSL Equipment Total400-Cellsite land & masts Total 400-Data Network Equipment Total400-GSM: BSC Total400-GSM: BTS Total400-GSM: GPRS platform Total"400-GSM: MSC -call sensitive Total&400-GSM: MSC -duration sensitive Total400-GSM: Prepaid platform Total400-International Tx Total400-PSTN Voicemail TotalAdmin Bldg PSTN Total*Auxillary Equip and Support - Mobile Total(Auxillary Equip and Support - PSTN Total)Comp Hardware and Software - Mobile Total'Comp Hardware and Software - PSTN Total Dom TX TotalFurniture & Fittings TotalNetwk Bldg Mobile TotalNetwk Bldg PSTN TotalOther CPE TotalPBX - CPE TotalPower Supply - Mobile TotalPower Supply - PSTN TotalPublic Pay Phone Equip TotalSwitching/Exchange TotalDATE IN SERVICECONVERSION TO FIN. YEARYEARNetworkRetail Wholesale Other DriversCat.Sub typeLoc. Cat. Desc.Sub Type Desc.Date in ServiceCOSTASSET LIFE (MONTHS)MONTHPERIOD AGE (MONTHS) LIFE LEFTCONTROLMONTHLY DEPRECIATIONACCUMULATED DEPRECIATIONNET BOOK VALUECURRENT YEAR DEPN TO DATEz International Voice TransmissionInternational Data TransmissionInternational SwitchingHost Switch - Call SensitiveHost Switch - Traffic SensitiveHost Switch - Line SensitiveRSU - Traffic SensitiveRSU - Line SensitiveRSU-Host Voice transmissionRSU-Host Data transmissionHost-Host Voice transmissionHost-Host Data transmissionNational Submarine TransmissionVoicemail Equipment IP EquipmentData Network EquipmentCalling Card Platforms VAS Platforms Operator EqptCable TV NetworkPaging EquipmentContact Centre Platforms DistributionResidential CPE Corporate CPEInterconnect Billing PlatformOther Interconnect SpecificNetwork CommonFixed Inter. - IncomingFixed Inter. - OutgoingTrunk Domestic CallingLocal Domestic CallingFixed to Other Fixed OperatorFixed-C&W MobileFixed to Other MobileBusiness AccessResidential AccessInternational PayphoneDomestic PayphoneVOIPInternational Leased LinesDomestic Leased LinesData - Domestic Frame Relay Data - ATM Data - OtherInternet - Dial UpInternet - ADSL AccessInternet ADSL BroadbandInternet - Direct ConnectInternet - OtherAudiotexVAS VoicemailCardsISDNRetail Residential CPERetail Business CPEDQIntl DQOperator AssistanceEmergency Services Retail Other)International Transit from OLO/C&W Mobile'International Transit to OLO/C&W MobilePSTN OriginationSALARIES, BACK SAFETY SUPPORT!FREIGHT, DRAW ROPE, DUCT BEND PVC"LABOUR, CLEARING LAND, ELECTRICITYCONCRETE, CEMENTLABOUR & MATERIAL EXPS VIDEOTAPELABOUR, CONCRETE DUCT FREIGHTDUCT, FREIGHT, TRUCKING"9 BLOCK TERMINAL 400 3M CONN CART-250 SURGE ARRESTOR & PLANTS1 PULLER 2 BEARINGS 1 DISC!CABLE CLAMPS DEADEND CORNER FLAGSCABLES STRANDVISE2610 BLACK DUCTLABOUR SALARIES OVERTIMECOSTS APLSEPT 88COSTS APL 88 MAR89COSTS OCT-MAR89READY MIX, PAINT & TOOLSHANDLING CHARGES ON PCBATTERIES, HOT MIX, LUMBERTRAFFIC LIGHTS, PIPES, OVERTIME$(3) PRINTER HP LASERJET. PARAMOUNT $ALPHA ES40 UPGRADE $(6) COMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S) $(3) COMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S) $(4) COM[UTER LAPTOP $(9) LAPTOP COMPUTERS. $(6) PC'S DELL COMPUTERS. $LABOUR COSTS - INSTALLATION PL200850001394$COMPUTER SERVER & MISC. CHGS. PL200850001395$INTERNET NETWORK EQUIPMENT PL200850001396$SW-CAC-2500W.CATALYST PL200850001397$SOLUNET ORDER PL200850001398$(5) COMUPTER SERVER (GENERIC CODE) PL200850001399$(10) CISCO 1000BT GBIC. < PL200850001400PL200850001489$CISCO 7200 UPGRATE KIT 7 CABLE PL200850001491$CISCO 7200 UPGRATE KIT & CABLES. PL200850001492$(1) COMPUTER LAPTOP PL200850001493$SOLUNET ORDER INTERNET PL200850001494$CISCO 7206 ROUTER CONFIG. (CISCO PL200850001495$INTERNET PROJECT . PL200850001496$(2) COMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S) PL200850001499$INTERNET EXPANSION AM. & AM CISCO. PL200850001502$ORDER FROM SOLUNET 2. PL200850001503$(1) COMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S) PL200850001507$(1) CISCO MCS CORPORATE VSWITCH PL200850001509$DATA CENTRE RENOVATION. PL200850001510$(3) BIOMETRIC EQUIPMENTS PL200850001511$DATA CENTRE EQUIPMENT PL200850001512$PIONEER COMPAQ #02013906C2. PL200850001513$(1) DELL COMPUTER. PL200850001514$(1) AVOCENT2161. PL200850001515$SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE PL200850001516$DELL SERVER - DATA CENTER PL20085000151715 lbs 446 3/8 tTO DUSTDUCT PVC BEND 90 DEGREES NO.54DFAB & SUPPLY 4 BRACKETS(38) HYDRAULIC IMPACT HAMMERSCHIP & SPRAY OF TRENCHFRAME & COVER CARRIAGEWAY NO.3-(6) JRC12 BLDG. CHAMBERS -DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D 3.5O IN -!(5) TONS OF DUST (4) WASH CHIPS -#A.C. POWER CONNECTION FOR ONU'S G/TDUCT PVC PIPE - FRAME & COVERLINER OF CHIP & SUPPLY &(2) Cb/YDS OF CONCRETE 1500 PSI!DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D -(3) CABINETFRAME & COVER CARRIAGEWAY-!*156) Cb/YDS OF CONCRETE 1500 PSI (59) Cb/YDS OF CONCRETE 1500 PSI5 ELECTRICAL CONDUIT4 LABOUR COST#8 MTRS. DUCT, DUCT PVS PIPE NO.54D'9 DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D , CABINET DIST.$PLANNING/ARCHITECTURE FEES. $(SITE 921) BS340680002096$GSM CELL SITE - BODDEN TOWN TOWER $BASE. (SITE 918) BS340680002097$GSM CELL SITE - LOWER VALLEY $ARCHITECTURE PLANNING FEES $(SITE 916) BS340680002087$GSM CELL SITE - COLLIERS BLDG. AND $TOWER BASE (SITE 928) BS340680002091$GSM CELL SITE - MORRITTS BLDG. AND $TOWER BASE. BS340680002092$GSM CELL SITE - HIGH ROCK $ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING FEES. $(SITE 925) BS340680002160$REPLACEMENT AERIAL SVC. MAINS $FIRST AID SUPPLIES BS340680002254$GSM TECHNICAL BUILDING $COLLIERS $CEL ID# 928 BS340680002255$MORRITS $CELL ID# 927 BS340680002256$OLD MAN BAY $CELL ID# 922 BS340680002098$GSM CELL SITE - BLDG & TOWER BASE/ $(SITE 913) PROSPECT BS340680002099$GSM CELL SITE - RED BAY BLDG. $EXPANSION BS340680002101$GSM CELL SITE BLDG. LEASED PROPERTY $(906 HARQUAIL) BS340680002152$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET BS34 BS340680002161$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT BS34 BS340680002257$PROSPECT $CELL ID# 913 BS340680003590$LOWER VALLEY TECHNICAL BUILDING BS340680003592$SALARIES - GSM OVERLAY BUILDINGS BS340680002090$GSM CELL SITE - LITTLE CAYMAN AIRPOR$ARCHITECTURE FEES (SITE 950) BS340680002093$GSM CELL SITE - OLD MAN BAY. $ARCHITECTIRE & PLANNING FEES. $(SITE 922) BS340680002095$GSM CELL SITE - NORTH SIDE TOWER $BASE. (SITE 920) BS340680003577$GALLERIA FIT OUT 04 -05 BS340680003578$FOSTER KIOSK FIT OUT 04 -05 BS340680003591$COCONUT PLAZA TECHNICAL BUILDING BS340680002253$BLUFF CAYMAN BRAC $CELL ID# 962 BS340680002100$GSM CELL SITE - SOUTH SOUND $ARCHITECTURE FEES. BS340680002088$GSM CELL SITE - BLUFF C/BRAC. $ARCHITECTURE & PROFESSIONAL FEES. $(SITE 962 & 963 S/BAY) BS340680002089$GSM CELL SITE - WEST END C/BRAC. $MISC. EXPENSES. (SITE 960) BS340680002258$RED BAY $CELL ID#912 BS340680002102$GSM CELL SITE - SALK CREEK BLDG. $(SITE 904) BS340680002103$GSM CELL SITE - PAPPAGALLO $(SITE 903) BS340680002104$GSM CELL SITE - BLDG & TOWER BASE $LEASED. (NORTHWEST POINT.SITE 901) BS340680002259$HARQUAIL $CELL ID# 906 BS340680002260$SALT CREEK $CELL ID# 904 BS340680002261$PAPAGALLO $CELL ID# 903 BS340680002262$NORTHWEST POINT $CELL ID# 901 BS35BS350680002744$TRINITY SQ. OFFICE STRUCTURE BS350680002745$TRINITY SQ. ELECTRICAL BS350680003042$TRINITY SQ - FIT - OUT $OFFICE STRUCTURE BS350680003693$TRINITY SQ - CREDIT CONTROL BUILDOUTBS350680003694$TRINITY SQ - REGIONAL FINANCE $BUILDOUT BS350680003700$CONSTRUCTION OF REGIONAL FINANCE $OFFICE BS350680003701$NETWORK CABLING IN REGIONAL OFFICE BS350680003033$GALLERIA RE-FIT POST IVAN $ELECTRICAL BS350680003035$CONSULTANT FEES BS350680003036FU47FU470720000215$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET FU47 $STEEL MESH ROOM DEVIDER $(15) CONTAINERS WIRE FOLDING $PALLET RACKING - STORES BLDG $STORES UPGRADE SUREGRIP $RENOVATION COSTS - NORTH SOUND RD. FU470720002163$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT FU47 FU470720002694$OTS-ALUMINUM WINDOWS & DOORS FU470720002699$OTS - INTERIOR FITOUT FU470720002700$OTS- HEAVY METAL DOOR FRAMES & $HARDWARE FU470720002703$OTS - FURNITURE & FITTINGS FU470720002705$OTS - OVERHEAD ROLL UP DOORS FU470720002747$TRINITY SQ. CONF. RM. AUDIO & VISUAL$SYSTEM FU470720002748$TRINITY SQ. CHUBBS SECURITY SAFE $MODEL#3420 MONARCH FU470720002749$TRINITY SQ. WINDOW BLINDS FU470720002755$TRINITY SQ - COMPUTER CABLING $INSTALLATION FU470720002757$TRINITY SQ- FOLDING TABLES & CHAIRS $10@103.00 FOR 8' TABLES $26@68.00 FOR 6' TABLES $12@25.00 FOLDING CHAIRS FU470720002758$TRINITY SQ - FIT OUT MISC. FU470720002759$TRINITY SQ - EXEC. OFFICE CHAIRS $23 CONTESSA MESH@679.03, 30 VERSUNA $WOOD METEL SIDE@459.25 FU470720002760$TRINITY SQ- BUS. SALES OFFICE CHAIRS$12 CONTESSA MESH@679.03 $30 KIN SIDE@304.81 FU470720002761$TRINITY SQ - FINANCE OFFICE CHAIRS $26 CONTESSA MESH@679.03 $22 VERSUNA WOOD METEL SIDE@ 459.25 FU470720002762$TRINITY SQ - INVESTIGATION DEPT. PSTN TerminationDomestic Voice Transit/Data - International Leased Circuit (wholesale)*Data - Domestic Leased Circuit (wholesale)'Data - Domestic Frame Relay (wholesale)Data - Other (wholesale)"Internet - ADSL Access (wholesale)%Internet - ADSL Bandwidth (wholesale)Voicemail (wholesale)Intl DQ (wholesale)DQ (wholesale) Operator Assistance InterconnectEmergency Services (wholesale) Customers Floor space Number of PCsFaultsLines in Service New CustomersRevenue RequisitionsPurchase ordersBusiness common Check Total Not AllocatedAdditions FlagBOT12-1969 BODDENTOWN11-19704-19716-1983BODDEN EXCHANGE8-1993 LANDSCAPING5-1994!EARTHING AND LIGHTNING PROTECTION12-2004CRECROSSROADS EXCHANGE< 12-198911-1996 SURVEYORS FEEESE12-1979 EAST END RLU5-1980EAST END1-1981EASTEND7-1993GTN!DATA CENTER (COAX BLDG EXTENSION)7-1997"CAR PARK SHEDDEN RD SITE CLEARANCE12-19998FT FENCE & REPAIRS5-2000!2 EXPANSION COST SPOTTS EXCHANGE7-2001 8 NORTH SOUND EXCH. RENOVATIONS9-200212-2002BF340680001524$STEELCASE FURNITURE - 1-200511-2005KAI6-1990BUILDING COSTS RLU3-1992BARBWIRELCA4-1993CROWS NEST EXCHANGE7-1996GENERATOR HOUSINGNOSNORTH SIDE RLU NORTHSIDE NORTH SIDENORTH SIDE ROAD SITESMB1-1983SEVEN MILE BEACH RLU2-1984ADJ TO ASSET NO 09P001916-1986FENCING & CONSTRUCTION W/BARBWIRESPB1-1978 SPOTS BAY RLUSPOT BAY (CAYMAN BRAC)SSE10-1992FENCINGDIGITAL EXCHANGESTB12-1968CAYMAN BRAC (66-67)EXCHANGE BUILDINGBUILDING ALTERATIONS3-1990DOORS6-1996 DOOR CLOSERWAGES2-1997"COST & ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERINGSTSSPOTTS RLU (SAVANNAH SITE)BARBWIRE/BAL FINAL STAGE4-20010 SPOTT'S EXCHANGE RENOVATIONSTEC10-1983 DEV TEC ARC9-1988BUILDING COSTS12-1988 TEC STORESCONTAINING RAMPFENCE FOR COMPONNDWEB12-1966WEST BAY12-1967WEST BAY (66-67)3-1993ARCHITECT FEESEXCHANGE BLDG EXTN COSTS LEGAL FEES 11310BF34068Shedden Road Building- Bldgs 15510BF340686-2006BUILDING ADDITIONS1-1969BODDENTOWN BLOCK38CPARCE1-1970CBR1-1967CAYMAN BRAC BLUFF TROPOBLO1-1968 CROSS ROADS9-1979EAST END SITE BLOCK75APAFKELAND PURCHASE JULY 89 GEORGETOWNGEORGETOWN SHEDDON ROADBLGEORGETOWN SHEDDON ROAD6-1984LAND - SHEDDON ROAD8-1985PURCHSE OF LAND BLCK142-1986LAND RESEARCH FEELAND FOR CAR PARKLAND RUM POINT 33 D21REMILAND1-1977NORTHSIDE EXCHSITEBLSEVN MILEBEACH 81/82ALSSPOT BAYPURCHASE OF SSE LANDSTAKE BAY BLOCK98DPARCELSPOTTS SAVANNAH 28B203WORTH SOUND ROADJEC SITE12-1985PROFESSIONAL SERVICES REND6-20043 CONST. COST C&W ROOM12-20003 PROJECTING ILLUMINATED SIGNS2-200511310BS34068MOBMobile Retail Outlets 13200BS34068GSM - Technical Buildings11310BS35068TRINTrinity Square 35100BS350684-2006Trinity Square Build Out 35200BS350689-2006Galleria - Build Out 35300BS350688-2005Dot Com - Build Out1-1992FURNITURE AND FITTINGSBLINDS6-1993OFFICE FURNITURE BOOKSHELVES9-1993 CICKERS TABLE10-1993 FURNITUREI/O TERMINALS - WORK STATIONS11-19935 YDS 6BAGS MIX CONCRETECOSTS OCT-MARCH88LINE PLANT MATERIALSCRUSH ROCK, JACKHAMMER RENTALSALARIES, HOT MIXSALARIES/OVERTIMEBUILDING MATERIALSLABOUR, FREIGHT TRENCHER PARTSHDPE MONOBORE SUB DUCTELEECTRICIAL ACCESSORIES SAW W/BLACK DUCTS CABLESLABOUR CISTS 2ND DUCT CIVIL WORKPAINT, CONCRETE, BACKHOE RENTALOVERTIME/SALARIES3 CABINET CROSS CONNECTION60 R BLOCK 20 PR OSW"520 LENS-3 1/2 DUCT 54D S/S X 5.8M88 BAGS CEMENT 212 YDS CEMENT!3 CONCRETE SLAB & MISC. EXPENSESOVERTIME, CEMENT, CONCRETE,PVC PIPES PIPE PRESS6 VALVESOL & TELEPHONE CABLESCABLES CLAMPS & CABLES DEAD END 20 ALUM SHIELD & FREIGHT CHARGES154 YRDS QUARRY DUSTTRUCKAGE PETTY CASH MATERIAL AND GENERAL REPAIR EXPSSALARIES, LUMBER2X4 PLY BOARD PLY SHEATHING5 YDS OF QUARRY DUSTAIRFARE2 YDS 6 BAY MIX CONCRETE CUSTOM DUTIESLABOUR, BACKFILLING OF TRENCH30 BAGS MIX CONCRETELABOUR COST XFER#ACCOM. AIRFARES, MEALS, CAR RENTALS(320) DUCT PVC PIPE NO.54D -MARLJACKHAMMER RENTALCONCRETE CEMENT OVERTIME CABLE CLAMP DEAD END CORNER FLAG CABLES CLAMPS.008 ALUM SHEILD PULLING EYE870 DUCTS FREIGHT CHARGESHOT AND COLD MIX PATCH SURVEY FEES 3096SQ FT CHIP&SPRAYCOSTS OCT -MARCH 88READY MIX CONCRETELUMBER, BLADE, OVERTIMEJACK HAMMER RENTAL FRAME & COVER POLE, CEMENT, HURRICANE SHUTTERSCONCRETE, CEMENT, FREIGHTFRAMES & COVER REPAIR ROAD SALARIES, OVERTIME, REPAIRING OF4 PORT SLEEVE 31R/200100 R/BLOCK 20PR 25M30 ANCHORS IRON 30 RESIN PACK1560 LENS DUCT 100 TDUX- 100#5800 BLACK 96.5MM 5.8M 3.25MM DUCTS3650.04 SQ FT HOT MIX PATCHING5 SLEEVE RADI 100/3B100 RELIABLE STRAND ALUM SHEILD2900 BLACK DUCTS17 GLYNWEB 5062 FRAME AND COVERSHELF A/C PAINT SHELF 13315PL24127 24306P24127SSO E & D SIDE DEVELOPMENT 24307P24127NETWORK DEVELOPMENT CYB 26303PL24127NETWORK DEVELOPMENT - EAST 24331P24127CAPITALIZED LABOUR - SUB APPS 24333P24127CAPITALISED OVERHEAD 009332P24127WIP CAPITALISED LABOURCOVERSFRAMES AND COVERS1-1972CEMENTJACK-HAMMER RENTAL CRUSHED ROCK, TRUCKING, BAR TIES#CEMENT, HOT MIX, JACK HAMMER RENTALCEMENT, JACK-HAMMER RENTAL,CEMENT, JACK HAMMER CARTRIDGEGLYNWED FRAME & COVERSRQC99 REL ELEC DIV.BOX JOINT (GRP) 5242 DRUMS - TELE. CABLE GLYNWED 50 6S FRAMD & COVER (35)GLYNWED 50623 FRAME & COVERFRAME & COVER CARRIAGE!(2) FRAME & COVER CARRIAGEWAY #3-7 (7) FRAME & COVER CARR. WAY 4 (3) FRAME&COVER CARRIAGE WAY.30 5063 FRAME COVER SLEEVE RAC129 SHIPPING CHGS 24306P24128MAIN DISTRIBUTION FRAMEFRAMES 108A & PARTSBRACKETS WIRE JUMPERTRANS. OF OVERTIME UY-2 BUTT CONNECT0RS - SCOTCHLOK9 (5) BLOCK CONNECTOR DDF6 (150) PROTECTOR SOLID STATE0 FREIGHT CHGS.CSW HOLDER AND HEADS PROTECTORSFRAMES 108A AND PARTSMAIN DIST FRAMEELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT JACK TEST(4) MODULE DISCONNECT 2/10 PRFRAME %B AND JACKS TEST9 CABINET CROSS CONNEXION NO.42 4918 CAB COMPLETE ssdpm WITH12 4918 CAB COMPLETE SSDPM WITH4918 SSOPMCI COMPLETE4918 CAB COMPLETE SSDPM5 LABOUR & MATERIAL 1 JUMP WIRE$CABINETS - (W/BAY & S/M BEACH) $(15) CABINETS - (B/TOWN, G/TOWN , $CABINETS- (SM/BEACH, & G/TOWN). $CABINETS - (B/TOWN, SPOTTS & G/TOWN)$CABINETS - (E/END, N/SIDE & C/KAI. $CABINETS - (B/TOWN & SM/BEACH) $CABINETS - (W/BAY) PROJECT MANGMNT. PL241340000943$( 4) CABINETS #4918, CABINET PAIRS $(10) CABINETS - CABINET PAIRS. $(33) CABINETS - (W/BAY, G/TOWN, $CABINETS (S/SOUND), CABINETS PAIRS $CABINETS #4918, CABINETS (S/SOUND) $PROJECT MANAGEMENT FEES $FINAL MATERIAL INVENTORY $CABINET CHANGEOVER XB-2440- PL241340001790PL241340001791PL241340001789PL241340001786PL241340001793PL241340001788$KRONE MATERIAL PL241340001785$(16) JACK TEST 47/IB. PLATE W/ST PL24134000179210 CAP SEALING 13311PL24134Brac/LYB - MDF, CAB, & DP 13314PL24134LP Expansion - MDF, CAB, & DP 15510PL24134Ivan-GTN-LP-MDF, CAB, & DPPANEL ASSY FITTEDUNIT REMOTE TERM LINE(2) CONNECTOR MODULES 7 FIBER-4 3100 PAIR CABLE 9 (3) CABINET DISTRIBUTION-4927PANEL ASSY FITTED W/ ARRESTORS(4) RIGGER 6417/1/824/00PANAL ASSY RESIN NO5#6 KJC 4H PER,ATITE 1000 -122/38-650#6 UNITS RAYCHEM FOSC-100B-ENCLOSURE1000 UY2 BUTT CONN. CART 120PKCLOSURE DOME FOSC-100B/H24(250) SLEEVE 31R/200 4PORT#CLOSURE SLICE PRESS- CONNECTOR UY2-(7) BLOCK TERMINAL 76B 20 PR3 PANEL FIBRE RACK MOUNT$7 CLOSURE FO OJK3000. PIGTAIL FIBREREADY MIX TEL. CHGS3 REMOTE TERMINAL & UNIT LINE.9 (2) UNIT REMOTE TERM LINE#8 SALARIES, WAGES& MISC. EXPENSES. CHAIN SAWCAPSTAN POWER UNITCHARGERWRENCH DRILL BITS"BATTERIES, TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIP DEPRESSORTORX SOC., DUST PLUG RUBBERTELEPH APRR AP TOOLS MIRRORS"DUST [LUG RUBBER AIR BAG SIMULATORPRESSURE WASHERWRENCH BIT SET SCRAPER ADAPTER1 OXY SENS 14 WRENCH DROPLIGHTLASER SOURCE CUTTER BOLT#2 TIME DOMAIN METER W/CASE 1 VACUUMSTORAGE RACKING2.5km cable fault loc vvfHYDRAULIC CARRT MACHINE11-19871 TON A.B.CHANCE CHAINH6504 A IMPACT WRENCHENGINE MONITOR KITTRANSMISSON JACKFLOOR CRANE CAPACITYANTENNA MOUNTS AND INSTALLATIONCABLE CONNECTOR & ACCESSORIESCONNECTORS FOR NEW ANTENNAPAINT FOR 45M TOWER$STRENGHTENING STEELWORK AND EARTHING2 ANTENNA MOUNTS 1 ANTENNA PEAK ADJ. CONST.COST/FRANK SD PROJECT1NO,20MTOWER PLUS 5M POLE!CONST. COST OF TOWER BASE F/< SOUND(12) KIT GROUND - KIT CABLE TIERECHGED. MOBILE UPGRADECELLSITE SWITCH (3) OMNI DIRECTIONAL BROAD BAND-2 (2) TOWER 30M KS4000!7 (3) ONAN GENERATORS ,L/CENTRE3 (2) FRAME ANTENNA FR TOWER.2 (3) TOWER MONOPOLE 20M.4 MOBILE NET EXPANSIONINSTALLATION TOWER!TELECOM EQUIPMENT ACCOM MISC EXPSANTENNA MOUNTSANTENNASCOAXIAL CABLE AND CONNECTORS 13200PL26001GSM - Cellular Masts & Aerials 15100PL26001#GSM 850 Overlay-Cell. Masts&Aerials 16600PL26001CELLULAR MASTS & AERIALSPL260030002085$VOICE MAIL SYSTEM EXPANSION . 12000PL26003RHQ - 2001/2002 Mobile Phase 4CAY13200 GSM OVERLAY - Regional Programme 13200PL26003#GSM-Cellular Switching/Transmission 13200CWWIGSM - CWWI (Caman RO) 15510PL26003"Ivan-GTN-Cellular Switching/Transm 15100PL26003PL241210001588$CABLE AERIAL 25 PAIR. CLOSURE SPLICEPL241210001584$CABLE AERIAL 25 & 50PR/ PL241210001587$CABLE UG 600 PAIR. CABLE AERIAL 50PRPL241210001583$CABLE UG 150 PAIR 24 AWG. BLOCK PL241210001585$CABLE UG 100 PAIR. CABLE AERIAL PL241210001579PL241210001581$AERIAL CABLE. CABLE UG 200PR. PL241210001578$CABLE AERIAL 100PR. CABLEUG 25 PAIR.PL241210001580$CABLE UG 24 FIBRE OPTIC CABLE PL241210001752PL241210001582$CABLE AERIAL 8 FIBER OPTICAL. CABLE PL241210001763PL241210001794PL241210001760$POLE REL STRANDISE. POLE GROUND PL241210001766PL241210001765PL241210001753PL241210001767PL241210001768PL241210001758$(1) FIBRE CABLE RECOVER PL241210001769PL241210001759$CABLE AERIAL 100PR. POLE PL241210001770PL241210001755PL241210001757$CABLE AERIAL 8 FIBER OPTICAL PL241210001761PL241210001756$CABLE UG 150 PAIR 24 AWG PL241210001764PL241210001762PL241210001754 LINE PLANTPL2412108148 PL2412109965 CABLEPL2412109964 1-1984CABLE ACPL2412108110 PL2412110724 CABLE AND FITTINGSPL2412110977 SURGE ARRESTORSPL2412110979 AERIAL CABLES W/ C&W SPEC.CAssets over three years old wasvsubject to the revaluation process.Figures from the indexation model GBV sheet are then mapped to the Network component schedule of the Appendix III Indexed Fixed Assets 07-04-09 file!CAPSTAIN & MOTOR ATTACHED TO F3502 FORD ESCORT LX WAGON- 1995 15900VE46142Vehicles - Motor Cars - Ivan1998 FORD ECONOLINE E1501998 FORD ECONOLINE E150 VAN1998 FORD F250 TRUCK LIC.695581998 FORD F250 TRUCK LIC.69559$0 ONE-1999 FORD E150 CARGO VAN 4.2L 15900VE46143Vehicles - Vans - IvanTotalWrite offs assumed at 30/9/05 monthsKEY+Bold Red - Assets disposed of during 2005/6(Bold Pink - Write off of Bold Red Assets Bold Blue - Additions since 3/05Bold Plum - WIPAerial Cable/Lines TotalCivil Works TotalInstallation Overheads TotalPole Lines TotalUnderground Cable TotalUnderground Conduit TotalAssets aged 1- 3 years oldGBV Cost"Total excluding Non network AssetsAverage Distribution Percentage Total Distribution Percentage400-RSU-Host Tx Voice400-RSU-Host Tx Data400-Host-Host Tx Voice400-Host-Host Tx Data400-International Tx Voice400-International Tx Data400-International Switching& & & & & .& & & & & & ..& & & & & & & PL200850001996PL200850001997$(1) IMAGE CARD SELECT W/AIT.(PRINTERPL200850002019$CONVERSION UTILITY KEY FILE $Cable & Wireless (WI) - Cayman Is. $BT EXCH RENOVATIONS $REPLACE AERIAL SVC.MAINS $     CRE ESE $EAST END GTN $NORTH SOUND RD - GENERATOR BLDG. BF340680001523$I.S. POWER UPGRADE PROJECT BF340680001525$LABOUR COSTS - IT UPGRADE BF340680001526$DATA CENTRE RELOCATION COST. BF340680001527BF340680001528$IT. DATA CENTRE - NEW SERVER PROJECTBF340680002153$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE ASSET BF34 NABF340680002162$03/04 IMPAIRMENT CHARGE CREDIT BF34 BF340680002690$TEC Stores Bldg NS Road BF340680002691$Generator Housing - OTS BF340680002701$OTS - GENERATOR HOUSE BF340680002707$OTS - BUILDING BF340680002709$OTS - ROOF BF340680003706 13020PL20085BILLING 13322PL20085IT Expansion - Hardware 14200PL20085Tallysoft - Hardware 14400PL20085NGN - Hardware 35100PL20085"Trinity Square - Computer Hardware 35200PL20085Galleria - Computer Hardware 15200PL200852-2006Electronic Top Ups-Hardware 15800PL20085 15400PL20085Internet Hot Spots - HardwareCOMPUTER PERSONAL (PC'S)PL200900002134$PHASE l LICENSING FEE (PARTNER PL200900002133$TECHNICAL WRITER/DOCUMENTATION RHQORDERSRHQ Orders - MMIS 13322PL20090IT Expansion - Software CAY14000PROG#2003/2004 Regional Capital Projects 14200PL20090Tallysoft - Software 14400PL20090NGN - Software 15850PL200905-2006Spacial Navigator - Software 15800PL20090 16300PL20090SAP - Software 16700PL20090COMVERSE - Software5 (2) COMPUTERS LAPTOP 14400PL22004NGN - Tools & Test Equipment400-Cellsite land & masts2400-GSM: Handsets and SIM card/activation platform'400-GSM: HLR/VLR - subscriber sensitiveEndFixed Network ComponentsMobile Network Components Other VASMobile TransmissionMobile VAS AssetsMobile SwitchingOther Services Interconnect Business UnitAssociated Network ComponentIntl TXSwitching/ExchangeDom TXX1X2X4X5X6X7X8X9X10X11X12Non Network ComponentsOther Network ComponentsNetwk Bldg MobileAdmin Bldg MobileVehicles Mobile"Other Network Components - MobileNon Network Components - MobileFurniture & FittingsPower Supply - MobilePower Supply - PSTNNetwk Bldg PSTNADSL EquipmentInternet - ADSLGSM: Prepaid platformAdmin Bldg PSTN PBX - CPEPublic Pay Phone Equip Other CPE$Auxillary Equip and Support - Mobile"Auxillary Equip and Support - PSTN!Comp Hardware and Software - PSTNExpense Factors Mapping400-VOIP EquipmentOther Current CostMSC$400-GSM: Interconnect Specific Links400-GSM: National Tx400-GSM: Cellsite land & masts&8 (161) SIGNAGE KITS. (200) COVER SET#9 (14) PAYPHONES CR/DR/COIN XP1230#6 (20) PAYPHONES CREDIT/DEBIT/COIN$2 (6) pPAYPHONES SINGLE BOOTH WALL.1 (19) PAYPHONES CR/DR/COIN.$7 (35) PAYPHONE CREDIT/DEBIT COIN .0 (35) PAYPHONES CR/DR/COIN3 (1) COMPUTER DESKTOP4 HEADER PANELS, SIGNAGE KIT2 (5) INSERT/W BILL ACCEPTOR4 (64) BOOTH PAYPHONESPAYPHONE PROJECT$(4) NETVISTA S40 LEGACY- FREE C566. $(2) EQUINOX SST8 PCT 8 PRT MODEM $(2) EPSON POS PRINTERS INST. EZTOUCH$PAYHONE PROJECT $PAYPHONE PROJECT COSTS $(35) PAYPHONES CR/DR/COIN 11347PL23112#Public Payphone - Public Phone Eqpt(25) GTX TRUNK RADIOSPL231190001462$95) PROFESSIONAL RLSS. PL231190001463$(50) PROFESSIONAL RLS2. PL231190001464$TEL. KRISCOR. WIREDROP 5 PAIR. PL231190001460PL231190001465$ADSL & OC3 ATM CARDS. EXPANSION PL100080002593$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 ANDY'S AUTO PL100080002596$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 N. SOUND RD PL100080002597$BROADBAND EXPANSION '05 FORT STREET PL100080002719$GEORGE TOWN FAIRBANKS AFC CABINET PL100080002720$GEORGE TOWN NEWPORT AFC CABINET PL100080002724$GEORGE TOWN ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002732$FORT STREET ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002733$NORTH SOUND RD ALCATEL CENTRAL PL100080002734$LION CENTER ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002736$ANDY'S AUTO ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002951$Alcatel - Fort Street PL100080002953$Alcatel - Andy's Auto PL100080002954$Alcatel - Lion's Centre PL100080002956< PL100080002968$Citrus Grove PL100080002980$AFC - Newport PL100080002981$AFC - Fairbanks PL100080002982$AFC - Templeton Pine PL100080003108$DSLAM Network Engineering Services $provided by Nortel PL100080003233$DSLAM Equipment - Digital Subscriber$Line Access Multiplexer PL100080003313$FIREPASS 1020 REMOTE ACCESS $CONTROLLER PL100080003314$OT WAGES PL100080003316$AFC EQUIP. INSTALLATION PL100080003317$JACK TEST 48/1A PL100080003318$NEWBRIDGE NETWORK EXPANSION PL100080003319$ADSL CARDS FOR ASAM PL100080003433$2MB DTI/PRI CAR CABLE PL100080003474$DTU 2603 V.35-ANM 90-0108-99 PL100080003475$DTU 2801 NETWK TERMINATION 2 PL100080003476$DTU SHDSL S/T 690S DSL 18879D PL100080003477$DTU SHDSL S/TCH 690 2W/E1 PL100080003478$DTU SHDSL S/TCH 690 2W DSL PL100080003479$DTU SHDSL ST 690S E1,CE,2W PL100080003713$DATA EQUIPMENT PL100080003812$LABOUR/SHDSL PROJECT PL100080003813$SHDSL PROJECT/TELINDUS MODEMS PL100080003814NAILS, LUMBER, CEMENT, BLOCKS WAGES, CEMENTHOT MIXCUC POLES, CONCRETE CEMENTLUMBER, NAILS,HOT MIX PAVINGCOUPLING, HOT MIXMARL, HOT MIX, NAILS FREIGHT, TRUCKING CHARGES, BOLTS"WRENCH LEVEL BAR SCREWDRIVER WAGESOVERTIME SALARIESSALARIES/OVERTIME CEMENT"SALARIES OVERTIME TRUCKING HOT MIX#HOT MIX TOOLS SALARIES CEMENT WAGES SALARIES & WAGES FREIGHT MANHOLESALARIES FREIGHTCEMENT PLIERS WAGES OVERTIME!SALARIES & WAGES SUPAKIT TRUCKINGSALARIES CONCRETEOVERTIME WAGESPLUGS OVERTIME SALARIES & WAGESSALARIES LUNCH WATER1-1997#HOT MIX TOOLS CEMENT PLIERS FREIGHT6-1997PANEL - STORES PANEL STORESELECTRICAL PARTS - CABLEPOWER ADAPTER 11SV 40VA W/CORDTDUX-100 S5014 TOUX-CL 80-55023CABLES & BLACK DUCTS400 RELIABLE 3/16" STRANDVISE2900 - 500 YDS BLACK DUCTS220 SLEEVE 31R/200 R/BLOCKCONSTRUCTION COSTCUSTOM & TRUCKING CHGSREPAIRS TO TRENCHES & FRAMEACCOM. & MEALS54 cb/YDS OF CONCRETE 1500 PSICONSTRUCTION ON MANHOLES104 YDS CONCRETE 1500 PSI27 YDS CONCRETE 3000 PSISALARIES & WAGES COST XFER168 YDS OF QUARRY DUST 3/8" CRTRANS COST OF SALARIES & WAGESTRANS . SALARIES & WAGESJOINT TRENCH AGREEMENT (CUC)TELECOM. EQUIP.CHANNEL BRACKET 1879MMTELEPHONE APPARATUS VARIOUS CHGS"(800) GC16P FARGO GROUND CONNECTOR POLYETHYLENE SHEATHED ASSC CABLE(100) BOXES DROP WIRE#POLYETHYLENE SHEATHED A.S.S.C.CABLEHOT MIX PATCHINGcb/YDS OF CONCRETE 3000 PSI075-100 PR 24 GAcb/YDS CONCRETE CEMENT 3000 PSIDUCT BLACK 96.5MM 3.25MM ES20 cb/yd OF CONCRETE 3000 PSITRANS.FROM SALARIES & WAGES1Colour coding convention used in this spreadsheet+Hard Coded data are shaded in light yellow.*Simple formulas are shaded in light Green.)Linked formulas are shaded in light Blue. Sheet GuideStages Sheet TabsStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5#Total in the expense factor 1 sheetAsset Categories0The tab: Cay assets up to 3yrs old v3 contains the assets on the Cayman fixed asset register aged 1 - 3 years old, sorted and sub totalled by associated network components. These components are further allocated to an agreed set of network components using drivers from the assumptions and drivers sheet. . The tab: Expense Factor 2 contains the summarised results of the Indexed Cay asset by network components. It is designed to & & & & & .  The tab: Expense Factor 1 contains the summarised results of the WIP and the Cay assets up to 3 yrs old v3 sheets by network components. This sheet is designed to & & & & & & & . The tab: WIP contains the hard coded data from the fixed asset register for new assets/equipment soon to be capitalised. The summarised results are mapped to the network components in the expense factors 1 sheet.  The tab: Indexed Cay assets over 3yrs contains the summarised results from the Indexation model by major asset categories. These assets are then allocated to network components which are then mapped to components in the Expense Factors 2 sheet./ The methodology and assumptions sheet provides information on the methodology used in constructing the Cayman Indexation model.lThe assumptions and drivers sheet provides data for the allocations of network assets to network components.$WEST BAY ALCATEL CENTRAL OFFICE PL100080002966PL100080002985$AFC - North West Point PL100080002986$AFC - Xrystal Valley PL100080003863$ADSL INSTALLATION - WEB EXCHANGE $BSTGL WXV PL100080003865$6@1333 CUST. SVC., 28@2042 $FINANCE & BUS. SALES FU470720002767$TRINITY SQ - CARPET FU470720002770$TRINITY SQ - MESH CHAIRS $23@609.00, 3 BLK @ 362.01 $3@565.00 MARKETING FU470720002771$TRINITY SQ - EXECUTIVE DESKS $7 DESKS - EXEC. OFFICE, $3 DESKS - CORP. COMM. $10 DESK - FINANCE FU470720002896$BUILDING REPAIRS - TRINITY SQ FU470720002906$BUILDING REPAIRS & TEMP RE-FIT $LABOUR FU470720003702$WINDOW BLINDS IN REGIONAL OFFICE FU470720003703$FILING CABINETS FU470720003704$FURNITURE RESTORATION FU470720003705$CONTESSA CHAIRS FOR REGIONAL FINANCEFU470720003785$VARIOUS FUNR. & FITTINGS - EMERGENCY$DOOR KIT FOR ANDERSON SQ. FU470720003038$STORAGE UNITS FU470720003039$COUNTERS FU470720003040$POCKET BROCHURE HOLDERS & POSTERS $SLEEVES FU470720003041$MISC. FU470720003786$VARIOUS FUNR. & FITTINGS - DOOR $STRIKE KIT FOR GALLERIA MGR. OFFICE FU470720003788$STRIKE KIT FOR GALLERIA IT/COMMS FU470720003789$STRIKE KIT FOR GALLERIA STORE ROOM FU4707200028988 CLOSURE SPLICE PRESS.4 DUCT PIPE LAYING0 CABINET DISTRIBUTION.3 DUCT PIPE LAYING8 DUCT PVC PIPE LAYING!6 DUCT PIPE LAYING. (AIRPORT RD)5 DUCT PIPE LAYING.1 (26) CABINET DISTRIBUTIONS.9 DUCT PIPE LAYING'7 CABINET DISTRIBUTION. DUCT PVC PIPE.7 DUCT PIPE LAYING.2 DUCT PIPE LAYING6 DUCT PVC PIPE LAYINGPL241270001616$REMOTE SUBSCRIBER SWITCHED. PL241270001591$REMOTE SUBSCRIBER SEITCHES PROJECT. COSTS MAY88ALLOC OF SAL EXPS TO CAP BATTERIESJEEP RENTAL-HINTON CONOLLYACCOMMODATION & FOODWAGES, CONCRETEFREIGHT, GASOLINE, WAGES POLE & LABOURCONCRETEKRONE EQUIPMENT$HENNA CHERRY EXEC. DESKS FU470720001475$AIRCONDITIONING - TRINITY SQUARE. FU470720001477$DEMOUNTANLE PARTITIONS FOR TRINITY FU470720001478$RELOCATION COSTS- TRINITY SQUARE. FU470720001479$FURNITURE - TRINITY SQ. RELOCATION. FU470720001480$FURNITURE - TRINITY SQUARE RELOC. $(2) RICOH AFICIO 650 . $(1) RUCOH PHOTOCOPIER $STORAGE CABINETS FOR MAG TAPES/DISKSFU470740003766$DIGITAL SAFETY SIGNS FU470740003769$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - HP LASER $JET 3380 - MFP SN# CNBM156007 FU470740003770$JET 4250DTN SN# CNBXB20109 FU470740003773$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS $CONF. BOOTH FU470740003774$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS 17' x 17' $ DOUBLE SIDES AGENT ALUMINIUM $FLANGES INCLUDING ARTWORK < FU470740003775"VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS 37 SHARP"$HDTV W/ WALL MOUNTINGS FU470740003776$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - VINYL $GRAPHICS FU470740003777$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS -GETTYSBURG$FLAG & POLES FU470740003778$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - BARRY $BROOKS BLK. TENTS FU470740003779$BROOKS BLUE TENTS FU470740003780$VARIOUS FURN. & FITTINGS - CHAMBER $EXPO FURN. & FITTINGS FU470740003037$CARPET PL00PL00080003824 $17900 VOICEMAIL PROJECT $VOXONE CARTRIDGE PL00080003825 $MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES PL01PL010020003731$ANTENNAS - GIS COMPUTER SYSTEM PL03$FREIGHT PL05PL07PL09PL090310003593$SALARIES - GSM OVERLAY PL090310002247$GSM STAND-BY POWER GENERATOR PL090310002248$MORITTS PL090310002249$GSM STAND-BY GENERATOR POWER $CELL ID# 928 PL090310002878$40KW Generator 400-International Tx%400-PSTN Host Switch - call sensitive)400-PSTN Host Switch - duration sensitive400-RSU traffic sensitive"AERIAL CABLES FREIGHT AND TRUCKINGPL2412110903 38 PIECES SIGNSPL2412110939 #CABLES FREIGHT AND TRUCKING CHARGESTRAVEL EXPS TO CAYMAN BRAC ACCOMMODATIONS 119 GAL. GASOLINEPOLYETHYLENE SHEATHED CABLES 6 REEL CABLE AND FRIEGHT CHARGESCABLE AERIAL G/F 100PR/0/50MM-BLOCK TEMINAL 20PR NO TAIL'7 CABLE AERIAL 50 PR - CABLE UG 150 PR!TELEPHONE CABLES FREIGHT AND PORTPL2412102617 PL2412108127 PL2412110914 BOLT CONNECTORSPL2412110917 AERIAL CABLES W/ C & W SPECPL2412110913 BLOCK 20 PR OSW & 25MPL2412110912 CABLES AND FREIGHTPL2412110916 #TELEPHONE CABLES WAGES FREIGHT FEESPL2412101299 EX STOCK OCT-MARCH 88PL2412101354 PL2412101484 EX STOCK SEPT 88PL2412102651 PL2412108119 PL2412109017 UTILITY POLEPL2412109927 PL2412109925 PL2412109920 TOOL, CARTRIDGE, BOLTPL2412109926 FREIGHT, SLEEVES, ROCKERSPL2412109921 FREIGHT, TOOLS, CARTRIDGE, FRAMEPL2412109923 CABLE, FREIGHTPL2412109922 SLEEVE FITTINGS, RESIN, ROCKERSPL2412109924 !FREIGHT, SLEEVE, GLAND KIT, CABLEPL2412110854 9 FLASH LIGHTS 8 POLESPL2412110855 $5 DRUMS 20/0.5MM CELLULAR PET FF PMBPL2412110852 1200 SPLIT BOLT CONNECTORSPL2412110853 .5 MM PCW CELL PE INS 20 PWRPL2412111491 MACHINE BOLT CALVPL2412110928 PL2412110924 20 PR/5 MM PCW CELL PE INSPL2412110929 TELEPHONE CABLESPL2412110930 TELECOM EQUIPMENTPL2412110923 13311PL24121Brac/LYB - Aerial Cable 13314PL24121LP Expansion - Aerial Cable 15510PL241213-2006Ivan-GTN-LP-Aerial Cable 26304PL24121NETWORK DEVELOPMENT - WEBPL2412202220 1-1979UNDERGROUND CABLE D SIDEPL2412202342 CABLE INSTNPL2412202221 1-1980PL2412202222 PL2412202223 1-1982PL2412202224 PL2412202225 PL2412202226 PL2412202227 1-1986PL2412202228 1-1987PL2412202343 PL2412202229 1-1988PL2412201295 PL2412201348 PL2412209056 STOCK ISSUES (STORES)PL2412209116 CAPITAL STOCK ISSUES (STORES)PL2412210078 OVERTIMEPL2412210077 SHRINKWELD CLOSURE2ND DUCT COSTS CRE/STB/SPBLABOUR COSTS 2ND DUCTSTORES ISSUES OCT APRUNDERGROUND CABLE STORES ISSUES360 SUPER MINI MODULECABLES FREIGHT CHARGES#1160 BLACK DUCT FREIGHT AND TRUCKINCABLES AND ACCESSORIESPL2412202230 PL2412202344 CABLE E SIDEPL2412202231 PL2412202232 PL2412202233 PL2412202234 PL2412201349 PL2412201568 PL2412202643 PL2412208156 PL2412209054 PL2412209113 PL2412209052 PL2412210066 PL2412210741 !ESSEX CABLE TRUCKING PORT/FREIGHTPL2412208166 PL2412209050 600 SUPER MINI MODULE FIBER CABLES, MATERIAL & S/PARTSELECTRICAL ACCESSORIESRENOVATION & UPGRADE TOTOOLS AND ACCESSORIESCABLE & ELECTRICALL ACCESSORIES PORT CHARGES6 XACGA1000-E2-KITULTRA 1 MEM EXP.127M(2) ONU CHARGER INTERCONNECT"REMOTE ENC. O/DOOR-QCABLE UG 100PR400 PAIR CABLE - FEDEX, FGHT.,CABLE UG 100PRCABLE UG 100 PRS-AERIAL CABLE/BLK TERMINAL -#CABLE UG - 100PR - CONNECTOR MODULECABINET DIST. 4918 - SSDPMCT-BLOCK PROTECTPR 25PR - CABLE UG CABLE UG 150PR - BLOCK PROTECTOR$(6) CARD INTERFACE - ON0 - UNIT LINE!CABLE UG 100PR & 150PR - DUCT PVC CONNECTOR MODULE 6 FIBER - BLOCK"CABLE UG 100PR 24 AWG - (4) SLEEVEADAPTER FC/PC - CLOSURE FO -$POLE REL STRANDVISE. PROTECTOR PL231190001466$TEL KRISCOR 1 LINE. WIREDROP 6 PAIR PL231190001950PL231190001952$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHAB TO NID. PL231190001951PL231190001953$RESIDENT'L INST. & OTHER CUSTOMER PL231190001954$RESIDENT'L INST. & LINE REHAB. PL231190001957PL231190001958$RESIDNT'L INST. LINE REHABILITATION.PL231190001959PL231190001960$DROP WIRE 6 PAIR. PROTECTOR PL231190001961PL231190001962$TEL. KRISCOR 1 LINE. CABLE INTERNAL.PL231190001963$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHABILITATIONPL231190001964PL231190001966$FREIGHT & MISC. CHGS. PL231190001965PL231190001968$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHAB. PL231190001969$MODEM ADSL USB. DROP WIRE S/TOUCH. PL231190001970$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHAB. TO NID.PL231190001971PL231190001972$TEL. KRISCOR 1 LINE. PROTECTOR PL231190001921PL231190001973PL231190001974$RESIDENT'L. INST. LINE REHAB/REPAIRSPL231190001922$NID 3 PAIR. TEL. KRISCOR 1 LINE. PL231190001923$RESIDENT'L. INST LINE REHAB. & PL231190001924PL231190001927$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHAB. TO NID PL231190001926PL231190001928$RESIDENT'L INST. LINE REHAB. FAULT PL231190001929$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR. UPS 550 VA PL231190001930PL231190001931$LINE REHABILITATION TO NID. FAULT PL231190001932$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR. MODEM ADSL PL231190001933PL231190001934$LINE REHAB. RESIDENT'L INST FAULT PL231190001935$MODEM ADSL USB EXT. WIRE DRO[ PL231190001936$LINE REHAB. TO NID. RESIDENT'L. PL231190001937PL231190001939$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR 22 AWG. TEL KRISCORPL231190001940PL231190001941PL231190001942PL231190001943$TEL. KRISCOR 1 LINE. WIRE DROP PL231190001944$RESIDENTIAL INST. FAULT REPAIRS. PL231190001946PL231190001947$WITE DROP 3 PAIR 22AWG. PROTECTOR PL231190001919$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR 22AWG. NID 3 PAIR PL231190001920PL231190001948PL231190001949$WIRE DROP 3 PAIR 22 AWG. PROTECTOR write off 11301PL23119Cus Apps - Other Cust Eqpt 12301PL23119 13361PL23119Single Line Equipment 24320P23119SPS SUB APPS DEV. STOCK ISSUES5 PAYPHONE PROJECT - OVERHEADS8 PUBLIC TELEPHONE BOOTHS. 9 TELEPHONE BOOTHS & PAYPHONES.7 PAYPHONE PROJECT$PAYHONES PROJECT TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT9-19971 WORK LITE 20"1 SUPER DELUX SCANNERNON TECHNICAL EQUIPMENTGOGGLEPAINTFREIGHTFISHTAPE HAMMERSEAL REMOVER BEARING REPLACERDTOOL BOX, SCREWDRIVER, PADLOCK, ADAPTER SET, MUFFLER, AIR FILTERCOMB WIRE PIPEPROPANE GAS, CLAMP, HOSESLIDE HAMMER WRENCHFREIGHT, PAVING BREAKERADC COMMUNICATIONS, JENEN TOOLSPADLOCK, PUMP SPRAY, DRILL BITS 2 BOLT CUTTER!1 HAMMER 3 SCREWDRIVERS SAWBLADESRODER HOOD PLASTIC DB9&DB25 (200) EACH3 PC TOWER/MONITOR STOCK TRANS.ADAPOR CAPPING MISC. ITEMS2 ASPHALT CUTTER2 4049 LITE KITEML TRAINING/INSTLL1 - 800 FIBRE IDENT1 965 (2921) LOOP TESTER2 TEST SET TS-21X89 BUTTQ TRANS. JACK - 2 DIGITAL METER2 2530 FIBRE SPLICE PREP KIT91) 2000 MONITORING SYSKIT DOME CART - DRAIN WASTEMISC. EXPENSES MOTOR DUCT FREIGHT CHGS (2) ANALOG TEST SET - (3) MULTI-TOOL & CATALOG , FRGT. CUSTOM &"MDF BLOCK 399 TAP SHOE PN - FRGHT.3 (6) KIT TOOL - TEST SET UTS-#5 BOARD SCCM -B 535500 (1) PRINTER<2-20009-200010-200010-2002TOOLS & TEST EQUIPMENTTOOLS FOR VECHILE MAINT.CRIMPING TOOL WIRING TRAYDIGITAL LINE MONITOR1-1990HUM ZAPPER WITH MULTIMETER LINE TRACER 13340PL24004Tools, Test Equip, & Mech AidsCOAXIAL CABLES%0 SOCKET COAXIAL 43/5FS - CABLE COAXPLASTIC HOUSING(1) DRYFIT BATTERY SONNENCHEINFIBRE OPTIC PHASE 2FIBRE OPTIC PHASE 12-1993PL2401710031 CABLE, FACEPLATEPL2401710002 FREIGHT, CABLE, COUPLINGPL2401711580 DUTIES & TRUCKING CHGSPL2401711555 FREIGHT & tRUCKING CHGSPL2401711554 $RG09008BMH 3XCU PAIRS F8 (C&W) (3000PL240170000286CUSTOM & FREIGHT CHGS.PL240170000373(2) PROTECTORS SPLICE QPAKPL240170000372(8) CONNECTORS MODULE 6 FIBERPL2401700004788 (14) CORD PATCH FIBER SINGLEPL240170000588%8 (7) CABINET CPE , (3) UNIT DOUBLERPL2401700005877 CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODEPL2401700008055 TEL SUPERSET 4025.PL2401700008066 CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODE.PL2401700008733 CORD PATCH DUPLEXPL240170000974$CREDIT ADJ. FOR GRN DUPLICATIONS PL240170000975PL240170001068$FIBER MODULES/TUBING FOR MAYA I. PL240170001075$CABLE AERIAL 8 FIBER OPTICAL 24.MM PL240170001067$FDS 1 PARTS ADDTN'L SPARES FROM PL240170001069$CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODE. PL240170001070PL240170001402PL240170001635$CORD PATCH FO SM BUFFERED. TRAY PL2401708212 CUSTOM DUTY4 CABLE 48 FIBRE SINGLE MODE,PL2401708229 MONTLY SERVICES ACCOMODATIONSWITCHING SHELF POWER SHELF4-1997ASSY CAMPUS NEWBRIDGE EQUIP.RENTAL COST FOR VERMEER T800!(12) ALUMINUM LADDERS & FGT.CHGS.PL2409902602 6-1991SALARIES + PENSIONSPL2409909640 PL2409909641 SALARIESWAGES ETC OCT-MAR 88LABOURPL2409901313 WAGES & O/HEADS OCT-MARPL2409909644 PL2409909604 PL2409909645 PL2409909591 PL2409909592 LABOUR - FIBRE NETWORKSALARIES AND WAGESTRANS. SALARIES & WAGESTRANS. COST OF SALARIES & WAGESTrans. Salaries & Wages`` TRANS.OF SALARY COST FROM 26330/Trans. salaries & wages(6) BACKBOARD PANEL ITW- TRANS. OVERTIME & MISC. EXPENSES!SALARIES, WAGES & TEL. BILL CHGS.9 LABOUR COST 5 (1) 12 CH PROXR GPS TSCI 2MB."6 (4) BATT 48V 200 AH VRLA 24BKC. 3 OVERHEADSPL2409909593 LABOUR COSTPL2409909597 PL2409909601 PL2409909596 PL2409909598 PL2409910762 5-1997SALARIES & WAGESPL2409911542 STOCK TRANS. TO NETWORK PROJECTPL2409911588 STOCK TRANSPL2409911586 PL2409911546 Salary cost trans.PL2409911653 PL2409911651 PL2409911646 PL2409911642 1550-4 LINEMANS KNIFEPL2409911656 PL2409911659 PL2409911647 SALARIES COST TRANS.PL2409911655 PL2409911654 SALARIES & WAGES TRANS.PL2409911658 PL2409911657 PL2409911643 TRANS SALARIES & WAGESPL2409911645 PL2409911644 PL240990000311REANS. SALARIES & WAGESPL240990000377PL240990000844 4 OVERHEADSPL240990001574$SPARES FOR E.O. NETWORKS CABINETS PL240990001577$(6) VHF PORTABLE RADIOS PL240990000972$OVERHEADS - LABOUR, TRAVEL, PL240990001086PL240990001548PL2409900015476-2002PL240990001557PL240990001551PL240990001556PL240990001564$WEB TIMESHEET. MAIN. & MISC. EXP'S. PL240990001576$WEB. TIMESHEET CHGS. & MISC. EXP'S. PL240990001563PL240990001558PL240990001555PL240990001553"FREIGHT, CAR RENTAL, ACCOMMADITIONPL2409909600 PL2409909602 WAGES & SALARIESWAGES OCT-MARCH 88PL2409909605 WAGES ETC OCT-MARCH 88#1 Salaries, Wages & Misc. expensesPL2409909611 PL2409909612 PL2409909613 CAY15500PROG PROJECT RESTORE - HURRICANE IVAN 26330PL24099CAPITALIZED LABOUR - NAT. TELS008999Work in Progress - UnallocatedSECURITY-CARD ACCESS SYSTEM 26320PL23114SUBSCRIBERS APPARTUS - SPS(200) SE26744 ADAPTER, MODPOLE GROUND CONNECTFAR-GC-167P CLAMP GROUND PLTDPL2412101355 EX STOCK OCT-MARCH88PL2412101560 EX STOCK NOV MARCH 89PL2412109058 POLESSTORES ISSUES OCT-APR1 AERIAL CABLEPL2412101356 PL2412102646 PL2412108155 PL2412110742 #ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES CABLES BOLTSPL2412111158 13 BLOCK TERMINALSPL2412110945 "CABLES AND ACCESSORIES AND FREIGHTPL2412110955 MACHINE BOLT GALVPL2412110950 !AERIAL CABLES CABLES W/ C&W SPEC.PL2412110947 R BLOCK 20 PR OSWPL2412110951 1160 BLACK DUCT FREIGHT CHARGESPL2412110954 ANSWERING MACHINE- PANASONICPL2412110948 TELEPHONE CABLES FREIGHT CHARGESPL2412110949 TELEPHONE CABLES PORT FEESPL2412110952 SPLIT BOLT CONNPL2412110960 41 BAGS CEMENT 472 YDS CEMENTPL2412108165 #0 CABLE AERIAL G/F 50PR/0 . GROUNDPL2412102682 PL2412108101 PL2412109004 POLE CABLE BUILDING MATERIALSPL2412110007 TRUCKING, STOCKPL2412110006 STOCKPL2412110004 COPPER COM TERMINAL, BOUNTYPL2412110005 PL2412110008 STOCKSPL2412110009 PL2412110003 BOLT, CABLE, TRUCKING CHARGESPL2412110010 ROCKER BLOCK, FREIGHT, TRUCKINGPL2412110554 XFER OF STOCKSPL2412110555 $YALE PIN XFER OF STOCKS SALARIES WAGPL2412110589 FISH TAPE KEYS TOOL BOX COOLERPL2412110583 PL2412110562 PL2412110573 PL2412110591 !SALE OF US DOLLARS-AVIATION COMM.PL2412110560 PL2412110587 SPLIT BOLT NAILS STOCKPL2412110568 POLE PLATES STOCKSPL2412110580 OVERTIME STOCKSPL2412110563 TELEPHONE CABLE STOCKS FREIGHTPL2412110571 PL2412110606 STOCKS FREIGHTPL2412110595 CABLE STOCKSPL2412110600 "TELECOM EQUIPMENT FREIGHT PVC DUCTPL2412110749 PL2412111498 PL2412111497 PL2412111489 BEND DUCTSPL2412111493 !50 REFLECTOR NEST 24 KLEIN KNIVESPL2412110925 GROUND CONNECTORPL2412111499 2 HAND/HYDRAULIC CRIM UNITPL2412111495 CABLESPL2412111494 R/BLOCK 20 PR OSW/25MPL2412111490 PL2412111496 BLOCK TERMINALS - SLEEVESPL2412111492 #1000 SILICON BRONZEY 2 PULLING ROPEPL2412111578 PL2412111556 PL2412111558 12 DRUM TEL. CABLEPL2412111557 'Gross Replacement Value of Assets (All)!Gross Replacement Value of Assets4Gross Replacement Value of Assets (1-3 yrs) Plus WIP+Gross Replacement Value of Assets (1-3 yrs)*Gross Replacement value of Assets Plus WIP!Gross Replacement value of Assets2Gross Replacement Value of Assets (over 3 yrs old) Microwave SwitchingEngineering Centre-LandFreightPacket SwitchingChannelling EquipmentSynchronisation Power FeedingCellular RadioCoaxial Cables Audio CablesRegenerator Cases & TailsMechanical AidsCable PressurisationFrames And CoversJointing PointsSub DuctStorage RackingCable Measuring EquipmentSpecialised Vehicle Maint.Fire Auto Suppression SystemSecurity Equipment SoftwareSpecialised Mechanical AidsTab nameCell name (range)6All cells containing "dummy" data are outlined in red.Assumptions and DriversJ6:J2993Indexed Cay assets over 3yrs#F7, F9:F14, F16:F21, G7:G23, H7:H23Cay assets up to 3yrs old v3%AE3:AE1110, AE1112:AE1805, AG3:AH1805Expense Factors 1 P5:X5, Z5:AQ5C5:C50>KX _d lPsy,Q[̎iޜX FP\2 `%: k7+ S(GO0Ck7_y>NAE ~ISQW_Kf qk"qv?}V* љ:u/Oþ Eg&yw 3X7 B dL,$ b+Jk1S48>{E LNSnZVa|f l/sxAw~g A `ğ$ t7sOW 08He $A`[ # HC!6' (-178?EN RXZ_&e jp1v{*bR  'lccB g2ɂ   dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"B333333?333333?0-&<3U} V} V} $V} $ V  W W X Y X X X X X X X X VZZ~ PHP0(  P>@ggD g2ɂ  ƿjJ E `   S R XIN)R8Pg:$Lg{ejR*FS@;AEan&D !!"5"#F#(&$R$4%=%U>&|&4'Ϯ'#(W(`"));*Ô*+T+],,--;..//0!0F1 1-22|.334%4'5w5 5ud6e)7L77O8  dMbP?_*+%&A Page &P&?'?(?)?M\\cays300\CAYP154C odXXLetterDINU" rSMTJXerox WorkCentre Pro 255 PCL6InputBinOption1XUGPD_CB_JOB_SETUP_200CBXUGPD_CB_JOB_SETUP_400CBXUGPD_CB_JOB_SETUP_600CBXUGPD_CB_JOB_SETUP_800CBXUGPD_CB_DOC_SETUP_6CBXUGPD_CB_DOC_SETUP_200CBXUGPD_CB_DOC_SETUP_400CBXUGPD_CB_PAGE_SETUP_200CBXUGPD_CB_PAGE_SETUP_400CBXUGPD_CB_JOB_FINISH_200CBXUGPD_CB_JOB_FINISH_400CBXUGPD_CB_DOC_FINISH_200CBXUGPD_CB_DOC_FINISH_400CBXUGPD_CB_PAGE_FINISH_200CBXUGPD_CB_PAGE_FINISH_400CBRESDLLFirstResXRXbeginXRXbeginXRXendXRXendOrientationPORTRAITResolutiondpi600x600HalftoneNormalDuplexNONEPaperSizeLETTERTrueTypeFormatTTF_OPTION_1CollateONStaplingNone9XRXMOCXKo xlew*ijopqrDfccBJdkmz|}/00>>>>>>" KXX??&U} } } } I} I } } }  } -} } I} $ } I} } } } I} } I} $} } } } $} $ u} u} u} $u} " u} ##u} $'$u} ((u} )*mu} ++mu} ,,mu} -.m u} // u} 00$ u} 11mu} 22m u} 33 u} 44Iu} 55 u} 66$u} 77Iu} 88 u} 9: u} ;;Iu} <= u} >?m u} @@ u} AA u} BBI u} CD u} EE u} FF$u} GG u} HH u} II$u} JJm u} KK$u} LLm u} MN u} OP u} QQmu} RT u} UU$ u} VVI u} WW u} XXm u} YY u} ZZIu} [[I u} \\m u} ]] u} ^^Iu} __I u} `` u} aa$u} bbI u} ccu} dd$u} eemu} ff$u} ggm u} himu} jk$u} llIu} mnu} oqIu} rru} ssIu} tt$} uv } ww } xxI } yy } zz$} {{ } ||} }}} ~~m } $ } m} } } $} $ } $ Cat.Sub typeLoc.  @  !; ; ; ;  ;  ;  ;(! ;  ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ~ ?f@@@@@ @"@$@&@(@*@,@.@0@1@2@*+T,3@4@5@6@7@8@9@:@;@<@=@>@?@8 9;<@@@@A@A@B@B@C@C@D@D@E@E@F@F@G@G@H@H@I@I@J@J@K@K@L@L@M@M@N@N@O@O@P@@P@P@P@Q@@Q@Q@Q@R@@R@R@R@S@@S@S@S@T@@T@T@T@U@@U@U@U@V@@V@V@V@W@@W@W@W@X@@X@X@~#0$}')q?!D$D%%$'%0&}'?$D&D'%$'\'      ~ X@X@* D       ! " # $| % &| ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9; < = > ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s to*uppppppppq       >  L                   ~ (@(@* D       ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9g :^; < = > ? @ A B  C  D  EV F  G  H I J K+ L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \% ]  ^  _! `" a# b$ c% d& e' fF gG hH iI j, kJ lK mL nM oN pO qP rQ sR tS uT vU wV x- yW zX {Y |Z }[ ~\ ] ^~ @  _  @D@L    . `  / a Db KU|Ҹ@~  F~@ Ğ@  .D @$L LAEB (@ .D @$L LADB Ğ@  D @L(@D@L{@,D@"DL DLA@ 4D@*L  N/ALLB(@jD@`L  N/AHLLDD LLD $"B(@KD@AL ,LD  , ,"B~+9z*@ 1D@'L LLBD#@=D@3LL LLLLBP؇|@XRD@HL  ,1LL LL"Bખc@ pD@fLLD HL ,LLB,LLB"B W&? ȞB?!"# ?$Bn݌?~ %&Bn݌?$'+,Bnݜ?H-78&?9?:;<cdjkmnfo~@D@ -U 1D@'Ld dLB+D@!LD  B  @    . `  / c Db KAo#@~  FP}@ Ȟ@   &@  Ȟ@  &@ {@A@(@(@vBT@ !c7@pUFڦ@1;W@  W&? ȞB?!"# ?$Bn݌?~ %&Bn݌?$'+,Bnݜ?H-78&?9?:;<cdjkmnfo~@  @    . `  / d Db K*Wg@~  F}@ ̞@   @  ̞@  @z@A@$(@(@y)V@ ܓ@ ?]=@{6^@ W&? 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